Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Women 10 law firmly hooked a man's heart

No matter what kind of woman will have a worry about the outcome of the problems, because he considered that he was president of the wings close to fly away! In fact, this is a lack of performance of self-confidence, and now, as long as the following 10 rules to master, custody, he could no longer run not your palm!

  A firm's own heart, to love people who really change

To grasp the relationship between men with different types, we must first grasp its own heart. Can thoroughly to find out which one is your husband's profile. This person you will stubbornly persists, even though the love between you become a kinship, you have no passion between the plain, even though he is no secret to you there is no novelty, attractive, you still will be determined hand in hand with him and sternly has completed a lifetime. If you can clear these things, they can harden their hearts, can also be at an appropriate time to grasp the right direction.

  Of love and the ambiguity of people's own ambiguous on

Love their people are as ambiguous and car spare tire, as long as the original tires not bad, it can not casually let them debut. Therefore, the treatment they should remain ambiguous on the relationship. If it is found by too near to them, they cool a period of time; if some of them far away from their own, and wanted to approach closer to them.

  Forget their commitments

Sometimes, not from the shackles of a woman's partner or family pressure, but a woman on his promise. Before marriage, a woman promised to be a virtuous Shukutoku's wife, so she began to carry the heavy "virtuous Shukutoku", desperately doing the never ending housework, care of the naughty children and elderly old man. She thought that do not have any complaints? Of course not, but she must keep their promises, so bitter was their own, was no novelty and also his dislike. Therefore, women should try to forget that they have said, a man I did not change his affection is his "Shanmenghaishi"-like commitment to clean forgot do? Why have only a woman unable to speak does not count? Why women can not occasionally playing shamelessly? "Devil" Girls say they like the cake, but when the boy a few days can not be attached to accompany her to buy a cake that will be able to coax her happy time, and then pretty tasty cake, do not look a girl will look.


With a whole month of income to buy a purse, "the devil" girls do not have teeth can be determined, or the right amount of Zuo Si. To enjoy what you want to do what to buy, the girl would do with the nature, and never think outside the box regardless of the constraints, random moves. Do not do anything all glance right and left, After much deliberation, and as long as she wants to do, then do it. Women should be arbitrary, what comes to mind boldly do it, so wonderful to live is enough. Moderately arbitrary, the law allows a man unable to grasp. Men will not be able to guess the next step you will do. This was strong enough to stimulate fresh.

  More exposure to new things

If you're closed-door policy, all day locked in their own work and family "channel", it would never know the exciting outside world. Make a man Guessing, it is necessary to become rich yourself, if the working day, apart from that nest at home, then you never know walking on the streets newly opened cafe coffee cooked over a number of thick incense, outside to see Some of the original strange dress up is the latest fashion trends, my colleagues often talk about the latest wave of the original term of a sport. Only by the exchange with the outside world, more contact with new things, and to participate, be able to maintain its freshness, and can make sense of the present as one of the men are often light.

 Mahogany is not gushing with feelings, not romantic by nature

Greed, lust these qualities are not a man's patent, women often castigated men are also greedy grass is always greener, but they never thought of herself as well as this: to see new styles of shoes, they will be packed full of shoe-ri full, old shoes forgotten, happily the new shoes as a treasure. "Devil" Girls never bother to bring their love of the nature of inhibition, but they will abide by the bottom line. Fa Sam Yes, Merry is also okay, but not beyond the bottom line. Yan Yu is also, if the adhere to live in the bottom line, it will be like a beautiful memories, memories with a little bit of this throbbing, think of it makes people itch; but, if unable to hold the bottom line, will be stuffed into a tragedy.

 To find a blue-Yan confidant

Most of the woman's life, there are two patron saint - the father and husband. The clever "Devil," the patron saint of girls, some more, and that is her blue-Yen confidant. Some people say that the feelings between men and women can not be completely pure. They are wrong, because, between men and women, there is a kind of friendship is called "confidante." If the measured grasp well, this "friends" friendship is more precious than love.

When experiencing emotional ups and downs of life began when the plain, blue Yan confidant is a woman a condiment. They not only different, as there is no simple ups and downs of friendship, but also as different from the love and intensity, but the blue-Yan confidant is attractive. Subtle ambiguity that will let you get into them, but also constantly remind ourselves to be out, and in this way repeatedly, the plain of life before they can get the flavor.

"Devil" of the girl to understand that the bottom line of blue-Yen confidant must not be touched. A pair of very good friends of the opposite sex can be maintained confidant ambiguous relationship, but this relationship is an extension of friendship, love, hit the bottom line must be screeching halt.

  YY is no harm about

When the two emotional stability, and men will gradually forget the manufacturing romance, although they also need passion, but he will not spend energy and time to their love. However, a woman is different, women like to feel loved, they often compare "then" and "Today", the more contrast to the more would be dissatisfied with the current sense of ordinary life. Learned men and women different, "the devil" girls will show a more intelligent side. Since the need for romance, why they do not create a romantic?

  To love, to take the initiative

In the traditional Outlook on Love, the woman must wait for a man to pursue. Yet this is likely to miss the ideal and the ideal of love. So, in true love before, not to consider what "face" issue, but should be bold pursuit. "Devil" before the girls in love, never soft, treat them like true love, they will not wait, but take the initiative, the only way love can be in their hands. Hell do not face face, were all nothing to do with love, if the missed opportunity to give up true love, is the most do not face costly things happen.

  Actions need not behave themselves

In love, the modesty of course there are the benefits of modesty, which is a quality, and better able to make a girl appear to show a degree of advance and retreat, people respect and love. But sometimes do not behave the contrary, the performance is good, for example at work, with innovative ways to break a number of think outside the box is often by people of all ages, but in life and love, the more need in accordance with a pattern in the end. Otherwise, life and love, there would be no passion at all, but instead of plain boiled water

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