Friday, December 18, 2009

The most weight loss diet with

The most wrong with common sense

Cucumber + Peanut
Ding cut cucumber, and boiled peanuts mixed with the tune, as a tasty dish, often being used. In fact, this match is not very appropriate. Because the two types of food may cause diarrhea with. Sweet cold cucumber sex, often eat the next life, but more than peanut oil. Generally speaking, if the sexual encounter cold food and oil, will increase its sliding profits, and may cause diarrhea.

Tea + eggs
Apart from alkaloids in tea, there are acidic substances, these compounds are in the iron-and-egg combination of stimulus to the stomach, and not conducive to digestion and absorption.

The most weight loss with

Fresh lemon + water
Lemon is generally not used in the meals inside. However, flood damage can be sliced to drink, not only can fully absorb these nutrients, but also play a role in weight loss. Nutrition that the lemon has high medicinal value. For women, it is above all a very effective weight-loss food. Meal and a drink of water with fresh lemon foam, very helping digestion. Flood damage, but also can learn English, when drinking tea by adding 23 lemons, make the tea taste is more aromatic.

Lily + eggs
This low-sugar low-fat food is not only delicious, but also that no shortage of the human body needs nutrition, so weight loss can be described in terms of matching the perfect match. TCM believes that the two together have Ziyin Runzao, soothe the nerves of the efficacy of pure heart. Lily phlegm water, fill wasting, while the yolk is able to Chufan heat, yin tonic blood sugar between the two conditioning, a better effect.

The most perfect nutritional match

Oatmeal + strawberries
Although you breakfast cereals contain the human body 50% of daily iron requirements, but you can only absorb 8% of them, because the body of the plant iron absorption is very limited. However, the iron-containing foods and foods rich in vitamin C, together with consumption, can make the iron absorption rate increased substantially. Strawberry or kiwi fruit are good choices, and cereals with both delicious and healthy eating.

Whole-wheat bread + peanut butter
Whole wheat foods, especially whole-wheat bread are rich in antioxidants, vitamin E, this substance can ease muscle pain after strenuous exercise, but also the heart play a certain protective effect. Because vitamin E "is only soluble in oil," Therefore, whole-wheat bread and peanut butter are rich in healthy fats, or with the consumption of olive oil can help the body absorb more vitamin E.

The loss of the most nutritious mix of

Milk + eggs
Mucus egg with soy protein in trypsin, thereby losing the nutritional value of the two should be.

Carrot + Radish
Radish high in vitamin C content, but it contains a carrot in the decomposition of enzymes called ascorbic acid, it will undermine the white radish in the vitamin C. Mixed red and white radish, white radish in the vitamin C will be lost. Moreover, with vitamin C, with the cooking of vegetables, carrots have assumed the role of spoilers

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