Sunday, December 6, 2009

Do not spit watermelon seeds to eat, what harm

Relevant data show that eating watermelon seeds does not spit, but also may cause abdominal distension, constipation, urinary retention, intestinal obstruction and so on, should arouse people's attention.

Watermelon seed shell texture, hard, hard to digest, when the ingestion of watermelon seed and folders have food, when mixed, can be discharged with the stool. When a large number when you eat watermelon seed, watermelon juice has been absorbed by the body after the watermelon seed with the bowel movements will gradually gather into groups, resulting in constipation, abdominal bulge, or even result in intestinal obstruction, urinary retention, appendicitis and so on. Therefore, eating watermelon, parents tell their children will be watermelon seed spit, or dig out the seeds and then eat the children.

If the above conditions, do not worry, be 400-600 and warm soapy water enema, generally once cured. If effective, the available fingers plucked out of the anus to the hospital with the watermelon seed, or anus mirror removed

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