Friday, December 25, 2009

A woman's most no match for the temptation to three kinds of men

woman to do anything good, that is, the face of a man's temptation every day too. Because opposites attract, men think about every day is the temptation to derail a woman, a woman can not remain calm if faced with a dazzling variety of men, and that the temptation will be tempted out of the normal track of life, lost mind, controlled by men, and placing themselves in extreme danger in. Put it mildly, and would time and again by men cheat precious things will be even serious harm to men.

  1, women have to withstand the temptation of impulse.Because a woman's feelings more than men to be rich, rational and relative lack of more than men, combined with weaknesses in physical structures, it is easy to commit impulsive mistakes, a lot of women are deceived because the spur of the moment was only a man's. This woman knows its own weakness, they try not to, and not too familiar with the men to eat bad things, or watch DVD, vulgar cartoons, books and people like easy things on impulse, especially those in Hollywood films and Japanese of those cartoons where there is often a kind of love the lens, it is the temptation to people's minds, if a woman look at Mongolia, and by men his grasp on the extremely dangerous. Which is inside the most frightening factor is that rational men because women are up after the impulse is to pull 10 horses have not come back, the woman would be caught up in the deadly danger, fled to escape also. Too many temptations.

Second, women have to withstand the temptation of love.Because a woman's maternal instinct dictates, more women than men know how to love, will love, more attention to love, so more women than men, unable to withstand the temptation of love. The love is more important than our lives, a woman born with weaknesses. Each woman with a love heart is collection for men, women even after a good many years later, I heard a man who had loved the familiar voice will still be tempted to speed up the heartbeat. If ever a man loved a woman and women want to see side to meet a woman knows what will happen, will be pleased to meet this woman. Men in such circumstances can sometimes make more sense than a woman, The reason is that more women than men place more importance on love. The ladies love a man if and to meet, without accidents (love of men are not stupid), a romantic candlelight dinner meal, drink Weizui woman would give way and the temptation to love the man fell to the arms . That the consequences are very terrible, to love to read more important than life, the woman will sink in the love of Yu Hai unable to extricate themselves, if not a liability to her husband and children, in the love of men in front suddenly headstrong woman Even at home even without looking back. This case, a woman love a man if you want to use a woman or injury to a woman, nothing is easy, many women do deep wounds and paid a painful price.

  Third, women have to withstand the temptation of sweet talk a man.The face of a man's sweet talk, women are usually out of control. Women all like to hear a man say "I love you", because women hear the tone of a man with the temptation to say "I love you", the body will produce a chemical reaction, which has become crazy, out of control, feeling fluttering For cents, prone to hallucinations. In this regard, we can not blame the woman too much, which is due to a woman's maternity. In birds, the male bird is usually utter the least pleasant win more hearts and minds of the females what is the reason. In the men's sweet talk, the woman is very easy to get into passion, surrender their devotion to the man himself. At this time, disoriented woman, fatally distinguish good and bad, blindly follow the man's Fen Fu. If the person is an honest man, only to receive love from a woman who, then a woman to face such a man is undoubtedly the most happy. But if this man is a bad man, a woman will be out of control to become a bad man's accomplice, put themselves in danger, and even destroy the beautiful life, so crime.

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