Thursday, December 17, 2009

Men will learn contentment Longevity

"知足者常乐" adage may be many people as stereotypes, but the Finnish researchers have found that "contentment" really helps men to extend their life.

In this study, more than 22,000 Finnish researchers conducted a survey of adults showed that those men with a higher satisfaction of life easier to live longer, but in women, satisfaction with their life there is no direct relationship.

Responsible for the study, Dr. Fenlan Du Huo Kana University library, said: "Women coping with stress and dissatisfaction with the ability to better than men, such as those unhappy with their lives of men most likely Jiejiuxiaochou, or through smoke mitigation pressure, while women tend to work through physical exercise or to tell others, to seek solution to the problem. "

The researchers believe that "Contentment" means the whole of life and career satisfaction, including specific hobbies or interests can all be satisfied, or in some cases, whether the people will have a sense of happiness or frustration. Research shows that life satisfaction is not high compared to men, men and contentment, for various reasons, a higher risk of death twice, but the former than the latter due to illness three times higher risk of death, another of those alcoholic Men were more likely to die.

The study also found that a harmonious married life, often physical exercise, frequent social activities, not smoking, can be reduced to some extent male "untimely death" of the probability, at the same time, a sense of contentment in life and men between life are inextricably linked.

Dr. Huo Kana said: "Those who can not be with their spouses or friends to establish intimate relationships of men to deal with pressure capability is weak." "This study confirms, 'contentment' for men is very important because a person living in the community China not only for earning a living, but also concerned about their psychological and spiritual needs. "

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