Wednesday, December 23, 2009

10 minutes before going to bed so that you secretly become beautiful

SkinDuring daylightMakeupProducts, sun, dirty air andRadiationHold in a whole day in the evening, she could finally take a breather in. After eight hours sleep, you should not do anything in advance for your skin? Simple maintenance of three-step walk before going to bed so that you skin care more efficiently. The body's metabolism at all times during the, the body heat of combustion of量To maintain the normal operation of all parts of the body. The skin's metabolism at 22 o'clock to 2 o'clock this time of the most active, while at night the skin is also a "toxic" free radicals of the most active, if intelligently seize this a few hours at night to regain the skin's metabolism will be luster's secret weapon, "Sleeping Beauty" is one such born!

Beautiful Daren teach you a simple three-step walk before going to bed maintenance:


Must be prompt, thorough cleansing facial makeup, which is bedtimeSkincareThe first step.


Face Moisturizer

Sprayed in the face and neck before going to sleep on the mineral-containingToner, It hasMoistureEffect; if the skin is very dry, you can spray several times repeated. Toner are followed by late frost. Late frost can also be used with the essence to ensure that the skin at night to complete the repair and newborn.

Lip Moisturizer

After removing the lips of the dead skin, in addition to Run with the frostedLipstickAddition, you can also use some primitive methods. For example, gently rub the lips with sugar, or brush their teeth with the toothbrush when passing graze lips, will effectively remove dead skin, and then coated with lip balm before they can be assured to go to sleep.

 3. Care


Bedtime facial massage, facial skin and compact you up up up! The simplest method is to gently tap after Chashang Toner face, so that the full facial muscles twitching, and restore elasticity.


Eye skin is thin, but also most likely to reveal the age, fine lines and dark circles and other difficulties arise, soEyeAnd Mask indispensable.

Neck Care

For women, the most mind exposure to the neck of the fine lines, because it will betray your age. Therefore, you should use with moisture of massage lotion or cream to the neck, prompting the neck skin to absorb nutrients. Note that when coated latex gently massage, try to show your soft side呀! Otherwise they will be self-defeating.

Hair Care

  长HairCast in the hair before going to bed without cleaning the rootHairSu, and makes a massage, when you have an early morning Wuliu Liu's hair.

  CurlsLet hair dry naturally before going to bed with a ribbon tied loosely to hair roots, early morning, when just a little comb, hair will look fluffy and full.

 Special reminder:

1. Good sleep is a prerequisite for maintenance of the skin to minimize late at night, between points in the 10 -12 to sleep, a good grasp of the skin update of prime time.

2. Easy toSleep lossThose who wish to drink before going to bedMilkDue to the ingredients contained in milk with a relaxation effect.

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