Sunday, December 20, 2009

Low back pain is a signal which gynecological diseases

Low back pain can be caused by a variety of factors, while for women, Menopathy, leucorrhoea disease, pregnancy, disease, gynecological disease, and miscellaneous surgical complications such as birth control, these factors could induce low back pain. Therefore, when the women's pain symptoms, must not only stare at the waist, because back pain may be caused by a number of gynecological diseases.

A common gynecological disease can cause low back pain are:

Cervical inflammation, there will be an increase in leucorrhea, local itching, tingling and other symptoms, while inflammation can also cause back pain stimulation.

  Abnormal position of the uterus

The normal uterine position is forward flexion position, if the uterus appears bent, position changes, an exception occurs, because the body supported by the excessive uterine ligament traction, but also to make part of the nerve by the oppression, can cause low back pain.


The uterus downward shift along the vagina, due to weakness of pelvic support organizations and tension reduction, intra-abdominal pressure, resulting from falling and having a sense of the emergence stretch waist pain.


Women suffering from pelvic inflammation, such as chronic annexitis, pelvic peritonitis, uterine sacral ligament or connective tissue inflammation, inflammation of these diseases can cause low back pain.

 Pelvic tumor

If you suffer from pelvic tumors such as uterine fibroids, cervical, ovarian cyst or cancer to the pelvic nerve tissue infiltration can occur back pain, and the pain will be exacerbated with the increase of cancer.

  Pregnant women

Pregnancy, with fetal monthly increase, the increasing power lumbar support, prolonged mechanical action will lead to a gradual relaxation of ligaments, swelling of the uterine compression pelvic nerves, blood vessels, can lead to the occurrence of low back pain.

 Reproductive factors

If a female is too much parity, birth, abortion or sex life more than the number of uncontrolled and so too often can cause kidney qi deficiency, and thus induce low back pain.

 Reminder:If there is low back pain symptoms, do not take it lightly, we might go to gynecological check.

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