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Acupuncture weight loss lazy woman's best weight-loss method

A simple diet to lose weight need great perseverance, once the diet can also cause excessiveNutritionImbalance. Regular point massage, not only can help you resist theFoodThe temptation, but also a reasonable speed up the weight loss process, there is no side-effects do not have to worry about a rebound way to lose weight!

 Acupuncture weight loss

Acupuncture weight loss is based on traditional Chinese natural therapies worked out a set of new weight-loss method, which completely abandon synthetic drugs, take full advantage of the natural environment of various factors, material and information on preventing and curing diseases such as forests, sunshine, air , medicine deposited, smoked and magnetic thermal baths are the use of the natural environment and resource-based therapies. It conditioning of the restoration of human nature to stimulate the body to resistDiseaseThe ability to achieve weight loss goals.

It does this by massage specific points, adjust specific areas of the meridian, thus regulating the five internal organs function and endocrine systems to achieve weight loss goals. Acupuncture can be mitigated through the hunger, to help control the diet. The law on local obesity, thighs and abdomen, back, have a good effect, and may play a regulating menstruation, treatment,ConstipationTo reduce the role of blood lipids, etc., and doing it particularly comfortable.

Massage and acupuncture mainly concentrated in the abdomen, the other parts, including the head, legs, arms and foot a few points. Points around the navel there is the sea air, big giant, Guan Yuan, Tien-shu and so on, each point by 10 to 20 times compression, can promote metabolism, lowerAppetiteTo regulate the endocrine and improve theBloating、EdemaThe prevention of lower abdomen and salient. Massage the head through the next pass, cheek vehicles, and other points, you can Shujin vibrant, and the promotion ofBloodCycle, as well as compaction FaceSkinEffect. Leg and foot massage foot three, the yin and coke and other points, there can be speed up the legs, blood circulation, increasing gastrointestinal peristalsis, the elimination of fat on the legs.

Four acupuncture weight loss

  1 AcupunctureAcupuncture method: the main principle is to adjust the body's metabolic function, inhibiting gastrointestinal motility, and inhibit gastric acid secretion, thereby reducing hunger, to achieve weight loss purposes. ForFatObesity.

2 Xiang Point Therapy: Using the thumb of the bodyPostureThe press and open up to釸Pipeline, to achieve the effect of slimming slim. Response due to lack of exercise, resulting in body fat accumulation of water resulting from obesity women.

3 Reflexology: Based on the plantar pressure points affect the body's internal organs and circulatory system, to achieve weight loss and healthy. Used for muscle-type obesity.

4 Ear buried pressure method: an effective adjustment of the spleen and stomach function, clear congestion, the Qing diarrhea Reducer to reduce energy intake and promote energy metabolism, so that break down fat, exercise, suitable for all types of obesity.

Particularly suitable for acupuncture weight loss of 5 types of people

1 tried various weight loss methods can not fully solve the problem - weight loss is invalid or bounce

2 body is not fat, but the waist, hips excessive uplift - bloated

3 original slim, but the post-natal fat - obesity, post-natal

4 itself, shapely, Danjue fly in the ointment - reshaping body

5, thick thighs, arms rounded - poor body


A course of treatment, may occurAnorexia, Thirst, increased frequency of urine,FatigueSuch reactions are normal. Wait until the body re-establish a balance, theseSymptomsWill disappear.

2 acupuncture to lose weight the best time is spring and summer, autumn and winter bear fruit slowly. This is because the spring and summer strong function of the human metabolism, natural drainage unobstructed, thus contributing to weight loss.

Three kinds of acupuncture methods allows you to DIY at home

Farewell bucket waist

Fingering: The hands of the index finger or middle finger of the fingertip, about equal slowly Acupressure Zhongwan, Tien-shu, and Guan Yuan 3 points 2-3 seconds, press into the stomach 2-3 cm. Zhongwan is located on the ventral midline umbilical 4-inch Office, days to pull the navel point in the right and left open two inches at each side about three fingers wide and 3 inches below the belly button Guan yuan in office. Acupressure about ten times.

Farewell elephant legs

Fingering: Using your thumb or index finger pressure at acupoints Venezuela, the pressure must have the feeling of hemp is the pressure on the positioning, press 2-3 seconds and then release the left and right feet each doing 10 times.

 Farewell cake face

Fingering: Using your thumb or index finger to the cheek while acupressure points on both sides of Shimonoseki and buccal car points. That pushed down the acupoints when pushed from bottom to top, the pressure when the upper teeth to produce the pain will be effective. Shimonoseki is located in the face ears ago, when the zygomatic arch and the mandibular notch formed by the depression. Acupressure points followed by the buccal car at the North Korea and inclined to refer to the top of the pressure, bottom teeth must have a sense of tenderness. Buccal vehicle cheek before the top of the mandibular angle of about one cross-refers to the two acupuncture points and massage parlors, five times each.

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