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With feminine know-how to conquer men

Read this sentence: "conquer a man, not woman's beauty, but because of her femininity." What is femininity? It is a sensible and can not be said of the vague concept. "Feminine investigation" or that "In Search of femininity" For this topic gave a very detailed summary of an up and feel the bar!

People talk about general feminine, always think of the sexy, charming, graceful and customs associated with grace million species of woman, it seems that the only way is feminine. All along, the judge always feminine male perspective, however, modern women who already have a broader self-plastic space, some not fully passing away of the traditional norms that have long been able to promise a woman's life-long happiness. They confused the unprecedented growth, they thought the lives of women the right time, but also for a broader roll out their own living space. Therefore, the connotation of femininity also become wider and wider.

"Feminine investigation", or "look feminine" In fact, we want a pro-woman physical and psychological nature of return.

Women in the fundamental nature of a woman when it comes to the fundamental, which is feminine. However, "femininity" is an unknown and is not measured can not tell Road, the concept of what is feminine? What we need is feminine?

We asked a variety of age groups of people, an attempt to extract some of the more typical response, to explain in the end the people in the eyes of how a woman should smell like. However, we have found that even in such a relatively simple random survey, the understanding of the feminine is still different, in fact, we are still no Korea to explain what is feminine.

But you can sum up the point is that the female-specific advantages, both can constitute a "what is feminine," the final answer to this question. Even though people have different interpretations of femininity, even though we did not find feminine single answer, but we can be sure of is that femininity, specifically broken down into the merits of a woman and going. Maybe we can simply say, feminine women and men with a lack of merits of the various women.


The survey asked a total of five male and seven female friends, the answer include: customs million species are feminine, gentle and virtuous woman only feminine, motherhood is a brilliant representative of feminine, gentle woman who is very bright very feminine, understanding a woman's taste, can play its own characteristics a woman would exude feminine, and so on. In which the young men would be very straightforward way that the appearance is an important factor in feminine, while women will usually take into account a woman's personality, charm and other unspeakable feeling.

The majority of female friends when they talk about this topic said, for the feminine subject, the understanding of men and women certainly different, but there are a lot of times women talk about feminine will take into account the perspective of men, and often from the male point of view up look at this issue. It is clear that women's understanding of the feminine is usually more tolerant, or that the eyes of women, "feminine" principle will be broader and richer.

Male friends have been talking about femininity would seem to put a lot of disappointed women, in their eyes right feminine feel even more apparent in appearance, they often look first to determine by virtue of this woman has no taste, but did not think too much about this kinds of femininity came from where.

 Femininity was "a woman"

Lin Yi-wu, and some of his friends eyes, feminine grace graceful first is simply to say that "a very woman" Women have feminine. Lin Yi-wu in the eyes of femininity, male compatriots, where everything they did, therefore, this feeling must originate from a beautiful appearance, lightness posture, just right of the dress, gentle language. Overall, the feminine represents the men, a woman's right to all expectations.

Lin Yi-wu admit, because I was still very young, his request for women may be more stressed the external feel, perhaps even in another few years, this understanding will be different. But he insisted that only the young women was more feminine.

 Gentle, pleasant is an important manifestation of feminine

Most men's favorite is the woman's gentle. Can play a woman's most touching is the tender. Of course, this gentle and not artificial, tender but not pretentious woman, Zhilengzhire, know know light weight, and with her, some hearts will be evaporated unpleasant, this woman is the most exciting. Tenderness is a woman-specific weapons, even though men also have a warm side, but can not replace a woman's gentle.

A woman standing in front of that last few words, even without words, we can feel out of this woman is gentle or not to tender. It is involuntarily immersed in an atmosphere created by a woman. This feminine has nothing to do with age, and even did not look particularly great relationship.


Oda eyes of the feminine is "善解man meaning." Her point of view is very clear, feminine woman is actually the image of men in the eyes, therefore, to talk about femininity, it is still a woman standing on a man's point of view.

Oda that the evaluation of femininity is the most powerful men and women taste is actually the evaluation of male to female and aspirations. For instance, if women are not necessarily beautiful, but according to their own advantage, and then give them appropriate prominence. Generally speaking, she can according to different needs of men, to adjust their performance to show their own advantage.

Thus, there are feminine women are usually Xinsiminjie, exquisitely carved, understanding, in particular, be able to demonstrate that they善解men intended, therefore, the people and there are feminine women together, and whether it is chat conversations, mobile behavior, are seems just right, people warm spring breezes, this is the feminine.

Maternal glory

Chen talk about one of her colleagues last year after the birth to a child, there is a little fatter, the whole person has become more moderate uncertainty, it seems that enveloped the aura of motherhood. While the people are gaining weight a bit, but because with children, will be her maternal temperament in color on its head, Meiyu Jian kind of temperament, people could not help but feel close to. She felt that this period the most feminine of women.

Lu Xun said a word: women only daughters and motherhood, there is no real wife sex, wife sex is usually a combination of her daughter and motherhood. Chen Ting endorse this, said Li. Daughter is a woman of another temperament, but her daughter was too, may seem sticky people, annoying; only motherhood can make women's show holy glory. Therefore, Chen believes that femininity should reflect maternal Guan-hui.

Unique style

In Fanfan's eyes, every woman will have their own advantages, has its own unique personality or style, if able to play this style very well, we can form a distinctive charm, which is feminine. Therefore, each person has a different feminine.

Fanfan believes that the topic of men to be more feminine voice, the eyes of some women may not be very beautiful woman, if they can highlight their strengths will be a lot of flavor woman. For example, Fan Fan, a friend, from the facial features that do not appear beautiful, but each time she appeared in people's eyes, always with long hair, his soft-spoken, dressed also many retro clothing is linen-based, so there are a lot of boys appreciated her taste in women.

 Wisdom and self-confidence

I think that should be present in the feminine wisdom and calm self-confidence in a woman with such qualities can be carved from the inside out, revealing a convincing temperament. People often think that strong woman is Yi Gu tomboy look, but in fact genuine ability of the woman, is very much the women would play to their strengths, and can also take advantage of this strength, from top to bottom communication, life skills sleek, becoming a team a very backbone forces.

Of course, there should not be too strong, combined with gentle and considerate, people want to close, even more perfect. Like any novel, Yingying, if any of Ying-Ying grew up in modern times, must be cute and love. She was talented, smart, a lot of ideas, martial arts is not bad; She is fluent in literature, great taste; she is also very personality, likes and dislikes clearly, and sometimes Shuadian little patience, some adjustment fun. What's more, her lover wholeheartedly. Mr. Jin Yong novel, she and Huang Rong are the leading image of women, the difference is that Huang Rong was later to destroy the image of old age, only Ren Ying Ying, or that "get out of the kitchen into the hall was" a good woman.

  Survey Results: The positive and negative poles feminine

Style and flair

A positive word: style

This is the ultimate femininity. A customs million species of women, whether male or female of the evaluation, are closely related, and feminine. If you can belong to women's own unique style vividly demonstrated, then, she is also a "woman in the woman."

Negative words: coquettish

There is talk about feminine male friends, I am strongly against those who forced a style of women, the real femininity emanating from the bones, artificial, it is coquettish.

 Naive and hypocritical

Positive words: naive

清水出芙蓉, women's pure Rosen is a pure beauty, this beauty is the embodiment of innocence, the young girl's innocence is her femininity, even if at a certain age, but also in her eyes flash with curious eyes, then let the woman that she is full of unique flavor.

Negative words: hypocritical

Pretend to understand anything, to pretend pure Keren, pretending innocence, it is hypocritical woman, not only cute, but evil has.

  Considerate and interference in internal affairs

The positive words: considerate

Whatever you do, she was always thoughtful consideration to your needs, stand by your point of view for you to consider the issue; she also understand your thoughts, for you resolve anxieties. She will not laugh at you thinking and behavior, nor will you preach to others privacy, along with her, you have no worries.

Negative words: interference in internal affairs

She was always put on a very considerate person's appearance, and you talk about your thoughts. Do you think finding friends, and she in turn will be followed by all of your their minds made public and the masses, is purely bitch style. Time after all hide the less.

  Feminine men and women in the bipolar

Male pole

Focus on a woman outside the United States.

Support the view that the highest rate: only looks "very woman" is very feminine woman. Holding this view in particular, mostly young men. Support a higher point of view is: gentle woman who is not pretentious also very feminine.

 Female pole

Pay more attention to the beauty of a woman content.

Support a higher point of view are: considerate woman is very feminine; distributed glorious motherhood the most feminine woman;

Wisdom and self-confident woman disclosed pleasant temperament;

Woman has a unique charm of natural beauty fragrance distribution.


We have no need to subvert the traditional male perspective, to create a purely feminine perspective of women judged standards? If established, the standard for judging whether the turn against what? What is maintenance? The same as women's rights will become another standard and the rights be divided?

  Action to maintain feminine essentials

First, whether you are white-collar or blue collar, in the women's apartment in Ye Hao, initial matter whether a wife, as a woman you: never Taidalielie, catch on. Keep in mind that everything has degrees; modesty is always the highest grade.

Second, the appearance of a beautiful woman does not necessarily flavored, flavored, he is sure a beautiful woman. Because she knows "a pair of little red 10000 green, Spring does not need to do more touching" rule, with the wisdom of the few wins and more; with every move of a word are advantages, filling flawless.

Third, we know that another valuable dish itself has no taste. In the cooking time must be accompanied by only a spring onion, ginger flavor! Therefore, a woman, too, makeup to makeup, you should speak and smile to Keju, love to be persistent. No matter what kind of occasion, must be properly "cook" themselves, so that their eye candy, subtle fragrance floats.

Fourth, the avant-garde is not a feminine cut do not think that wearing strange pieces of clothing there is a smell. Of course, this is also the taste, but it is "funny smell."

Fifth, the money is not necessarily feminine. This woman who is less than the same dull tone.

  From the Editor:What is femininity? Is a kind of culture is a kind of temperament, is a connotation of wisdom, is a skill which is accumulated, or ... ... maybe they can only realize unspeakable. To be a woman is a woman should be happy.

In view of this topic, we have had connection with the massive numbers of visitors, the following are part of the User point of view:

 The body is a woman most of the weapons:

User 13 wrote: flesh like guns, can be an instant temptation to men, and to give impulse to desire. Wisdom is like prison, can long-term detention of men, and give the illusion of warmth. So, to be on the lethal and lethal, is certainly greater than jail guns. When a man faced with a beautiful woman, I dare say that thought is the same, are possession of this woman, although men think so, but the fact is such a beautiful woman took possession. So I think the wisdom of the body is too high lethality.

User 1 said: I think that a good-looking woman who is attractive to men, as a man, so I say no hypocrisy. No beauty, but there is the brain is very difficult for men to form a fatal blow, just as a Diploma will study there, but because it looks difficult to find a job. People are using their youth in exchange for the capital to survive, a good physical conditions make a person a limited period of time to create more exciting, I think for men the best-known is the woman's appearance and stature.

User ﹍ + fruit ◆のTang said: I think it looks important, that is physically important, men against women is often the first impression of the exterior feel. Even if youth is short, I walked to a glorious past few years, not miss the chance to own a beautiful A ~ I support the body to the attacker. Hei hei.

User sprint for the goal! Said: I support the physical attackers. Figure is a woman's first business card, I think you can not put the body particularly lethal, but it definitely has a strong physical side, after all, is the first impression comes from the appearance, so I think to get a man's favor, the first step or from the shape and appearance up decision.

  Wisdom is a woman most powerful weapons:

User shallow wrote: the charm of the content is not only beautiful but also have the connotation and irreplaceable experience. Wisdom is always higher than the body, but not absolutely out of the body, I want a man, too, must first have the upper body, lower body the only way for me to consider. The wisdom of perpetuating, youth is short-lived, and I want is the winner of a permanent gesture, I do not want to manipulation by others, so I choose, I am sure the wisdom of choice.

User Chen Yu said: While some people look pretty, but she did not have any kind of self-confidence and distribute them because of the beautiful, that look can not be called beautiful. The most life caused by men, that is, the weapon with wisdom and beautiful sexy woman. But the wisdom is still ranked in the first place, the light has a bladder did not mind I think this woman would not be a glamorous life to.

User wind and rain, said: Wisdom important. Wisdom can be resolved than the physical things that can be resolved so much to do, but also be able to do something physically impossible. People will one day grow old, we face the same body for a long time will start to tired, so wise and more important.

User hyacinth * race, said: wise woman who can hold a man I, while the light only if the body can only hold 1 o'clock. Another good-looking woman, looking a long time, they would Shenmeipilao, this case, the wisdom of a woman will change a different situation, she will adjust the appropriate atmosphere, so I think that good-looking woman and the wisdom of a woman, I think, and wisdom women over a lifetime will not be tired, so I support the wisdom of a woman.

(User paper are personal views, reproduced to pass more information purposes only, does not mean agree with their views or confirm its description.)

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