Tuesday, December 8, 2009

The hearts of men, most standard 10 women

Different men have different standards, but the majority of men, ten women are the most recognized ... ...

The hearts of every man has its own standards of women, in their own right in a woman's thinking and their own real-life pairs of women's expectation of continued screening of their view that the essence of a woman in the women, always retained in their memory.

1, with substantial cultural knowledge and cultural accomplishments have not worn rigid woman

Knowledge about men like women, though men sometimes do not remove, "Qin Huai River," to listen on a "through the ages never occur again." But in their hearts will always favor those with culture and covers a good woman. Men like women to enjoy, in their time with each other both miss each other softly chanting: "Jianjia the green and white dew frost. The so-called Iraqi people, in the water side." Can be together in their moment to sing Teresa Teng The "how can I leave you." Men like this woman, in her side, he was able to forget the things troubles, wandered in the distant Acacia and realistic romance.

Second, advocates are far from the true nature of the noisy woman alive

The most annoying thing is most men to accompany women go shopping, for men, in the assortment of merchandise in the shuttle, and use no more than the spirit of the Penal Code did not distinguish, in the face of your favorite products women ecstatic when the feeling of being a man suffer. So, man is like those in the outskirts of the green waiting for him in the woman, when the women of those giant trees towering praise time, men have been found in the woman's speech of self; so a man looking down his women the time, but also those who see the tenderness is nestled in the tall grass of the Great Shupang. Men like a woman when their grass, pure humility, there is no arrogance to make, in the breeze, the picturesque nature, the forever associated with his.

3, full of love and care to refuse to cool the warm woman

Men with a woman walking together, when a woman's eyes stare did not want to look at themselves, they really want to watch the woman they are also infinitely deep feeling but also care around the visual. When they walk, when the occasional one to reach out to street children begging to them, the men are reluctant to see a woman this time make a "arrogant" demeanor, washing his hands away. They are willing to see is a woman to extend her warm hands and gentlyStrokeThe child's face, then put a note on the child's hands. Because men may feel that a woman pair of warm hands, not only in touch with street children face, and she has also used his time to soothe the hearts of men that the soul of loneliness and falling.

Fourth, forever listening carefully and men do not dispute the woman

Man alive, very tired, especially those established in a career man is tired in the real world. So, men do not want to see those who saw her on the torrent of a woman, but do not want to hear a woman never-ending controversy. They want their woman is like a night in the harbor, and brought his busy day inside the water, quietly lying on her arms, watching the sky in the corner to bringing a bright moon, so that a woman describing the open mind to listen to their own , as "The Blue Danube," the melody of the shadow of light waves in the water slowly begins to play, like "self-New World" music slowly just leave a long night.

5, will dress up but not heavy make-up woman

Everyone knows that the "bird's capacity for Yue," a woman dressed mostly for men to read. But men do not like too much of a woman dressed themselves, want to see true colors that I do not know the release souls from purgatoryMakeup, Men can look at Japan's geisha; want to appreciate the enraptured stage make-up, men can be to look at two stars. But the men want is to look at their true face of the tender and beautiful woman, yet charming manner. Therefore, men like the kind of elegant trace beautiful woman, long eyelashes, under a gentleEyelinerEnough to make men feel "look back a hundred pro-student"; slightly Dianran the red-lipped enough to make men feel that their world is no longer the only one seeking the other.

6, has its own economy is not the cause of a man about a woman

Men love to keep lover and Xiaomi Although it is an indisputable fact, but most men prefer women to have independent self, they really really do not like a woman a man's vassal. Men are sometimes willing to work when a woman called himself, albeit fragmentary, but in the experience of a woman with the office of tone and its own pun ridicule the same time, will feel that comes from formal occasions, that has profound implications greetings. So a man will be tired in the afternoon accompanied by a woman's blessing, went into his work.

Therefore, the kind of home where a man hated the so-called "Xiaojiabiyu", to hear their childish voices on the nauseating.

7, there are degrees of forward-thinking woman, rather than stay in a rut

The men on the issue of the nature of women is often conservative, but in the minds of men liked a woman walking in the forefront of the times. They like a woman in front of her to talk about the topic of fashion, and not follow the beaten path. Men and women together, your favorite, they do not dread to talk about the Thai Shemale; they do not refuse to talk about France's red-light district; they are even willing to and their own section A woman spotted in the film ...... Such a woman's arms, the men will feel an unprecedented relaxation, the kind of ideological supremacy and physical elegant, makes a man always remember own woman.

8, with a long journey but you will enjoy the scenery of a woman

Men always have a dream, that is, and he likes a woman to a distant place. Far away from this world noisy, far away from human troubles. Men do not like the kind of tourism in the shouting and the situation very frustrating for women, men like the kind of woman to accompany their long journey in silence, to revel in the natural feelings of a woman. Like the kind of men facing the waters of the Maldives to the breeze with the eyes of his affectionate woman; men like the kind of breathe in the air the forests of Norway in his ear tirelessly Qingshu woman. That vision will make this woman a man knows he is the sole, then the sound will make men understand their thinking in a woman's pivotal.

9, will always be waiting for a woman without anxiety

A man always in his thoughts there is a woman's desire to wait for the morning comes, he wants the woman in the glow of Lane; in the evening dusk, he wants the woman in the night. So in the man's life will be licking the air out of the pursuit of the years, in order to his beloved woman, they learn in a difficult struggle, they know in the journey of life is. More women than men own a pool of water to make a quiet, never the waves of the sea, never to river wave. Can look forward only quietly waiting for the arrival of his men, like "Hudiequanbian" the Golden Flower, not only in combing his hair, combed for men are still waiting.

10, a strong woman character, accompanied by rational thinking

The character of a man with steel in general, this does not mean that they appreciate a woman's weak. Many times men seem more willing to see a woman's strong and resilient, in the pain comes when a man does not seem to want to see a woman being in the howl tears flooded, their desire is a woman with tears in the eye socket inside, soaked with Their eternal emotions. In the face of unpredictable events that come to men more reluctant to see a woman hysterical crazy, they want to see is the woman's calm and rational. In the women could not bear the tears falling down, in a woman's own sense of restraint, the men will feel that the world still is that this will not be too many changes in his beloved woman in this leisurely and is still what it always is.

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