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MM chilly winter diet recipes

Incoming cold air, a lot of cold constitution, the MM chilly start the conflict. Cold hands and feet easily made their own, want to eat less food to lose weight, how should we do?

Autumn and winter we need to eat some food to warm-up blood circulation, otherwise the constitution is too weak, poor immunity, it is easy to put on a variety of small cold and other ailments. But the mention of nutrition, many people can not help but think of lavish meals of these high-calorie high-fat foods, worry about their own body to. In fact, there are some foods can be Nuanwei they are not afraid of fat to.

Cold constitution that people who have poor blood circulation, so easy to cold hands and feet, yet the love they do not do exercise, but also stand the cold, to improve this situation, we must start with food to start, select the food is heat, balanced physique .

  1, test: would like to know are what kind of constitution, to be a test you can know.

1) Even in winter, like to drink cold drinks. (Yes / No)

2) The color of the tongue was dark red. (Yes / No)

3) The words quickly and accurate. (Yes / No)

4) The stool also has a lot of smell. (Yes / No)

5) often drool phenomenon. (Yes / No)

6) The minister of time to keep hands warm thermal state. (Yes / No)

7) The voice is great. (Yes / No)

8) cheeks reddish color often show the phenomenon. (Yes / No)

9) is often not conscious eyes wide open. (Yes / No)

10) the average body temperature at 36.3 degrees. (Yes / No)

11) to sit down when the body is often swayed. (Yes / No)

12) as a whole looks like it's strong, they are actually stubborn curves. (Yes / No)

13) with the clutch calf muscle, muscle will be very easy to start. (Yes / No)

If you answer "yes" than "no" to many things, you're hot sex constitution, if you select "No" are more, you are a cold constitution.

2, partial fat MM mostly cold cold physical constitution are more body fat, shape Sheng gas decline, easy fatigue, lassitude. In addition to genetic factors, physical fitness is also a lot of cold from the acquired bad habits caused by, for example, excessive drinking cola, fruit juice; improper diet, leading to malnutrition; mind is not open, often angry; these bad habits such as smoking, drinking, will allow physical changes of your cold.

OK Food:

Damp-heat properties of tea material, such as angelica, ginseng, astragalus, four objects, chestnut, hawthorn, walnut, red beans, peanuts, almonds, ginger, fennel, basil, longan, peach, mulberry, black tea, oolong tea, etc.; NG food:

Cool properties of tea material, such as pears, melon, bitter gourd, bitter herbs of immortality and so on.

In addition, the diet used to eat cold food, eat warm foods.

Third, Nuanwei weight loss diet recommends:

1, ginger tea and ginger tea with warm-up effect. The use of ginger spicy, you can let the body heat production and increase metabolism, the body consumes calories to achieve weight loss results. Also, ginger can also help bowel movement, and improve the symptoms of cold hands and feet. Black tea is fermented tea, may be to let the body warm, which contain caffeine, the body can remove excess water and improve edema. Taken together, can lose weight but also improve the edema. And to drink ginger tea, it can prevent colds.

  For the crowd:Eat too much, poor metabolism, fat too much, cold hands and feet, and constipation people.

 Material:A pack of tea, peeled ginger 5, honey, an appropriate practices: the tea bag and ginger into a cup along with the water brewing for more than ninety degrees, and so after a little warm into the honey.

Drinking:When the tea to drink each day, if the stomach felt a burning feeling, we should consider reducing the dosage of ginger drink 2-6 cups a day is like. People who do not like ginger, can be properly tied ginger crumble after the post into the gauze, then placed in the teapot can be filtered spicy ginger flavor.

2, Rose Tea Rose flower honey, sweet, slightly bitter flavor, warm in nature, the most obvious effect is that Jieyu qi, promoting blood circulation and regulate menstruation pain loose silt. Rose known as the flower of a woman, not without reason. In addition, the roses of the herbs are very mild and can be temperature dependent heart and liver and blood, body fat Shu Yu gas, play a calm, comfort, anti-depressant effect. Also beauty skin care, conditioning on the role of liver and stomach, it is important that it can also reduce fatigue. Roses drunk, help blood to run, you can also make your own face, like with the petals up to become rosy.

For the crowd:

Cold physical obesity, menstrual discomfort MM.


15 grams of flood damage to take roses to drink, Qi may join the jujube 3-5 pieces, or 9 grams of American ginseng; kidney can join the 15 grams medlar. Based on individual taste, the redeployment rock sugar or honey, in order to reduce the astringency roses, to enhance their effectiveness. Rose is best not to drink and tea with bubbles. Because a large number of tannic acid in tea will affect the efficacy of roses Shugan Jieyu.

3, jujube lotus tea roses for the crowd:

Cold constitution MM Material: jujube 10, Rose 4, dried hawthorn 10, lotus leaf powder 34 small group If not, the lotus leaf with pharmacies can also be sold, white chrysanthemum six practices:

Put things together for more than cooked, about 10 minutes. Finally you put a few slices of lemon, one-minute flameout put everything down, leaving only red dates and soup.


Cooked tea into the refrigerator storage time to heat about drink. A cup a day early. Such as the body to adapt to, and on the place of tea drinking. MM said that this method had a lost 20 pounds.

  Warm foods Daquan

  Valley Food categories:Noodles, beans, soybean oil, wine, vinegar.

  Vegetables:Ginger, garlic, green onions, chives, coriander vegetables, mustard, carrots, scallion white.

  Fruit categories:Lee, olives, papaya, ebony, millet, grapes, jujube.

  Sugar categories:Honey, sugar, sugar.

  Animal categories:Chicken, pheasant meat, duck, dog meat, lamb, beef, venison, Maorou.

  Squamous-mediated categories:Crucian carp, shad, carp, shrimp, eel and silver carp, Pantou Yu, Grass Carp, loach, abalone.

  4, warm tips: cold physical health of the owner of a winter their feet:

Their feet every day is the most effective way to their feet. In the deeper the pot by adding hot water of about 40 degrees, so that the water submerged the ankle. Soak for 20 minutes or so, they will feel the body heat, indicating the blood circulation after the body begins to heat flow. If the feet or rub your feet, while another, the effect will be better.


Aerobics jogging, fast walking, skipping, dancing disco, playing Taijiquan, will be up to the activities of all parts of the body, promote blood circulation, but not excessive exercise, high-intensity exercise, a lot of sweat, would "vent Yang gas, "the opposite effect

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