Tuesday, December 8, 2009

France knew the six weight-loss summer weight loss

In early summer, in order to provide you with slim six small ways so that you knew the slim down.

One, pay attention to walking posture

The way to work every day, as long as possible when walking to walk. Walking posture is very important, chest, to close lower abdomen, buttocks clamp, do not Gongyao hump. If walking does not tighten the lower abdomen, no matter how much you go way, they can not stimulate your abdominal muscles, your belly will not shrink. In addition, the hump will destroy the body's balance, reduce the effect of walking exercise to lose weight.

2, increase the walking stride

Will be walking as an exercise to lose weight, you can not walk as casually as usual, due to increase stride length, and only strode to move forward in order to exercise your thigh muscles, to avoid the emergence radish legs.

3, after the ground heel first

After the heel touch the ground first, rather than the entire soles of the feet flat on the ground. Will focus on the front foot, every step forward, front foot shall be in accordance with heels, soles of the feet, toe the order of the ground, so to walk on the heels will naturally mention legs, the curve will be more compact and solid symmetry.

4, etc. sports car

And other vehicles, such as lights for some time, you is not nothing to do. You can use this time to abdomen exercises. Will be to the Italian forces concentrated in the abdomen, tightening, feeling as if the navel closer to the back, adhere to six seconds later to restore. So again these simple exercises, as long as there is time to do it!

5, sitting on the bus

Seat on board, you can easily doing the exercise. Legs was 90 ° gracefully, heel fixed and toes swinging up and down repeatedly, this action can exercise calf muscle, so that a calf is more symmetrical lines.

At the same time, sitting time can also exercise the abdominal muscles, legs and feet close together Taizhi approximately 5 cm from the ground the height of the floating leg as much as possible to maintain this position, how long can insist on going to last.

6, standing on the bus

No car seats does not matter. Because standing also do a lot of small movements. Hand grabbed the car rings, sometimes forceful grip, sometimes relaxed, repeatedly done, allowing thinner wrist. Or hand-hold the railings, while the number of tempo, while forced inward abdomen, this method can effectively tighten abdominal muscles, so that the lower abdomen gradually shrank

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