Sunday, December 6, 2009

How to eat fruit after the autumn

Fruits are generally divided into cold, warm, gamping three categories. Cold class has oranges, orange, banana, etc., physical Deficiency people Shensi. Hot class has jujube, chestnut, peach, etc., physical, hot human consumption should be moderate. Gamping class plum, plum, apple and so on, suitable for a variety of physical person.

Selected according to their own body condition of food. Constipation should eat acidic fruits, so as not to aggravate constipation. Such as bayberry, plums, etc. should not eat, they contain acidic substances difficult to be oxidized and decomposed, and the sour fruit, together in conjunction with acid stimulation gastric ulcer patients are advised not to eat acidic fruits; as well, apples are rich in sugar and potassium, with nephritis, diabetes, coronary heart disease should Eat; grapes contain more citric acid, malic acid, diabetes patients should Eat or not eat; watermelon is a Relieves summer heat and high yield, but people with diabetes and easy flatulence forbidden to eat Watermelon; pears, bananas, cold, diarrhea, maternal and spleen deficiency should not eat.

Ill patients who respond to fresh elections. Fruit is good, but be careful not to eat with the drugs at the same time, because the acid and alkali from the drugs and reaction will affect the efficacy. Great benefit and some fruits, such as hawthorn can be lowering blood pressure, blood pressure, longan meat can prevent liver damage, citrus can be calcium, pear could lungs phlegm, bananas, etc. can be Runchang catharsis. Hepatitis fresh fruit containing vitamin C and carotene, diabetes eat a low sugar content of fruit, are useful.

Fruit should be appropriate in due course. Eat more cold and mixed with acid fruit can damage the spleen and stomach, eat dry fruits of easy "get angry", eat fruit with high sugar content can lead to the "fruit syrup urine disease." Fruits usually about 1 hour to eat after a meal is appropriate and should not be eaten before meals, otherwise it will affect the appetite, acid coagulation will play the role of the protein in food digestion and absorption of impact; and immediately after a meal to eat fruit, not only did not help digestion, but can cause flatulence and constipation. Fruit should be clean cut (peeling) skin before eating, to avoid skin contamination and pesticides residues cause chronic poisoning and disease from the mouth

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