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The most full-honey beauty skin beauty ideas about this

The therapeutic efficacy of honey and beauty is well known, but you is not only the honey still in the stage of red water to drink it? Here we have identified the most full of honey diet and beauty secrets, beauty-conscious you must Collection!

Honey, "diet" in China has thousands of years of history. Honey and nutrient-rich, containing about 70% of glucose and fructose, but also contains proteins, salts, organic acids, multi-vitamins, as well as calcium, magnesium, potassium, phosphorus and other substances. "Shen Nong's Materia Medica says that" honey "An five internal organs, Qi fill in pain detoxification, in addition to curing all diseases, and 100 drugs, Jiufu Qingshenjianfei sickness." "Compendium of Materia Medica," said: "and the business Wei, Run-organs, Tong triple burner, adjusting the spleen and stomach. "honey on neurasthenia, hypertension, coronary heart disease, arteriosclerosis, diabetes, liver disease, constipation, etc. have good results.

  Honey Beauty 10 by:

1. Honey carrot: Take fresh white radish wash, dice and put in boiling water boiled fish out of people, control dry moisture, drying half-day, and then put honey pot 150 grams of low heat to boil and mix thoroughly, dry the cold after taking . For indigestion, nausea, vomiting, cough illness was less so.

2. Honey, fresh Ouzhi: Take Xianou appropriate, wash, cut, pressure to take juice, according to one cup honey 1 tablespoon fresh Ouzhi taking the ratio and mix thoroughly. 2-3 times a day. Polydipsia for fever, heat stroke thirsty.

3. Fresh lily Honey: 50 grams of fresh lily, honey, l-2 spoons. Lily put a bowl, add honey, mixing, steamed on the tray. Bedtime clothing, suitable for patients with insomnia eat it regularly.

4. Celery Honey: 100-150 grams of fresh celery, honey appropriate. Wash celery mash Jiao Zhi, and honey served with the stew warm. 1 times a day. Suitable for patients with hepatitis drinking.

5. Honey milk drink: honey 50 ml, 50 ml of milk, black sesame seeds 25 grams. Black sesame smashed, with honey, milk, conciliation, early morning empty stomach warm boiled water. Suitable for post-natal blood deficiency. Intestinal dry constipation. Looking chlorosis, the skin does not Run embolism.

6. Honey walnut meat: honey 1000 ml, 1,000 grams of walnut meat, walnut meat, mash, a mediator honey, and absorbed. Each taking a spoon, 2 times a day, warm water delivery service. Suitable for virtual asthma disease.

7. Honey cakes porridge: honey amount, butter 30 grams, 50 grams of japonica rice. First rice porridge by adding water, human butter and honey, Shao Zhu. Suitable for Yang Consumption From hot, TB cough, Diabetes, withered skin, ulcer, etc..

8. Fried eggs dipped in honey: Ge l-2 eggs, honey, l-2 spoons. Fried eggs, still hot honey added, immediately eat, even eating 2-3 months. Suitable for children with bronchial asthma.

  Honey facial mask

1, honey egg facial mask

To take an egg put a bowl stir until bubbling, then add 20 grams of honey and mix thoroughly. Bath will be evenly spread onto his face and hands, so that the natural air-dry, wash with water after 30 minutes, 2 times per week. This mask can be soothing wrinkles, Totale beauty, nourishing the skin whitening effect.

2, honey lemon facial mask

Impermeable to take 10 grams of honey is heated to 60 ℃, adding lemon juice 10 ml and mix thoroughly. Apply to face after face evenly, 20 to 30 minutes after the wash, day 1. This mask can be the skin white and tender.

3, honey, olive oil facial mask

Take honey 100 grams and 50 grams of olive oil mixture, heating 40 ℃, stirring so that the full mix evenly. Will be coated with the cream mixture into the gauze on the cover on the face, thrown off after 20 minutes washed 2 to 3 times a week. This mask can prevent skin aging, eliminate wrinkles, skin freckle, skin dry and are especially suitable.

4, honey, grape juice facial mask

Obtained by adding 20 grams honey 20 grams of grape juice, plus stirring while adding 10 grams of starch, stir well. After the Fuyu wash face, wash away with water after 10 minutes. This mask for oily skin and use, often make the skin slippery, soft.

5, honey milk facial mask

To take 10 grams of honey, fresh milk, 10 ml, 1 egg yolk mixed evenly, modulation into a paste, apply on face after face, wash away after 20 minutes a day a time. This mask can be nutrition, skin, to prevent face wrinkles, the skin white and tender.

6, Honey Rose Mask

To take 60 grams of honey, rose juice 10 ml, 30 grams of oat flour mixture and mix thoroughly. After the Fuyu wash face, wash away after 30 minutes, sooner or later each one time. This mask applies to the treatment of facial spots

Salvia Shou Wu △ honey sauce: system Shouwu, Salvia each 15 grams, 15 milliliters of honey. System Shouwu, red sage root decoction to the Java container, a mediator of honey, a daily one. Suitable for arteriosclerosis, high blood pressure.

△ honey soup: honey 100 ml, put a bowl steaming clothes. 3 times a day, fasting food. Suitable for gastric, duodenal ulcer patients.

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