Saturday, December 12, 2009

How men against women care about the past?

Contacts before you and I is not ever loved a man? What kind of person he is? In what kind of job? That was how long things in the past? You both "good" to what extent? Your boyfriend is not have asked you these questions?

Men打破沙锅问到底spirit is indeed beats. This habit, in the end from where come from? Into the love relationship, the woman does not argumentative cross-examination of a man's past. However, men have tried every means to set a women's "confessions", which in the end Why?

First, it proves not inferior to men's jealousy of women. That jealousy is a female "exclusive use" people, that too for men Tai Gaogu some of it. In fact, the men's jealousy might also worth seeing it!

Secondly, men like to ask a woman "confessions" move apart from jealousy at work, there are Duzhan Yu is too strong. The current possession "her" state, he was still not satisfied, I think of - right in the past, she should also be exclusive. Once this possessive high, even though women with close family friend, he will feel free to use, even in the first seconds of each sub-li wanted to hold her. This psychological too serious an occasion, it will become the first Austrian Darren's novel "death victory" in general, will be the way both the sentimentalism, permanent possession of the other party.

Third, the man's heart there is a wonderful idea, that is - has always wanted to try whether he had asked her rights. In this regard, women were different. Once a woman has a boyfriend, she will begin to attach importance to his present and future, but not very concerned about his past. "Because he is a man ah! Inevitably have many experiences. If you care about anything, then also formed by couples bonded with him forever?" Woman on the man's tolerance is relatively large. Because of the men's "games" held less social customs, has been accepted by her unconscious under the.

However, the community women's loose, not indecent, but it is can not be condoned. A consequence, and even some self-styled progressive, trendy men still inwardly "cares", I think, so when the men reached the stage of looking for the next partner to the woman he began asking questions.

Fengdao such times, some men just outline to ask. However, some men would chase asked a Mei Wan. This will depend on character of the men for questioning. If it is dark, the men would be enough for you, subject to the! He would like a snake wrapped around you like. You tell him that an ex post facto, he would ask one another. Answer, he raised again the third question ... ... on such and such, and for your fatigue start bombing.

Newspapers so-called "trouble to answer," will appear from time to time the eye-catching title - "In the past things that should tell him?" The examples from above speculation, you will know, do not tell him the best. In fact, the ideal situation is that everything frankly told him that until he fully understanding, take issue with him get married.

But having said that, the reality is that people preferred not to do together. Some men hear your confession, will walk out. That way, you are not fall short of it? Even when he did not care about, after a few years later, if you are looking to settle old accounts, you will have a lifetime painful disaster.

Men on the surface are sounding remarks, saying "I do not care about those who tell you ... ..." thus forcing you to Zhimaxiaoshi are "shaking" out. However, by the time he was drunk, or feel free to use, he would bring these things to you, send a punitive expedition. View of this, or should not be too honest for his wonderful, otherwise, he would become a "non-bomb from time to time," I do not know when it will explode it! Therefore, I advise all women, it is best to avoid the excessive "frank", unless you have "extraordinary" they said, otherwise, Fengdao man's "torture", we might pretend to look shyly told him -- "... ... You are my first true love with a man!" because the men want to "torture" Your fourth reason in this connection, he wants you sure. Sometimes, men in order to listen to the words of "torture" you do!

"Whole life ... ... is my first true love was a man, how could love it too intoxicated? Even I am surprised to hear it ... ..." I believe there is no word than this one, and still less can one ask men feel elated. Having listened to you a word, he will joy up, just like a baby no matter how you mercy, because, "It proves they want to believe things", it is a great thing

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