Friday, December 11, 2009

Big Top anticancer Seafood

Cancer of all cancer patients are most concerned about the problem, you know how many fish you can do against cancer, but also know that they can treat cancer, what does the following look at the inviting bar.

Sharks, the most significant anti-cancer effect. There are sharks in vivo high-dose anti-cancer substances - vitamin A, also a kind of shark can destroy cancer cells secrete the enzyme.

Whitebait medical scientists call it "longevity food." Silver fish body is rich in calcium, the highest for fish. If you regularly eat foods rich in calcium, can effectively prevent the occurrence of colon and rectal cancer.

Yellow croaker contains 17 amino acids, is an ideal protein supplements for cancer patients, especially for people with colorectal cancer at the same time those who have bowel pond vent, with yellow croaker cooking salt, or Jiawu Mei soup consumption effect is good.

There are 25 kinds of algae can kill more than 65% of the cancer cells, there are 16 kinds can kill 25-6 ()% of the cancer cells, and seaweed contains "alginate", is the manufacture of artificial jellyfish and other marine raw materials of cancer cells, has a certain inhibitory effect.

Sea with the treatment of goiter and anti-tumor effect, be able to selectively filter out "Sr", "cadmium" and other carcinogens, enhance peristalsis and increase stool volume, the effect of preventing colon cancer.

Sea cucumber is rich in a variety of amino acids, can iron was transformed into the liver, strengthening the hematopoietic function; "Holothurin" has a better anti-cancer effects

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