Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Between men and women have a pure friendship?

Some say: there is no pure friendship between men and women, and among them there is always one party against the other illusions, but for some reason, did not speak out bottom of my heart, but continue to allow friendship to cover love. Only those who have deeply loved, to get along for quite some time men and women understand that we simply personality clashes, can no longer continue to get along in the absence of third party presence of peaceful separation of the couple, before they can have a pure friendship exists.

Whether you agree to the above passage, when you and your friends around the opposite sex to a good step to the following conditions, your feelings will always have waves.

1 When the other party paid a boyfriend / girlfriend
If you are not to each other as a normal friend, when the other person paid a boyfriend / girlfriend, you will find not taste Italian, dating each other to tell you something, you will find deep in the inner emotions, feelings will be very complex.

2 of your friends like him / her
You will feel your friends are competing for the same as your favorite toy, but due to friendship, friends, moral, you still will be a good summary of them, but the heart must feel good.

3 people around think that you're not an ordinary pair of
Others you have too much speculation, while the other side feel myself uncomfortable, you understand that your presence is only friendship, there is no possibility of further in-depth relationship, and my heart would be jealous.

4 When you encounter physiological changes
Developmental period, you all have a great physical and mental changes and differences, understand what men and women are different, though know that this is a natural phenomenon, but one time or very difficult to accept, but also started to have illusions about each other.

5 love each other
Changed by the friendship and love, is often happened, if the other side have the same feelings, usually a happy ending, if the other party does not feel, or do not rashly declare, or even the friendship will be gone.

6 When you hand in a boyfriend / girlfriend
When your boyfriend / girlfriend introduced to the opposite sex of your friends know that if heterosexual friends are unhappy, you have to understand each other mostly fell in love with you, although you would not consider the other side, your response will be the side of joy, side concerns, joy is one more person like that he is a glorious thing, worry is that you are afraid you can no longer purely the development of friendly relations continue, you will lose an intimate the opposite sex.

7 other love you
The other side I hope that your relationship is not only a friend, it will make you feel headaches, the one you are not psychologically prepared to accept each other, I do not know how to treat each other at the same time you realize that your friendship has played a dangerous signal to in order to maintain long-term friendship , you will try his best to not hurt to take a discreet approach

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