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Women make a man completely out of control six Secret

Say that women are emotional animals, man is a rational animal, but man up and emotional when a woman in no way inferior. Dou Wei burning car kicked up a newspaper, many people are surprise. How can he? In fact, they probably did not we think rationally. The factors that control their appearance under the deep, we can make a careful inquiry will be able to glimpse into the evident.

 1, he suddenly unreasonable in the wine on the table

Men scene: a group of friends to meet, he drank too much. Every time she was the only know that he drank too much, not only mistake made love, but also your whole body. So she Ququan him. However, some men like to boast Jiejiu sentiments, three glasses of wine down, he launched a wine crazy buddies insisted, and children have a competition capacity for liquor. Yong-girlfriend who counseled her pipe her husband, she could not in the front of his girlfriend without the face, then snatching her husband's glasses, let him drink the. She moves to his buddies a while children create a disturbance, said he was henpecked. Man a real man, the most important thing is to face, how can children in the face of buddies lost face. By Jiujin chosen to drink, he not only drink, but also single-handedly pushed her to take her Mind your own business.

The results can be imagined, she and he therefore compared with the previous effort and one to capture each other's cup to prove their own "tame-fu technique," one just wishes to win back their right to drink to prove that man's dignity, but many had met with a bunch of people on the booing, the results amazing scene took place, he told her bluster, "You Jiwo Gun!"

 He's out of control secret:

Good men face, perhaps he can be at home lying on the ground to give you a good husband to do Maji, but outside, he must prove that he is a man of indomitable spirit. This is about dignity, and Ai Buai his wife has nothing to do, therefore, insisted on the urge somebody to drink seem a trivial issue, in his view, could be hurt, he went on event. Therefore, the more his wife insisted that he should be more stubborn in the end. At this time, he's out of control is a testament to their own face-saving move, although later, he might order a few days of self-punishment to his wife an apology, but that moment, he insists on using out of control to prove that he is good like.

This allows a woman hard to accept. Smart's wife, to know when not to challenge him in that so-called face. Advantage of the opportunity to give him to be the next step, lest he really out of control themselves.

  Two, he suddenly did not want to work

Men-site: This is the place in the United States, one thing: He is a bus driver with hard work, the most of their lives. It seems the crowd, he loves the job and is a model of labor-like figure. Several decades, he has been in his line rain or shine. But one day, he made a startling move: the first time, he did not go according to the original line, he threw away a camel rebellious passengers, the car pulled into a small river, facing the flock from the media reporter, he proudly said: He hated norms and immutable, I feel alive today, he finally own one back.

Life is there are not many like this, he, like bus drivers? One day, he suddenly walk away and do not want to work, he wanted to resign, want to go to Tibet to play, in short, he was like a naughty general, suddenly throw away all her responsibilities, abandoning the family, regardless of the Qierlaoxiao all.

 He's out of control secret:

Men Huode Lei, under the old and small, from his youth, he may not own, he abandoned his ideals and passion for the "responsibility" word live. In order to responsibility, his appearance and conscientiously, but in fact heart more eager to unrestrained, eager to relax and freedom.

The so-called extremes meet, the more responsibility and the burden of body weight, suppress the heart of the self and resistance will be even more intense, we often found in a typical middle-aged man to see this. In an analysis of why the IT industry, frequent job-hopping phenomenon of middle-aged executives study, experts say, this is the middle-aged man eager to return to self-expression.

In order to responsibility, he tired. One day, he suddenly behaved like a headstrong adolescent runaway children. He has to go looking for young woman's dream, he wants to get rid of the responsibility of a return to relax, and his loss of control is for an outbreak of pressure, this time, as a wife, and may forgive him, give him appropriate to support too.

  3, he suddenly face in front of many people cry

Men scene: he is a strong man, is representative of everyone in the eyes of a tough guy. He is a Chinese version of Schwarzenegger, all-conquering. He is chairman of a company, his staff had never seen him shed tears. In his view, the tears are a sign of weakness. He hated emotional, that only a deep solemn man, it really looks like good man.

But one day, he suddenly face in front of many people cry, it was a regular meeting of the company, is to attend meetings, his secretary, suddenly came to him, whispering a message. If the Secretary had just finished, he suddenly burst into tears in front of everybody's face, he did not tactful to howl. He looked to have frightened everyone. They later learned that the Secretary has brought tragic death of his grandmother the news. That moment, he's true feelings, can not hide his tears of grief.

  He's out of control secret:

Too many theories so that men do not easily shed tears over time, men shed tears she also feels that the performance is not a man. Chick was like a child, they look down on the men shed tears. And society teach men should be serious, deep, men are also in accordance with such norms restrain itself. But such norms gradually so that men seemed to have lost their feelings and become flesh and blood did not live in general. In reality, he is after all human beings, we need the truth, when revealed, so once encountered something touch the critical point of his emotions, he may be involuntarily lost control and burst into tears.

This control is a good thing, to some extent, such loss of control in order to make men more amiable, but also let him vent feelings, the more healthy, a long-suppressed feelings of men, life expectancy than the average person will be short.

  4, his act of violence

Men Scene: He is a university professor, knows the book Dali. Everyone can not imagine that he actually can be linked to domestic violence, but it does one day, he beat his wife, and and heavy shot. It was an ordinary quarrel, his wife blamed him go home too late. He had identified the wrong, but in his later words, "my wife is somewhat得理不饶人." Their quarrel escalating, first he had been patient, then there is no way he felt, and a way to get my wife shut up is to use force, he hit her, a slap down, two people are shocked. His wife did not think he actually will play himself, but he did not expect a child his most hated father's domestic violence, and make their own husbands, after repeating his father's old actually.

  He's out of control secret:

Why is a good man will dispute the use of force in the family? It should be said that many men was a child, witnessed his father after the mother of violence must hate these acts of violence. However, an adult, they are not consciously continue to repeat the same mistakes. Psychological theory that this is because the more we grow in an environment of childhood lack of love, The more they do not learn to use peaceful means to settle disputes love.

Calm, they may suppress their impulse to such violence, they cautioned themselves; beat his wife is wrong, which would allow others to hate himself even more. But subconsciously, they still feel that violence is the best way to solve the problem. Although many have had to reflect the men of violence, when they go on the first punch, they themselves do not believe they actually would do such things.

 5, good gentleman's foul language

Men scene: He is a gentleman everyone recognized representative model, performance is as follows; he would get off when she is always considerate to the door for her to drive. He will even eat in the wild, we must act together in a full dress, he graduated from the elite schools, and the father is a senior cadres ministries and his mother was one door lady that when she decided to marry him, is the fancy that.

But one day, when she witnessed the performance of his impatience, which is reflected her surprise, there is no thought of "gentleman Crazy." Such a man will at some point, swearing Lianpian. It was once a crossroads before going to red light, and a car suddenly grab Road, he came to an emergency brake, it seems that the unconscious, and that he facing the driver away shouted abuse, with impunity, like a uneducated the U.S. cowboy.

She was puzzled why a man like him a gentleman would curse foul language?

He's out of control secret:

"Sex and the City" Samantha once inside the gentleman would like to try and make love feel. She thought the gentleman must be polite when making love, gentle and considerate, but did not expect the other side of her bed suddenly yells. This gives Samantha a very unexpected, but the other side so strong sexual pleasure.

Why is the most gentlemanly of men got out of control will also be using foul language? Look at the foul language typical of a culture of the United States could explore the reasons for cowboys. Those cowboys who like to use coarse language to show their masculinity, men are also in the secular life. A gentleman and then the men, using foul language to prove their masculinity is a cultural gene actually been hidden in his heart, even though the gene is being affected by the efforts of a gentleman to do was dampened, but once Daizhe opportunities, it will be his breakthrough .

  6, a good man one-night stand

Men scene: He is a good husband in the eyes of his wife, he was a good father a child in mind. He was gentle, thoughtful, Gu, or even maintain the current time and handed over a rare wages regularly. He likes to accompany his wife after dinner walk, he had no affair, others viewed him as Dazhaodenglong also difficult to find a good man.

However, once a business trip, his friends encouraged him to find a happy happy lady. Children are left to those guys hug the right hold, he would have to resist, but it does not seem to feel that they face, so that does not seem like a man. The key is that this young lady appeared to have blurred vision in general snake temptation, he can not help but somewhat distracted as a result, he was on her bed.

It was his first off the rails, and only once, afterwards, his wife did not believe in any case, the husband of her eyes has always been decent, how to make that kind of thing will be.

  He's out of control secret:

A so-called good men, why would find Miss Lost and Delirious? This men's prostitute and cultural affiliations. Sociologists have found that some men did not intend to place lost in the sensual, but if his buddies children have done so, he did not do, it makes him feel the pressure: First, he does not like a man - Most men put such behavior as a sign of masculinity; second, he feels he has a sense of loneliness, he did not want because they do not visit a prostitute and separated from his buddies outside the circle, or looked down on by his buddies -- men are most afraid of being abandoned to his body.

Sensual place in the out of control, but also, and a man from his wife and a number of ethical monitoring are. Once a man out of a familiar environment, then the indulgence of the sense of what he called particularly strong. This is why most men who travel, easy to get out of control the reason why.

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