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Using milk skin beauty whitening 9 shortcuts

Aromatic, rich and delicious milk or the beauty of people "must have a secret weapon"! As we all know, drinking milk, milk bath is leading to the "skin, such as DiorSkin" This highest level of the shortcut, and proper use of milk, homemade mask is also something that is not a magic weapon for home Meimei Oh!


A freeze on milk to relieve the skin wounds

Do not speak do not know, the original will not give milk, skin nutrition, but also on the role of enzymes, some anti-inflammatory, reduces swelling and ease the tension in the skin effect. So when, after enjoying sunbathing finished, if you discover facial redness due to sun exposure and burns, milk can be used to care.

  2, milk and whitening mask Phytosome

With cold milk to wash your face, and then before putting the entire surface of milk-soaked cotton pad or thin towel dipped in hot milk deposited in the affected area. If the body has a feeling of pain, we might dip a dip milk bath, so that they can damage the skin by sunlight are able to alleviate, reduce pain and prevent inflammation generation.

Milk is rich in milk fat, vitamins and minerals, a natural moisturizing effect, and could easily be absorbed by the skin, can prevent the skin drying, and can repair Gan Wen, excellent cosmetic results, advocating the natural beauty you may wish to try.

  Strawberry Milk Mask DIY:

Methods: 100 ml, 50 grams of strawberries, smashed drunk, tune into a paste, rubbed his face retained wash away after 20 minutes. This method prevents dry skin, aging, skin smooth, moist and delicate.

  Third, moisturizing wrinkle Mask

  1. Milk + flour

Methods: The three key milk and three spoons of flour mix, was transferred to a paste, painted face, until mask is dry, wash with warm water according to the steps carefully cleaned.

This mask can only be deposited up to two times a week, too often the skin but not good.

  2. Milk + olive oil + flour

Methods: 1 tablespoon of milk, addend drops of olive oil and a small amount of flour and mix well and wrap it in a clean surface, dry wash with warm water.

This Fumian agent with less wrinkles, increase skin elasticity effect.

 4, bleached freckle facial mask

  1. Milk + flour + water + hydrogen peroxide

Methods: a spoonful of milk, two spoons of hydrogen peroxide, three spoons of flour and a little water, carefully stirring evenly, then smooth evenly over face with a soft brush until completely dry mask, and then washed with warm water.

Join the system in order to mask the water better than distilled water free of impurities; deposited should be used to avoid touching the eyebrows and eyes.

  2. Milk Fumian to Tim gloss

Mask has the advantage of a deep cleansing effect, however, if no time homemade mask, daily milk Fumian alone, so long as perseverance, deposited 1-2 times a week and make the skin shiny slippery.

Methods: The milk poured into a clean face wash basin, and then a thin towel to the face; to be the surface of milk completely dried up, wait a few minutes after the water wash can be.

  5, eliminating consumer eye puffiness

Milk is also a tightening of the skin effect, if it was found the morning eyelid edema, available amount of boiling water, milk and vinegar and mix thoroughly, and then repeatedly tap on the eyelids 3 to 5 minutes, and then with hot towel moment, eyelids became an instant swelling.

Think of ways to put it simply, it may first two cotton pads soaked in cold milk, and then deposited in the swelling of the eyelids for about 10 minutes, then wash with water can be.

  6, milk bath rule insomnia

Drinking milk can promote sleep peacefully, Baptist milk bath also can cure insomnia! As the Baptist milk bath can relax the body and mind, combined with milk flavor can be a stable autonomic nervous system, and thus play a facilitating effect of sleep, in addition, it was often dipped milk bath containing Hyperhidrosis also for improving the effectiveness of good it!

Methods: The water temperature into the bath raised to 35 to 40 degrees, and then poured into 2 to 3 liters of milk (subject to the general bath), stirring evenly until translucent, soak 20 to 30 minutes or so. Really enjoy the supreme! After bathing, the water obliterated it timely, cleaning the bath, so, the bath will not leave within a matter of not everyone likes the taste of milk.

  7, in addition to garlic odor

End of mouthwash to drink milk, do not usually have bad breath, but with milk can be removed due to bad breath after eating garlic, is a moment with milk in the mouth, then gargle with hot water or cold water, garlic odor can wipe out.

  8, in addition to oily hands

After finished the kitchen when his hands are both fatty and greasy can be used to drink the milk left hand, so that not only remove the oily skin is able to maintain the hand.

  9, body care and skin whitening

Skin whitening steps:

1. Bath clean skin

2. Will be absorbed fresh milk to the paste apricot pulp Powder painted body.

3. Massage the body to soften the skin, so that moisture effects play a honey almond milk to make your skin tender and soft.

4. After 1 hour massage, steam, so that the pores to expand the role played by deep cleansing, while softening the skin and increase blood circulation.

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