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Doctors never told you a secret 30

【】 Medical examination required fasting, but not the previous night began to ask you not eat, such as to the examination result, they are inaccurate. My advice is to eat light the night before examination of the diet, of course, can not drink alcohol, coffee and tea do not drink, physical examination on the morning do not eat breakfast, drink less, or to do physical exercise.
【Health】 acid can help digestion, if you indigestion, then I encourage you to eat a fruit after dinner. But if you digestive function well, dinner will instead eat the fruit a disservice. Because the food into the stomach, you need two hours or even longer to digest, while the fruit, in particular, hard fruits, such as apples, pears, etc., will remain in the stomach a long time, not only increase the burden of digestion, but also reaction gas, causing abdominal distension. So I suggest you eat 1 to 2 hours after a meal of fruit.
Excimer】 【Not everyone is suitable for surgical correction of myopia, unless you before surgery has been going steady for a year or more to wear glasses or contact lenses. If you are wearing glasses when Zhai, be sure to tell the ophthalmologist, and the recent short-sighted not to do the best orthopedic surgery, otherwise it will affect the doctor for your vision correction judgments.
【】 Persist with eye sunglasses to protect your eyes from cataracts and other eye diseases is very important, particularly in 10:00 ~ 16:00 between the period when the strongest sunlight. The specific choice above, the price is not more expensive or the darker the lens effect of the appointment is to consider whether the mark lenses block 100 percent of ultraviolet radiation. Do not just focus on the election nice frame. And ignore the quality of the lens.
【】 Do not worry about the natural production of gynecological will lead ** become loose. Body-aliasing, which is unfounded. ** Is almost the greatest flexibility in your body in a muscle, it is even due to the production of minor bleeding can also resume shortly. As for the body's concerns, as long as you nutritional supplements during pregnancy, but points, not only will not lead to follow-shaped body, post-natal but to re-body sculpting. More importantly, the natural production can prevent many women, the incidence of gynecological diseases, doctors have encouraged natural birth, cesarean section is only an adjunct.
【】 As obstetrician obstetrics, I know better than anyone else cesarean section of the state. Contractions than natural childbirth pain, more pain after cesarean wound, but within 24 hours after cesarean section you can not get out of bed three days in order to have milk, the mother and baby are more likely to suffer. Contractions the extent of pain, every woman's experience is different, and some even feel less pain, Film and Television where shown are artistic exaggeration. This matter for natural childbirth, confidence is the most important moment in the birth of a child, all the pain and discomfort will be replaced by a great sense of happiness.
【】 I come into contact with infectious patients were infected a large part of the reason is "second-hand housing." As far as I know, less than 10% of homeowners in the rental housing will have disinfected the house, while the mites, influenza virus, hepatitis B virus, measles virus, mold, etc. can be at room temperature for prolonged periods in the house survived. If you are moving in the winter, it should pay particular attention, because these viruses and bacteria to survive at low temperatures, the time will be longer. Therefore, the move into our new rented house before the house is very important to conduct pre-sterilized, walls, under the bed, washbasins, toilets these places are not to be missed, in particular, but also invited professionals to cleaned and disinfected air-conditioning.
【】 While the hair and the blood disease blood disease are directly related to medical statistical data has not yet confirmed, but according to my experience, if the hair four times a year or more, dizziness, migraine headaches, and thus reduce the possibility of platelets than the who do not much hair, some people will be significantly reduced the number of white blood cells, meaning that lower immunity. I believe that this time the chemicals in hair dye caused, which is the subject of my recent research, my suggestion is less hair.
Nephrology】 【drink this matter is not the more the better, in theory, the more water can help kidney detoxification, reducing kidney burden, but to know the human body is a tightly balanced system, adult kidney per hour Drainage 800 ~ 1000 ml within one hour if you drink more than 1000 milliliters, it will lead to low sodium hyperlipidemia, affecting renal health. Therefore, each time water should not exceed 100 ml per hour, not more than 1000 milliliters water.
Nerve】 【long-term use computers frequently send text messages, over the years to drive this type of lifestyle will lead to your wrist nerves of the oppressed, there damage. If you feel the wrist, elbow or shoulder joint pain, which may have the nerves have been damaged. In such cases, if left unchecked, increases with age, the pain will get worse. So, do not effect, the best time to the hospital for diagnosis and treatment of micro-surgery.
【】 Acupuncture weight loss acupuncture is not effective for everyone. Because the principle of acupuncture is to stimulate weight loss-related acupuncture points, reduce appetite, so as to achieve the purpose of weight loss. So, if you usually eat large, are simple overweight, then there will be a good choice of acupuncture weight loss results. But if you usually eat the small, an endocrine cause of obesity is not adjusted, it is best to check the inspection Endocrinology.
【Treatment】 Physical therapy is now increasingly the fire, a lot of exercise induced muscle damage have chosen this non-pharmacological approach to treatment. In China, many undergraduate and graduate students are engaged in this work. But if I go for medical treatment, I will choose the physician's office foreman of the old nurse, who although education is not so high, can be very experienced, but it is an experience in physical therapy discipline, and some people need such treatment, and some people can not be used this way massage, there is no reason, learning can not be explained simply. Though the post-graduate qualifications but clinical long enough, sometimes it is difficult to judge, but the old nurse soon determine the basis of experience to make the right treatment.
【B-】 in foreign countries, B super-doctor is a special allowance, because the radiation injury to the body more or less right. Domestic pregnancy mother's "hidden rules" is usually three months later, every month do a B-ultrasonic examination. However, in the baby's neurological development period, any small effect may cause harm to his future. So my suggestion is that during pregnancy women are the number of B-ultrasonic examination not more than 3 times, preferably in 6 months after.
Flatfoot】 【middle of every 10 individuals have a flatfoot, the so-called flatfoot is a very shallow arch or no arch. Flatfoot people, walking over time will be Detoxification. But do not think that little walking or in cars is the solution, because we found that flatfoot of people after the age of 50 will not only come up with different degrees of blackmailed distortions, but also there are different degrees of heart disease. Abroad to flatfoot a hierarchy of three or more of the flatfoot surgery is necessary, instead of re-operation was not as good as the old to do now.
【】 Lead to cancer tumors in a variety of reasons, mold is one of them. Corn, rice, soybeans and other health foods will rise to this once the mildew fungi can cause cancer, damage the stomach, lungs and other organs healthy. Although it is answered the call to eat coarse grains, but definitely can not eat a moldy coarse grains, a little bit and can not.

【Toothpaste】 If you think brushing is a time sooner or later things, it is because you do not know, sleep when the bacteria in your mouth the breeding rate of only 60% during the day, that is during the day, your mouth is more in need of care. I recommend brushing model 343 is the morning, brush your teeth three minutes, four minutes at noon brush, brush their teeth at night 3 minutes. However, the best arrangements to brush your teeth after a meal and a half hours, so as not to damage tooth enamel.
, Especially after eating potato chips to clean teeth, tooth damage due to potato chips or even worse than the sweets.
Do not think that is healthy as long as the teeth hurt, a lot of dental problems are not easy to be felt. You'd better every 6 months to see a dentist, but going to the dentist to avoid the menstrual period.
【Cardiovascular】 Do not feel particularly tired in the body when you drink coffee or tea to perk up, otherwise this will cause great damage to the cardiovascular system, palpitation is shown by a symptom, physical fatigue, when smoking tobacco on the body damage will be doubled.
Respiratory】 【try not to bad in the air flow in the fitness gym. Because the air filled with other people's breath exhaust, side movement while inhaling these harmful gases, not only from physical fitness purposes, but detrimental to health, first of all who suffer is your respiratory system.
【】 Menstruation gynecology before and during menstruation, due to pelvic congestion, contraction of the uterus, you will waist Suanzhang, this time do not rub or hammer waist waist, otherwise, will not only increase congestion, leading to more Suanzhang uncomfortable, but also to increased bleeding.
** * Want to avoid infection, the best answer is not to ground with the lotion, but the use of condoms.
Do not, under the guidance of gynecologist eat a drug, and then again under the guidance of a dermatologist to eat another drug, and that two kinds of drugs are non-prescription drugs, this is the case, non-prescription drugs will arrive off between the efficacy, even condition worse. Whether you are taking any medicines, be sure to let your doctor or pharmacist to know.
【】 To take medicine during the medication should be temperance, because alcohol will not only enlarge the side effects of most drugs several times, as well as possible and to generate new medicines react with the toxic components. Medication Do not use hot water or fruit juice service delivery, or likely to influence drug efficacy.
Medication three times a day can not be based on the 1st 3 meals a time to arrange. To an average of 24 hours a day is divided into three paragraphs, each 8-hour medication 1.
Endocrine】 【annual check-ups, remember to care for your thyroid health, it is best to check your blood levels of thyroid hormones. If the lack of thyroid hormone, you are prone to depression, weight has also increased.
【Skin】 winter, do not wash your face with hot water, or the rapid expansion of facial skin, followed by easy to longevity wrinkles. In the summer, they should not wash your face with cold water, or to stimulate a sudden contraction of the pores received, of which grease can not be timely and out of, prone to acne and acne. To resist skin aging than wrinkles, the skin, relaxation and coarse pores should pay more attention.
Orthopedic】 【2 copies of more than a day to eat dairy products is not calcium. Because humans are not suitable for digestion of milk, 75% of the world's people lack the stomach to digest the lactose in milk mold. Only people who live in Europe, Central Asia and other places, due to economical and safe feeding cows to milk as an important source of nutrition for the passage of time acquired the ability to digest lactose in milk, and to their offspring. We lack the ability to milk consumption. A large number of drinking milk, prone to arthritis, allergies, asthma and various stomach problems. If you really like to drink milk, drink one cup a day is enough, and want to eat more calcium can be sardines, almonds and shrimp.

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