Sunday, December 20, 2009

Chao 2-minute brushing teeth or damage to protective film

Experts warn that those who brush their teeth, as well as greater efforts in a long time brushing the teeth of those who might cause harm.
Published in the "journal of clinical periodontology," the journal of the study found that there is little evidence that brushing a long time, or the intensity of the General Assembly is brushing teeth cleaner. In fact, it actually increased the permanent damage to the teeth of the protective film possibilities.

Investigators suggested that the time for people to brush their teeth should be two minutes, force should be about 150 grams, as the weight of an orange.

The researchers tested 16 different brushing methods, mainly the time and brushing with varying degrees of force. Brushing the test time is 30 seconds to 3 minutes, whereas the power used in the 75 grams to 300 grams range. They are using a vibration-type electronic toothbrush, which toothbrush and a computer monitor connected to the time and intensity.

Investigators recorded the before and after brushing the extent tartar found that brushing with the time and intensity gradually increased, gradually reduce tartar. But the survey also showed that when people brush their teeth for more than two minutes, the intensity of the use of more than 150 g, they do not remove more tartar.

Although those under investigation to use an electronic toothbrush, but the researchers said that if they use regular toothbrush, the result is similar. Zisman, head of the study, said the findings show that people are brushing time should not be too long, the intensity should not be excessive. Participated in the study Zisman says that if people do not brush your teeth to determine the way in their own right, they should seek advice to the dentist. He said, "for ordinary users is almost impossible to acknowledge their efforts are using the correct brushing. For example, the intensity of toothbrush you use may be small, but as brushing their small size, the pressure may be will be so large a lot. "

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