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Fall and winter cold hands and feet how to do this

The main cause of cold hands and feet

* Heart weak, can not make the blood supply to peripheral parts of the body.

* The body is not enough blood volume, hemoglobin and red blood cells is low.

* Blockage of blood vessels, or fever, colds, etc. will affect the brain, central nervous system, resulting in cold hands and feet.

* Sympathetic nerve function is a problem, not the cold, tight muscles to generate heat to cold.

What are the most prone to cold hands and feet of the situation

* The female body is too thin

Size than the thin, and physical treatment of the girls most prone to cold hands and feet of the situation, because this type of person poor peripheral blood circulation, body temperature adjustment mechanism is easy for the disorder, but cold hands and feet is the autonomic nervous system function regulation is not smooth, vascular changes caused by fine. And toes, knees, shoulders and fingers and other parts of the joint district belongs to exercise more, as fat, blood vessels are relatively small, easy heat dissipation.

* Low blood sugar or low blood pressure when the

Food is very important to the body heat source, if you lose weight too hungry, too far, so that low blood sugar, there will be the phenomenon of cold hands and feet. The hypotension, the blood circulation will be poor, fatigue, physical weakness, the blood pressure easily reduced, cold hands and feet will be La

* When the pressure is too large

Strained because of the pressure of work or time to force the pressure will be so cold hands and feet began to tremble, as long as the tension over this period, it will gradually restore warmth.

* Warm clothing is not enough

If the hands and feet cold, body temperature, the average deployment of that problem, if you have more than wearing several pieces of clothing, hands and feet has not been restored, but the warmth of the human body in relation to note that the table啦because many nerve receptors sense the temperature of "cold spots" too too slow and not feel the cold.

* Cold or prolonged stay in air-conditioned room

Will allow reduced blood flow, blood-line slowed down so that cold hands and feet.

Cold hands and feet refused to the method

Cold hands and feet should be lifted, it is necessary to proceed with all aspects of everyday life, quickly began to exercise, diet, eat medicated food, bubble spa, massage ..., you can extremities warm and ruddy.

Ground movement. Qin walk away

I suggest you get up early doing the movement, walking is the best choice Oh, faster than with walking, running slower than the speed, stride forward, his hands by the way rejection toss, took 30 minutes to promote the blood run, the body on the would be nice and warm, because early in the morning let the blood circulation and metabolism speed up, so the day will be full of vitality, is not easy to chill oh

You can also try a simple stair climbing, standing jump, moving 20-minutes, with a slight degree of sweating will help to strengthen the ability to regulate body temperature. Work 40 minutes later, the best stand up and walk, Tata step, hands-on work from time to time refers to the earth, toes? Y, Jieke to help blood circulation.

Multi-vitamin supplements, E

Vitamin E can be expanded peripheral blood vessels, peripheral blood circulation for the smooth flow of useful, but the effect of vitamin E is relatively low and have continued to 3 months to bear fruit, but also must be taken for 210-250IU per day would be sufficient.

Eat more foods containing niacin

Nicotinic acid to stabilize the nervous system and circulatory system helpful, but also can improve the nervous, nervous diarrhea, skin inflammation, but also expansion of peripheral blood vessels, improving the cold hands and feet, if taken in high doses, but also facial flushing, burning it

 Tips 1 - nicotinic acid, where

Nicotinic acid in animal liver, eggs, milk, cheese, brown rice, whole wheat products, sesame seeds, mushrooms, peanuts, mung bean, coffee, very rich in content.

Tips 2 - Synthesis of Vitamin B group can help nicotinic acid

Vitamin B1, B2, B6 can help nicotinic acid synthesis, would like to promote the expansion of peripheral blood vessels a day can add 30-60mg of vitamin B group.

  Eat more nuts. Carrot

Could be routine by Sibu law, let the body warm a warm, such as the nuts of the walnut, sesame, pine nuts, etc.; vegetables such as leeks, carrots, cabbage, spinach, etc.; fruits of apricot, peach, papaya, etc., are eating the best choice, other such as beef, lamb, seafood, four gods, glutinous rice, brown rice, soybeans, tofu, sesame seeds, brown sugar, ..., are all hot foods, is cold hands and feet of people should be more choice of ingredients.

Wish to remind, easy to cold hands and feet of people, throughout the year should avoid eating raw and cold foods, ice cream, or drinking cold drinks

  Cultivate the habit of eating spicy foods

Pepper, pepper, mustard, garlic, green onion, curry spice ... and so on, can promote blood circulation, the use of normal diet, with food, such as eating fried noodles, fried noodles when they add a little chili sauce; more points when pepper soup powder; eating dumplings, the bowl with hot and sour soup, and virtually eat a lot of spice into the

  Eat Warming Food

Such as ginseng tea, ginger duck, longan tea, black sesame, sweet glutinous rice balls ... and so on, not only allowed to eat in winter warm body, you can reach a supplement gradually \ efficiency, cold hands and feet can also be longer.

There are many medicines, traditional Chinese medicine can improve and prevent cold hands and feet, such as ginseng, Codonopsis, Chinese angelica, red sage root, Northern Qi, velvet, silk rabbits son, Morinda, cinnamon, cistanche, Curculigoside, cinnamon son, Gui-zhi, ephedra , ginger, pepper, pepper, nutmeg, cardamom grass ... and so on, whether it is tea, boiling down, into the food, lot of food on the right啦!

Do not overdo hungry

  Do not partial eclipse, excessive weight loss, let the body store more appropriate amount of fat, can help to maintain body temperature. If, prior knowledge of today's busy because of work and can not eat on time, they may first prepare some biscuits, bread, or ginseng tea in a timely manner to add heat.

  Taking medicine

TCM also has a fixed prescription to treat cold hands and feet, such as SDT, eight soup, Sijunzitang, four-Wu-Tang, the justifications for the soup, owned by Society Jianzhong Tang, Fuzi Lizhong Tang, Gui Zhi Tang, Pueraria soup, Ephedra Tang, Angelica Sini Tang, Shenqi pills, pills ... and so go right. These traditional Chinese medicine are usually more suitable for physical treatment of the people, if you are not sure, but also could be invited to the opening of Chinese medicine prescriptions.

 Keep warm

Do not because of beauty, or wear too much fear of being laughed at, and Shao Chuan warm clothing, all kinds of warm measures, such as jackets, caps, gloves, scarves, masks, sweat shirt, socks and so on, it is cold when you should All wear is complete. Add a coat off is required before determining the weather has been hot up, not because of psychological irritability, tension, hot flashes, or after the event was fever, immediately took off his warm clothing.

Do not wear tight clothes, tight clothes because it will hinder blood circulation. Before going to sleep at night, remember to wear warm wool socks to help cold feet, we should note that if the feet lose temperature, is not easy to sleep啦

  Oil Bath

Are available, can be given baths, and hot water by adding ginger or chamomile, basil, cinnamon, rosemary and other essential oils, pepper bath agent may apply to the promotion of blood circulation, let the body warm up.

Bath can be used alternately cold and hot water shower arms and legs, a blood vessel by scaling between hot and cold to achieve the purpose of the blood flow. Bubbles in the hands and feet with hot water before going to bed, but also can promote the peripheral blood circulation, help them fall asleep. Do not forget their feet, immediately dry with a towel, and quickly put on warm socks.

Super foam hands and feet Agent:

If your hands are really cold to No, the water district has been unable to meet you, I suggest you find a bucket and filled hot water + wine + ginger, hot water and rice wine ratio is 1:1, taking advantage of watching TV or relaxing soak, very effective


Chinese medicine practitioners suggested that daily massage can alleviate cold hands and feet and systemic symptoms of Oh Wei Leng

* If the phenomenon of the body of Wei Leng

You can massage the inside of Hoku ... thumbs, wrists inside the inner 3-5cm below the knee off points and 6-8cm in Zusanli

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