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Studies three measures so that her husband love you forever

Men and women are one-volume edition. It must be remembered, you had should also be intrinsically linked to the booklet. When you life appeared suspicious, vent their anger, hurt, despair, please relax, it might be an attitude adjustment of the angle, learn SAY NO, maybe you will find a man than originally thought much more simple and lovely.

SAY NO to the suspicion

  Synopsis text:

Mr. Lin Andi at the university is famous wits, a few years after graduation became a millionaire boss. Among the friends, and some envy, some jealousy, finds fault with everyone naturally became targets. "Men have money school bad and what is bad? Is not yet find a woman!" "Beautiful young girl, than you either, you have to beware of 1:00 Oh!" Companions of good advice, let Lin-pensive . Just recently, her husband came home and not, as usual, and his wife greeted, but rather to lay down their briefcase on the drilling study. By dinner time, he let us eat, push say that they have no wish to eat. Lin-to ask what was going on, the husband has only mentioned casually said: "Today the work of very tired, I wanted to rest for a while." Lin An increasingly uneasy, and that there is no secret that her husband intentionally concealed, so from the cross-examination to "lifting the scar." Her husband seems more tired, while Lin-With this psychological suggestion later, even more misgivings, before her husband does not watch TV and speak for themselves, think it is a kind of mental and physical stability and calm, the total can not help but suspect he is now "in Cao Ying Xin In the Han, "it must be something happens outside the bar.

  Readings: "Chinese-style divorce"

Lin Xiaofeng in the eyes of teachers in primary schools, making the surgeon's husband, Jian-Ping Song was originally disappointingly ordinary. However, one day her husband finally became a vice president of foreign-funded hospital, from the original laws of life becomes busy, the time to take care of the family less and less. Gradually, from low self-esteem, social status, the lack of open mistrust, suspicion, tracking, noise, violence, full of each other's lives, the last couple divorced.

  Teacher analysis:

"Chinese-style divorce," marriage is described in the story abound in life, Lin-suspicions might have appeared in every home. However, China has 50 million households, will not have 50 million third party, the marriage from the well-being of ordinary people to numb to the betrayal, is more of a problem within the couple.

Under normal circumstances, a woman went to the limit, you can coquetry, you can cry, you can nag; a man up against its limits when such pressure in the bottom of my heart, restraint, patience, tolerance, and then to exercise restraint, and then patience, then tolerance. Sometimes, the man behind the silence is a kind of heavy pressure, and they are often willing to bear more things a person, they gave themselves with too many responsibilities and weights.

  After-school job:

And similar errors in concluding that "no." Give him a bit more free space and alone time. To give him a cup of tea warm, gently zone on the door, lowering the TV sound. He praised the boiling pot of soup over, and so he was out drinking. If you try to put a lot of doubts about things in a good direction to think about their own feelings will naturally warm spring breezes.

And "transformation For" SAY NO

  Synopsis text:

"Being in love, when he did not find so many problems呀?!" Summer seems to have been married and her husband never stopped, "one foul wrong" confrontation. Xia Yu was sitting at home just to pack a good cut lilies in full bloom, is a more pleasant picture呀! But the husband, a big voice, and littered the door of the clothes, as well as readily throw the shoe rack on the stinky socks, completely destroyed her good mood. She did not fight back with anger, but her husband did not seem to notice a little bit, but also cheerfully hand to touch Xia Yu. That hand does not wash! Xia Yu could not help but frowned, but she would like to reinvent her husband's determination has not given up.

  Readings: "Spicy Love Soup"

When the movie that people from Shao Bing Xu Jinglei and the sweet, sour, and mixed with a trace of confusion, a trace of sadness, there is a trace of love across the outrightly and hesitant to enter Guo Tao, Xu Fan, and the "siege." All the facts together, the family means more chores, normal, and sigh. So unexpected contradiction to. It seems unacceptable and not to each other, it seems that his choice is also a big mistake.

  Teacher analysis:

Some people like to take Alaska's porcupine to describe the couple to each other to adapt to the scene, "when the cold, they will be close together, porcupine heating, the body also followed thorn poke each other's physical pain, but a separate and then could not stand cold, porcupine They had to learn to adjust themselves to adapt to each other. "

The two fall in love when he decided to "transform" the other and improve themselves, even after marriage is to "revise" their own personality and lifestyle. In marriage, women are playing a leading role in a radical transformation of persons. If, however, that it was "porcupine" is you have completely changed, you still love him how long? He's happy, then where? It seems that he will never catch up with the pace of change speed of your expectations.

  After-school job:

And his transformation of her husband's "great cause" Farewell. They usually fall in love, we found each other's advantages, marriage found in each other's shortcomings, however, continue run-down, we should forget each other's shortcomings! Men's small disadvantage only in front of their loved ones before the release of so thoroughly. To give him this opportunity to give him the right to fanciful. In the "home" where painted more lazy, casual, warm tone, you will find that you are relaxed, he is more relaxed.

And "intimate" SAY NO

 Synopsis text:

Qiu Yuan smaller than the 7-year-old husband, very often, Autumn Yuan feel that he is her husband's sister, and even his daughter. In the unit has been wronged, not liking, Autumn Yuan a matter of course to come back with her husband "share." This time, her husband seems to no longer tolerate to Chong Yuan issued an unprecedented fall of temper. Qiu Yuen wronged: "You are my favorite, I no place to vent the gas, not to whom you vent vent ah?" And Autumn Yuan's husband is also reasonable: "From a sentimental point of view, I would like my wife When the trust of people, in front of me to Huan can worry, but from the family business and career development point of view, I do not need too much trust in me because of his wife arising from internal friction, I would prefer her to me as an outsider. "

  Readings: "Miss Mermaid"

This South Korean family drama plays out, except for parents, where a short, during which really implies a lot of marital wisdom. When the Ruiying not yet out of the little girl's caprice and subjective, unfortunately encountered lover Juven. She did not intellectual dependency and occupation They wanted her completely lost his lover.

  Teacher analysis:

Become popular in recent years, the city slogan: "To love as an outsider." In theory, is called to maintain psychological distance. As a psychologist in Japan said: "Do not deliberately to correct each other's faults, do not it personally, but to extricate themselves. In order to self-preservation, and sometimes often shut ourselves in all alone in the world. And sometimes that is not all the time and the others to engage in emotional communication, it can not be complacent people who have any real problems. "

  After-school job:

Try to listen to the words his mother said: their own affairs and make their own. Of the husband as an outsider, like respect and understanding; to her husband as an outsider, like showing your wisdom and grace. Of course, the family independence-minded nor can extreme, the couple is too independent for marriage only and no building damage.

  After-class discussion: "The next life you will also find the same person to get married?"

If someone directly asked me: "next life you will be married to her husband do now?" My first reaction is to say: "No, with his life for so many years, most people who understand his problems, that is me, and give My most painful, is to him. "However, from another point of view I would think:" He is really into me and understand the man in the world of people, who ensure the next life I can find better than him ah? Perhaps in this in the world, no more for me than him, more love me, and more patient person, I do! "

Looking back five centuries before Buddha said that in exchange for this life pass by. Such a fate, only let us meet, and did not let go. Value and understanding has become what we must do homework, do you think?

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