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10 health misunderstanding you may not know

In people's common sense in the night eating for the digestive system is not good, do not exercise the muscles will turn into fat, In fact, these are errors diet. There are still many people's diet regimen do not understand the errors in dietary regimen, need people to learn slowly.

 Misunderstanding 1: night eating lead to obesity

According to the survey, every 10 Americans will have four night shifts, which means that there are a lot of people very late dinner. Dinner too late will not sleep because we are consumed by the heat caused by obesity it? Nutritionists Eric -布莱克伯格said: "It depends on the circumstances, late night eating fat in general will not lead to increased intake of calories that day unless you are much higher than your usual calorie intake. It should be note that night eating is causing the weight gain depending on what kind of food you eat is determined. a lot of people want to eat dinner else a change in taste, they will eat some ice cream, fried potatoes. night consumption of these foods tend to cause obesity. "

  Misunderstanding 2: do not exercise the muscles will turn into fat

For those who will be 3 to 4 days a week the time spent on physical training on the people, if you stop exercising, the muscles of these people will become fat? Health master Dona - Richardson - Yule said: "This situation is not going to happen. Muscle is muscle, fat, fat. This will not change into each other between the two." Sports science at Georgia State University professor of Chinese Special - Thompson said, muscle is a more dense material, while the fat is relatively dense. When you stop exercise, the muscles become somewhat lax, but not converted into fat. In turn, justified? Unfortunately, sports does not make fat into muscle. A member of a sports club Lal - Si Zi Manske, said: "While fat will not be converted into muscle, but If you want to have a well-developed muscles pull on the need for exercise, so as to remove excess body fat."

  Misunderstanding 3: Note that diet and exercise to lose weight is equal to

If you think these two would just do enough to ensure weight loss, then a serious mistake. You may overlook another major factor: As the weight loss caused by sleep problems. University of Chicago study of sleep, Ivica - Where - Dr. Ke Aote said: "In a global context, Americans sleep the least. As you know, overweight and obese Americans is also up. Maybe We should consider what exists between obesity and sleep for such a possibility, lack of sleep will lead us to appetite disorders. "She and another one is also from the University of Chicago study of sleep ais - Te Sali for those who can not have sufficient sleep, the body's hormone levels were testing, results showed that each person has their required normal sleep time, if the sleep time is less than at this time even if this difference is only one hour can lead to hormonal imbalance in the body.

The lack of sleep in the analysis of the blood tests and found that controlling their blood leptin levels were reduced appetite. When our food intake to a certain extent, leptin would be "told" We have already eaten. At the same time in the blood plasma ghrelin levels increase. The role of plasma ghrelin is that when our body heat in short supply when it will send out hunger and information, so that prompted us to start eating.

  Mistakes 4: pure natural ingredients that make you hair and elegant

Do you think the natural herb ingredients in hair care and respect is superior to chemical constituents do? This is a wrong understanding. Internationally renowned experts in cosmetics, Paula - Peigang After studying the 4,000 hair care products, wrote a book about hair care books, he would suggest that the opposite is true. He said: "The herbal ingredients in hair care solution virtually no role in cleansing the hair. The real human hair has a nursing role should be for people who have been called Tao is not the chemical synthesis of elements." But very few manufacturers in the marketing his own hair care products will be that its products contain chemical ingredients, which has historically been one of the hair care products to hold the view, the chemical composition would have a detrimental impact the human body.

 Misunderstanding 5: Li-fa, shaving hair removal method than waxing

Scraping for several thousand years of history of Li-fa, while the waxing method had been used as early as ancient Egypt. Which two ways is the best choice? Dermatologist Pat - Yikesile, said: "playing with her hair wax, you can put on the skin below the surface of the hair pulled out. So, we need to re-grow hair, need 3-4 weeks of time." You if we adopt the method of scraping reasonable, hair will soon re-grow in a dozen days later, when the hair grows this would be rough. Because when worn arguments scraping the blunt side of his hair, so when the hair grows again, when you get a tingling feeling. The use of wax method of this discomfort would not exist. In the hair-pulling when the hair follicles to form scar, scar formation will reduce the number of re-grow hair.

  Misunderstanding 6: skin cream can prevent or remove wrinkles

Great attention to the protection of human skin can remain soft, smooth skin of their own will often spend a lot of energy to choose a variety of skin care products for skin care and careful, but it seems that many of us do not know what is the best and the most basic of wrinkle-free way. Cream of the annual sales of up to 250 million U.S. dollars, but it is really moisturizing cream with a wrinkle other? Dermatologist Andrea - Kamu Bo said: "The skin cream can improve the appearance of the skin, but they do not wrinkle-free effect." Some cosmetics companies will assert that in promoting their products have excellent anti-wrinkle effect , Kamu Bo said: "This is simply a misleading propaganda, if you want to prevent premature wrinkles generated can choose to use some other methods, but these methods are very easy to do." which he put forward some proposals, such Do not smoke. Smoking will cause serious damage to the skin. In the sunscreen before going outdoors, or sun protection factor of 15 or more moisturizing cream. The last note is that do not think the high price of skin care cream skin care effect is necessarily good. Some low-priced skin cream also has a good skin care effect.

  Misunderstanding 7: reading under dim light will hurt the eyes

In low-light reading environments will really hurt the eyes? An associate professor of ophthalmology at New York University Robert - Kurt says that people often ask on this subject and, in fact, this argument is wrong. He said: "When someone whisper your ears when you make your hurt? Of course not, the same reading in dark environments and will not hurt your eyes." When you are fixed on a TV or computer screen whether it will make you hold onto the muscle fatigue resulting in impaired vision do you have? Scott said: "totally wrong. You will feel some fatigue, but in any case this will not cause damage to your eyes. But because the specific structure of the human eye will become myopia, hyperopia or astigmatism, when you need to help glasses or contact lenses or laser surgery to correct vision. "

By the way, your mother some of the recommendations is right. To protect eyesight should eat carrots. The new study confirmed that scientists in orange, yellow and red fruits and vegetables known as β-carotene found in anti-oxidants on the eye with a good protective effect.

 Mistakes 8: tight underwear male fertility damage

Tight-fitting underwear, laptop computers and hot tub baths What are common? There are reports that these three elderly persons will reduce the fertility of men, to couples who want to have children have very serious consequences. Treatment of male infertility Harry - Dr Fisk said: "The reason why the president of testes outside the body because they need to be cool. If the scrotal temperature will adversely affect the generation of sperm." He was referring to wear the impact of panties for men, but now there is no clear-cut findings, so this is just speculation.

But the hot-tub bath on male fertility of the damage caused by relatively larger. Fiske said that if the bath water, overheating will reduce the number of sperm. Fisk said: "In the next two months, the number of sperm will continue to decline. To make sperm count returned to normal levels 4 to 6 months time." New York State University of Jerusalem Farm - Si Enke notebook computers due to Professor impact on male fertility has been studied, he published a research report that a long time on a laptop placed on the thigh, male fertility will cause permanent negative effects.

 Misunderstanding 9: chocolate not good for human health

It has been assumed that chocolate is one of the most typical foods make people fat. But the latest research shows that chocolate also have a useful side. Cocoa beans are rich in a substance called flavonols, such substances can promote people's health. The American Dietetic Association spokeswoman Catherine therapy - Taimadege said: "The chocolate in the heart of great benefit to the people. Chocolate has the role of blood vessels to relax. It may also lower blood pressure and reduce the role of blood vessel blockage. Such a role similar to the A aspirin can reduce the incidence of heart disease. "red wine, green tea, apples and onions also contain flavonols, this substance in high content of cocoa beans, but in the process of making chocolate flavonols was removed out , and because they taste bitter, it will affect the taste of chocolate.

In the chocolate manufacturer did not measure the content of chocolate and its marked on the bags came up, if you want to get the most health benefits of chocolate, drinking cocoa powder would be a good option. Taimadege said: "If you want to buy without going through deep processing of chocolate, then choose the color most of the chocolate, as well as the highest cocoa content chocolate, and heat the smallest." The bad news is, because chocolate is high in sugar and fat content Therefore, chocolate is not a health food. If you really want to benefit from it, each time only to eat an ounce of dark chocolate.

  Misunderstanding 10: Revenge is sweet feeling

ABC-known presenters John - Secretary Toso be treated as such Vengeance: Revenge in the movie in which people praise, I would very much like to watch the movie Revenge of the success of that moment. See the bad guy to be punished by people Dunsheng Willful. But the taste of revenge is really sweet do? Stanford University psychologist Fred - Ruskin said, the feeling of forgiveness of others is more sweet.

Many studies have shown that hostility to others will have many negative effects. Ruskin said: "It may easily lead to people suffering from heart disease and a number of stress-related diseases, but also make high blood pressure. Harm to others as their own idea of poison, too, will ultimately hurt themselves." In the event of misfortune After the resulting vengeance is very natural. However, psychological point of view, hatred is harmful to health. Will capture the hearts of demons hate the human mind that people's vitality. The forgiveness of health is very good, it will enable people to alleviate depression, anger and stress. Ruskin said: "Revenge, after a moment you might get the pleasure, but it can bridge to forgive the wounds of your life."

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