Tuesday, December 8, 2009

A woman on the men's 18 kinds of misconceptions

In the complex relationship between women and men, women boundless guess is widening the distance between the two sides. Contrast to their own, there is no following naive ideas? May change these views, can improve the attitude of both sides to enhance the quality of each other's feelings.

Mutual understanding, we need to further the

1. A man falling in love is to get married.

Positive solution: He may want to go to bed with you may be mobilized to work was probably intended to show off in front of buddies, children, it could be really like you, but it is absolutely impossible for a start is to get married. Marriage, the vast majority of men are a last resort thing.

2. As long as more thoughts, I can transform him that made me hate shortcomings.

Positive solution: even the most gentle man, but also stubborn than you imagine. So you are a man's shortcomings, either give up, to either accept.

3. A man because of my good and fascinating character.

Positive solution: Unfortunately, the men will be because you have character, you do good and married his wife, but you will always attract the biggest bargaining chip, he only looks.

4. There are also a man can do a lifetime of doing is a woman, although it is rarely men.

Positive solution: I beg your pardon, - one does not. The taste will be with a man his age, identity, experience, and so ever-changing.

5. Older men will not bother to bring the.

Positive solution: Men believe they have at any age, like Sylvester Stallone - kind of sexy.

6. Men will naturally make detailed plans for the development of the family, so a small woman过好每一天enough.

Positive solution: Men only thing is that the work will be planned, as at home in two years might be too ... much thought into what kind of ... silly thing why?

7. Men do not like to gossip.

Positive solution: men are better than women, gossip, and if he is always in front of you play deep, it is because he feels that you are not worthy of trust.

8. A real man who will love me for me to continuously reduce the bottom line by making compromises.

Positive solution: Every man heart have been set up in advance a good bottom line, if you breach, then he will love you turn away.

9. Men never think they are wrong.

Positive solution: Men never admit he is wrong in the mouth, very often, I was actually already aware of their mistakes.

10. Men are very strong.

Positive Solutions: That is because a woman is necessary. If you can, men also want to like you - like working secretly lazy, do not ring true casual encounter, or Sapo shamelessly cry.

11. Men are most willing to wait on a woman.

Positive solution: This sentence is not wrong, but there is an important prerequisite is that you are willing to wait on him.

12. Men like Sassy Girl.

Positive solution: Unless you are like Jun Ji-hyun - kind of beautiful, honest or otherwise, to do gentle Huang Lianpo bar.

13. A man said, "I not good enough for you," because of his inferiority.

Positive solution: his true meaning "you are not good enough for me."

14. A man say "I love you" when his heart is not necessarily how people think it could be.

Positive solution: remove the genuine Playboy, - like a man does not like to say to the woman's name, he would rather be replaced by "I love you", "I think you are suitable for my wife" - category, so if he told you , 99% is really in love with you.

15. Men like to have style woman.

Positive solution: a man like you in his - before the show off personal style, rather than with numerous people, even more can not be for another man.

16. Men favorite big breasts.

Positive solution: a small chest big chest for men are not so important, it is important that the inside can not be a saline or silicone bags. From this point, a woman infatuated with breast augmentation is definitely the most stupid suicidal behavior.

17. Love to read A piece of men are color.

Positive solution: The question is, there is no love to read A piece of the man?

18. Men like a boy because I wanted to propagate the human race.

Positive solution: Men like a boy of Health is aimed at achieving all of his son too late to dream

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