Tuesday, December 8, 2009

A woman, please, give a man ten love this bar!

First, give him a little respect for the

"Big man", "Men Suddenly in Black", "Tate's menfolk," "Little Women" and "little wife" and so on. From these titles, we can see that a man living in the home throughout the central position. Since ancient times, China's model of the family is "men, women inside", so, it is usually a woman known as the "wife", "Jian Nei", or "yin inner helper."

Therefore, women should not happen with men in the family the right to dispute. May wish to give a man the family's sovereignty, so that their husbands in a self-esteem, let him in the human predecessors, the home away from home, have done an upright man. Let him always feel that he is a man, stand tall and Fengfengguangguang. Please do not let her husband Yingxiongqiduan and a "Shouqi Bao" or "Wo Nangfei." A man is a woman's head days, men are the backbone of the family, the status of a woman can not be replaced. Therefore, the good woman always have to give her husband a number of self-esteem, so that my husband straight backs, doing a capital man.

Second, give him more confidence in

Great men have said their own businesses, small is that men should be breadwinners. In order to home, they have to constantly run around toil away, they want with the different sexes, different ages, different kinds of people to deal with identity.

As a wife, to fully believe that her husband, not suspicious her husband and which many women say a word; do not have to worry how he does not always go home? He said the busy, you will believe that he is really busy, do not doubt that he is lying to you. Even if you open up his phone to hear that he was window-dressing of high-rise hotels, you have convinced him it was normal for entertainment, rather than find another chic. As a wife, not paranoid, not to send a punitive expedition against her husband. To be convinced that her husband is outside, is just flirtation, he eventually always love their own.

Third, give him more tolerant

Let your indulgence, mostly because her husband have a problem, there are mistakes, or things you do I'm sorry. This tolerance, from my own interests, really is easier said than done. Because in order to achieve tolerance, the first to achieve calm and rational.

Women are mostly sentimental, a little unhappy, they unable to control their feelings, playing their own caprice and small temper. Coupled with a broad women's magnanimous enough, whenever I'm sorry your husband, they think they are the most unfortunate people under the sun; is the biggest victims; is the most painful person. To this end, because the wronged and are bent on seeking justice for themselves, and even intensify their efforts to get downtown. As everyone knows this can only be forced to embark on unsympathetic husbands road.

识时务者为俊杰. Even though I am sorry your husband has really done a thing, you must calm reflection, we must weigh the pros and cons, a good grasp of the degree of a dispute with her husband. The so-called Mianlicangzhen, dealt with gently. As a wife could give her husband a little forgiveness and tolerance. Your tolerance, let him moved, let him guilty. Only guilt can there be redemption; also will return only gratitude.

Fourth, give him a little concerned about the

Concerned about a man, and not just let him ample food and clothing, the most important is the care of his inner world. To fully understand what is required in the end her husband, he really likes what. Match up, not blindly yield to, but let her husband truly realize his desire and value.

If a woman, life did not read her husband, it really is a sad woman.

If a woman, you say you want to say if her husband made her husband wanted to do, her husband wanted, you have won him. I think the husband is not satisfied then to find out.

Interaction between people, mainly Xinyu Xin communication between husband and wife even more so. Have consonance does not rely on a tacit agreement between two people, but the main thing is a woman's insight into the inner world of men. To achieve the prophet first-ming, a woman needs a keen observation, careful and timely spiritual understanding through the collision.

5, give him some understanding of

Men also have a man's difficulties and difficulties, especially among men play an heir in the family, family line of an important mission, it is bound more than women were the responsibility and obligations. As wives, we must learn to understand her husband, when a woman marries a man, you must bear in mind is that he himself is not only married to this individual people, and married to the man behind the whole background. You should take the initiative themselves as important in this family, a member of and seriously carry out their duties, without thought to personal gains and losses. In fact, the same family, who gets the same, but once lost, is the loss of the entire family.

Understanding of her husband, is to give him a stepping stone, let him cross the road barriers; understanding of her husband, is to give him an umbrella for him shelter against the elements. Understand that her husband, is give him some sympathy; give him some mercy; give him some support.

6, give him some love

In fact, men are also very fragile. They have emotions, is rich in emotions. His wife, not only to see her husband strong side, the most important is the care of his personality weakness. When her husband suffered a setback on the outside when the house is the only place to get comfort, as a wife, you should not laugh at his incompetence. At this time, he was most in need of your comfort, need your encouragement.

Her husband physically and mentally exhausted, you must use their passion to arouse his self-confidence; you want to use your own tenderness let him get away from it; you want to use your passion, burn his awkward and discouraged.

The young men from the women who shine, and no woman like the warmth of the sun for men, men will not always be bathed Chunhui, it can never be too proud.

7, give him some help

His wife is "yin inner helper", the "help", not only in their careers to help him, but the main thing is for him to resolve to worry about. For his in-laws before one more contribution to filial piety; for him in front of the children one more contribution to the responsibility. Swore off all of his selfishness, devoted flutter in business, this is the wife of her husband's really help.

Through thick and thin, you can help him at the helm paddles; hardships, you can share with him. To solve problems for her husband, in his trouble, the psychological burden for him to release; in success, let him forget what he should make clear judgments; to help him pinpoint his location, a critical moment in your tender arm, give him power . Career success, is a man's true success. The success of a man from his wife sustained support and selfless dedication. "Behind a successful man must stand a great woman," This is the highest compliment a woman.

8, give him more space

Men have a man's world. He has his own hobbies, interests, etc., a woman let that not her husband to change his own character; also can not deny his personality. To give him a free space, allowing him one side wings flying sky. Want to know the outside world again wonderful, it is but a tiny Inn, physically and mentally exhausted man, he is always the end result is a warm home.

Defending their own home, her husband lit a gentle light, for he will always open a door. With the bright lights lead the way for him, let him not lose direction; opened without closing the door, let him harbor is full of warmth. Since that man is a woman's head the sky, then you give him a pair of wings and let him fly. Kites fly high and then further away, you do not have to worry about, because the wire tightly grip in your hands.

9, give him a little appreciation for

Although it is said, "good medicine tastes bitter good advice, resented." However, due to vanity, self-esteem is human nature, so most people like to listen to the voice of praise. By way of praise euphemism implicit evaluation, than Yoshimasa words to criticize it easier for people to accept. Therefore, as a wife, you use a magnifying glass to face her husband's benefits; use mirrors to spy on her husband to narrow the shortcomings; perspective with a microscope to her husband's love.

"Remarks to a three warm winter, verbal abuse cold injury in June." Every time her husband's success, you want to use the language of appreciation for his applause. Even if he's just a small Gaidiao problems, you may also wish to exaggerate his progress. Let him praise the sound of maturity.

10, give him a little smile

"A smile can obliterate allies and enemies." Your smile can give her husband sent a warm, let him mind as brilliant as the sun bathing. He will see from your smile you love sincere; he can see you smile like a kind mother. Your smile could melt the ice cold; your smile can be the elimination of all resentment. Your smile make him feel comfortable; your smile will never let him self-confidence.

"Looking back a laugh 100 pro life." A smile is a blooming flower, a smile is the plump fruit; smile is a summer breeze; smile is the winter sun. Your Smiling Face to face with all the bar. True love, which is not made to pay a return. Women, for men alive, is actually alive for themselves. Because you pay for her husband all at the same time, have achieved your own value

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