Sunday, December 13, 2009

Men are not welcome to the 10 women

Many girls repeatedly emotionally fails, the total did not know why. In fact, the crux is still out on their own shoulders. Experts listed 10 kinds of unpopular girls:

1 apathy pride: baffled拒人于千里之外, a friend with no one to ingratiate themselves with no one person can be compared to the posture.

2, no compassion: compassion for women so that women's unique charm, for the weak and bullied by children, small animals, not a little compassion and sympathy, and this will make people think of ruthless, spicy.

3, self-righteous: everything emphasis on individual viewpoints, arrogant, Budongzhuangdong. Knowing that they have wrong, do not want to admit. Trying to give people the impression able to deal with specific problems since they are always floundered.

4, heavy make-up: The girls are the best cosmetics, pure and natural is the girl should pursue, and heavy make-up inevitably people feel horrible and tacky.

5, no sense of responsibility: dealing with things with little regard for others, just seeking their own gratification, the blind pursuit of stylish, romantic.

6, sense of participation: Do you like inquiries and had nothing to do, interested in spreading gossip and do not respect the friends for their trust, and publicizes their secret pleasure.

7, give alms of love: Some girls like to play the Virgin's image, optionally a boy who likes her own charity to love, to others a serious trauma also disagree.

8, to spend money似水: most of the time and energy to dress themselves, on their parents for money seems to be a general debt. This girl certainly intimidating people felt too poor to feed.

9, no sense of proportion: some girls, regardless of settings, laughing and joking, or punching and feet trouble dithered, people feel very uncomfortable. Girl smiled too much given out too freely, will people feel superficial.

10, tearful: a woman's tears soften the male-hearted agent, can enhance men's sense of responsibility, but a special case of not ring true, she cried tears, no one will be bored

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