Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Six of food a woman eat their way to the snow white and tender For Body

Whitening skin care products not only in your make-up table, in your make-up bag should also be in yourKitchen, In your table!

1, medlar (those 120 grams of fresh, dried and 60 grams) boiling cup of tea, the number of limited quantity; or to Paojiu, moderate drinking meal. Liver and kidney qi and blood, will supplement the benefits, so that looking Guang-yan white.

2, Dong Gua Ziren 5 grams, 6 grams of orange peel, peach 12 grams, mixed research to fine, after a meal served with rice soup tone, 1 3 times a day, and even served a few months, the face can become white and tender and smooth.

3, potato peel (with 1 / 3 can), ground into a paste, remove the moisture transferred finest flour, as a mask painted surface, wash away with water after 25 minutes. The law has bleaching effect on skin pigmentation, in particular the elimination of dark circles are very effective, if it is better to join Shanghao milk.

4, fruit of the acid can increase the rate of skin hyperkeratosis and accelerate melanin exclusion, if the frequency of use properly, can also help the absorption of some water-soluble substances. The pear or apple mash, transferred to upper flour Fumian, very helpful for delicate facial skin. Can also be put lemon in beer, soak overnight, the next day with the paint on the face of this wine.

5, milk, and even the body will enable facial skin white and tender, can be used fresh milk soak into the cotton or gauze soaked after the Fumian, half an hour later wash away with water once a day.

6, excessive drying of the skin will appear by erythema, can be part of milk paint was drying, and then immersed in fresh lemon juice and water, cotton piece Fumian (lemon acid has a cosmetic effect, but the concentration of too much of the General Assembly to stimulate the skin, so the need of personal deployment of lemonade skin condition), one week after the spots become smaller; and then, after adding Gefen smashed cucumber and an appropriate amount of honey, paint a few times to eliminate spots

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