Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Kiss from a man you can see his character

The feeling is always so beautiful kiss

Forehead --

He actively create a life. Flexibility in adapting to the environment, have good human relations, and is extremely gentle and considerate lover.

Eyes --

He hoped that the likes of love to conquer knights, and can sacrifice everything for love. At the same time that people like to kiss other sexy lover zone.

Nose --

He is very fond of ml of people with a dual personality and the play of heavy, and his weakness made him difficult to establish a good career.

Cheek --

His kindness and friendship, hope and harmony, is the emphasis on friendship, people. Can be fully capable of faithful love has been more easily deceived.

Ear --

He is a very insightful person, very easy to understand other people's concerns and pain, emotionally, he Ganaiganhen, also will make use of other people to achieve their own purposes.

Mouth --

He was single-minded people for love, kisses have been Yishenxiangxu on behalf of such people are very confident and has strong moral values.

Neck --

His love was not specific and can not concentrate on talking about an everlasting love, while they would ask a woman waiting for him hard.

Feet and toes --

He respected each other's feelings, depending on each other as life's most important figures. Pairs of lovers will make compromises in order to fully cooperate with, there is a slight tendency to abuse.

Soles of the feet --

His strong sexual desire, usually only like certain types of sexual partner.

Hair --

In gender relations, he loves jealous, possession of a strong desire

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