Tuesday, December 22, 2009

He Yu ruddy face of the blood nourishing you

Modern women not only the pursuit of tall slim, want to have a shiny rosy face, which is a rather embarrassing matter.

Want to build thin, you have to lose weight (diet and therefore a lot of people so anemia); you want to have to add a good appearance andNutrition. So good figure and good appearance and ability to do satisfactory to both sides?

Nutrition experts say that if they want to achieve this desired effect, should focus on nourishing and on.

In addition to maintaining optimism, to develop a good living habits, we must also strengthen the diet to restore normal times should eat rich "blood material" of protein, essential trace elements (iron, copper), folic acid and other nutritionalFood, Such as lean meat, animal liver, fish, soy products, edible fungus, red dates, peanuts and fresh fruits and vegetables.

Recommend the following several simple and easy to do nourishing porridge, hoping to healthy women beauty love to help.

Nourishing porridge

Jujube porridge: Wash the rice after adding a few pieces of red dates and clean, adequate water, cook until thick, can be eaten.

Pig liver porridge: Take 150 grams of pork liver, wash, cut into small pieces and placed in 100 grams of washed rice, add appropriate amount of water, and put onion, ginger, salt, etc.CondimentsA total of Zhu Chengyu.

Chicken porridge:

Get hen 1, to hair, cuts clean, plus amount of water boiling back into the soup. Take 100 grams of chicken juice, add 100 grams of washed rice, plus porridge amount of water, fire boiling, small Huoao thick can be.

Peanut tendon porridge: Take 80 grams beef tendon, washed, cut into small pieces, and 80 grams and 100 grams of peanuts were washed rice into the casserole, add appropriate amount of water porridge, to tendons overripe, m open until thick soup .

Ejiao porridge:

Wash glutinous rice, wok cooking, add Ejiao amount until melted, add brown sugar number, you can eat.

Spinach porridge:

Get to root of fresh spinach, 100-150g, cleaned by hand tear, rice 100g, into the casserole, add 800 milliliters of water, boil rice rotten soup thick, you can eat.

Warm Tips

Anemia is best not to drink tea. If you have anemia, and they should not drink tea. More tea will symptoms of anemia increased as the iron in food easy to combine with the tea in the tannic acid tannic acid to form insoluble iron, thus preventing the absorption of iron.

Iron-containing foods and milk are not the same food. Iron-containing foods and milk, if stomach acid and some drugs and in the same clothes, will hinder the absorption of iron, so iron-containing foods to eat blood, try not to drink milk, do not take in and the stomach acid drugs.

Jujube blood should not be a long time to eat. Although the blood Jiapin jujube, but not long-term use, or easier to stomach up gas, and will build fat. A week to eat 2 to 3 times is sufficient, so as not to fill the blood to lose weight but has to worry about the problem.

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