Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Man's three major uniformed woman posture

Fickle, using cleverly dealt with gently be a private "jujitsu"

Women and men met the outset of the soul to a man at random is likely to go to bed fast, break-up faster. Because men and women met in the early days of the women interested in moving "sex" more action "love." In the men have not yet worked up when a woman on the emotional devotion are often肉包子打狗. Man animal-style vent, then get back on boring, and felt deep down no longer necessary. Dealings between men and women, the men tend to account for the initiative, because of sexual attraction, so that men under the action of hormonal stimulation, becoming impatient. At this time, a woman blind soul to easily form a male-dominated relationship, let the psychological sense of superiority of men, too. Women to men intersect at the beginning, must have a degree of soul to grasp at the half-truths, it may be true if the magic realm of the best, so let a woman have a Hu Mei's Office, to enhance a woman's naturally attracted to men, men are ambiguous on a woman, looming and think easy reach, but often there are a certain distance, so that men feel a woman's temperament is even more attractive look forward to this so that men feel, not that bad too presumptuous. This state of men, have brains to find a woman apart from "sex" outside of the advantages and strengths. A man's love is often induced by a woman out is a good woman to a man from lower animals to understand the feelings of domestication has become advanced form. When a man feels a woman is not easy to get, he would feel that a woman is not cheap, it felt the need to increase investment and, of course, the men put money, not the biggest investment, but many women think that this is the biggest investment, but the real the largest input is love. Dealings between men and women gradually deep when the seemingly normal woman is not a light soul to Italy, but from time to time in the men against women are not allowed to take the time to release one moved, so that a man's confidence in the once solidly pacing. The so-called emotional way, but also a degree of relaxation there. And at critical moments, to an absolute upgrade, a woman a relaxation of such a means of expressing affection, the most eternal love can induce a man into a species of self-Gan Cheng slaves, and never stand up.

Transfer vinegar, so that men dare not relax the "smoking Heart Dafa"

When the relationship between men and women love to get along, how to make a man a woman will always maintain their own interests, and the obsession with his own temperament and body, and even their own body odor? In the flooded system, when the dish, put vinegar taste that people can open. A woman wants to open a manly mouth, also need to learn this tune vinegar tricks up their sleeves. Stressed the importance of vinegar and means, that is, to stir up jealousy, a woman deliberately say how attractive a man beyond the flesh, or in behavior closer walk with others, or read certain muscular, they half-jokingly to the men, said: He wanted to sleep one night. Or a cell phone left ambiguous messages to other good men, although women can not be chaotic conditions, but the other men flirt with their spur of the moment, expand the offensive, which proved to be glamorous, so that my other half felt the crisis, was self-esteem on the self-conscious, feeling the fierce Cujin felt the urgency to conquer am practicing martial arts Dumen necessary. As a result, a man in a sensitive state of nerves, each one is filled pores feeling greatly increased interest in sex, and gestures have become agile up. So jealous man to eat properly, so that men feel a certain love-hate relationship, with its weird smells, like always defensible women, men would have self-pressure, load forward and become more excellent, more full of energy and competitiveness. More people who want to grab things, nature will have a jewelry features, treatment of jewelry, I just can not slack do you? Of course not. Moreover, this treasure is not a still life, but his long arms and legs, men have more sense of crisis, would be more to a woman when the baby. Only a woman can not do too much vinegar and transfer to a man forced into a madman, a man blows in you may. Because men can no longer felt to hold you, will not hesitate to use the powerful animal to tame you, directly stimulate a man into a lion, it could endanger their own lives by.

Sexy and strengthen self-gravity of the super "Magic Power"

Only be called a stunner with sexy, sexy and stuff, without distinction. Watch the sexy woman, the most attractive packages that are unable to conceal in a clothes sexy woman, is the most provocative feature rich and ornamental attractive. Directly with men, women go to bed, we should have VIS clothes off to attract men's interest, and get out of bed some unmoved. Relationship is difficult to be sustainable, because the stop at the vent, then vent finished also finished. But the sexy woman did not go to bed with others, do not enter the program, you can provoke a man's desires and perceptions, sexy as a tangible treasure of gold and silver frosted glass door, so you do not love of money is justified. But you want money, and then enter the halls. Plunged directly into that does not necessarily come crashing home. A real sexy woman, will be popular type of woman lover, they are adept at using sexy temptation, but also to hold within the sexy "treasures" will not be lost. More wealth, wealth exposed, let the owner laughing aloud, but also absolutely scary thing. As a result, when men and women have such a sexy woman, you have to take twelve times the defensive. Some sexy woman sex on a very casual, it makes this woman feel everybody is Markov, this woman will be referred to as "Lanhuo." But there are some sexy women, aware of their sexy is a rare advantage, the more is to keep a tight grip, is not an exaggeration. Only occasionally Xianbai and let a man think about committing mistakes, they enter the halls, if there is such a woman which a man Qude must be her favorite for me. Furthermore, sexy women, if they knew first, the use of two, it is naturally invincible. But for the contemporary woman, prone to a misunderstanding, as well as exposed on the sexy, and thus increasing exposure to the site and size, which makes hair Bai Tiaoji like a tear, as is still ineffective. Not equivalent to exposure to sexy, sexy talent from the body, but also from the vitality of women's lives, and the feminine qualities of self-improvement and self-sentiment. So, developing self-sexy and make clever use of an internally and externally is also a senior female classes, when learning of the school time to time

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