Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Can a woman live longer seven kinds of food

Food can make life more dynamic, select a good food, and you can look younger, virtually has the effect of longevity, MSN recently released by the English network longevity seven kinds of food.

Longevity - yogurt. In the last century, 70 years, the proportion of centenarians in the world with the largest areas of Georgia, what is secret to long life here and become a gathering of the land? The answer finally locked in the humble yoghurt body, it is deeply integrated into all aspects of diet of local residents. Yogurt is rich in calcium, can prevent osteoporosis, In addition, the healthy bacteria in yogurt can maintain bowel health and reduce gastro-intestinal diseases caused by years.

Fish helps heart health. Heart disease is one of the factors that threaten human health may be in the United States Alaska, the Inuit seldom plagued by this disease, reason is that they often feed on fish, which added a lot of omega -3 fatty acids , this substance can help the body control the cholesterol levels, and can prevent cardiac arrhythmia, is a human paste "heart" Guardian.

Chocolate beneficial vascular health. In Panama around the San Blas Islands, also live in a healthy heart abnormalities Kuna people, if they are a low risk of heart disease Panamanians 9 times, and their heart-healthy tips what is it? The reason is that their drinks usually contain a lot of cocoa, but cocoa rich in flavanols can protect vascular function, reduce the incidence of high blood pressure, as well as to help prevent type 2 diabetes, kidney disease and senile dementia disease, moderate consumption of Similarly, the cocoa-rich chocolate to promote good health.

Nuts longevity. Promote healthy living and vegetarian food in the U.S. religious groups - Christian Seventh-day Adventists study found that people who regularly eat nuts may be extended two and a half years the average life span. Why do nuts have such Shen Xiao? Because nuts are a good source of unsaturated fatty acids, which is quite similar with the olive oil, in addition, nuts also contain a wealth of vitamins, minerals and other healthy substances such as antioxidants, are rare in healthy food.

Olive oil resistance to old age. As early as forty years ago, scientists have already worked out the magic of the role of olive oil: olive oil in a single unsaturated fatty acid can reduce the incidence of heart disease and cancer risk. Now people have more found: olive oil also contains a powerful antioxidant - polyphenols, can help humans resist the disease caused by age.

Red wine aging. Moderate drinking can prevent heart disease, diabetes and memory loss. Although any kind of alcohol can play such a role, but the leader must go Quefei red wine, because red wine resveratrol can activate specific factors control cell aging, which makes anti-aging and more younger.

Blueberry keep the body flexible. In 1999, Tufts University Human Nutrition Research of the Central Meyer conducted an experiment, they gave rats fed blueberries for quite some time, extract the human equivalent of the ten-year period. It was found that rats eating blueberries in the elderly after they have better than normal mice sense of balance, physical coordination. It also confirmed the blueberry compound will help to reduce inflammation, easing oxidative damage, thereby enhancing their old age memory and physical flexibility

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