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Make love stronger habit of 10

Emotional stability in the face of a pair of well-being of children, it's difficult to force myself not jealous, do you love being in order to protect their own grappling with it? How to maintain their love, here are 10 more stability let your love take care of good practice.

Imagine yourself walking on the road work, pedestrians hurriedly pass by, you suddenly saw a pair of well-being atmosphere permeated lovers came, two people of manpower tightly together, were scattered in the air of their sweet and beautiful. You feel what is it? Passed in a hurry to see one? Or Pie Piezui expressed disdain, but hated the whole night: Why are they so lucky? If your response is the latter, then you should reflect on heart: the face of emotional stability of a pair of well-being of children, it's difficult to force myself not jealous, do you love being in order to protect their own grappling with it?

To encourage and praise of the most important

Of love between men and women just caught in time, is bound to praise each other's strengths, with the fixed relationship between the initial temperature down slightly, people will do less for such things, though two were still very much bent on each other, but have been will no longer aloud praise and words of encouragement.

If the lack of sincere praise and encouragement, then the first to bring the wonderful compliment to each other feelings and gratitude would be greatly reduced as a direct result of the emotional ties, the two will become weak.

Therefore, we must lot to encourage each other, to praise him as a worthy object, tell him you are a feature of him fascinated, especially men, are proud but few understand the aspects of other people's views究竟怎么样, such as his good social skills, little-known small hobby, or even his body-building body.

For example: 27 Kerin experience in this area is very: "Every time I see her boyfriend to wear a suit, I would tell him that his best suit, as well as the shape of his lips are verySexy. When I say this, they can clearly see that his whole person seemed refreshed. "There is also a beauty of praise is that it will be transmitted, often to each other's morale, he will look for your body accustomed to bright spot and give encouragement and appreciation.

What you say you want to

For example: Nana's most hated her husband before going to sleep without cuddly himself directly to sleep. Whenever he forgets, she would be angry, not sleeping well, and even feigns crying. While her husband would somehow keep asking her: Where are you uncomfortable in the end?

I believe that a dramatic scene not unfamiliar to you. A lot of women are related to Nana, hope that her husband or boyfriend is a super-sensing ability to those who, without description of the romantic love can make their move, but the world there are those who can afford such a perception is really rare, they can not be installed in your heart **, at any time deciphering your feelings. If they know you are waiting for him decipher, it will only let them dumbfounding.

In a good couple relationship, this guessing game is firmly rejected not heart, the most stable deep love needs to be no barriers to communication as a basis. What, worried what do want them to say, are a direct say it for good. You are silent to let the other know what to do while your Shengmen Qi depressed, prone to lead to contradictions and conflicts.

Innocuous habit can ignore

Couples or couples living together long after the personal habits and habit will be displayed in front of each other, no matter how much he let you mind waves, and living together is the test of your patience and tolerance of a beginning. He may whistle every morning while getting ready for work while wearing a tie, it may never put used towels thrown on the floor. No matter how strange little habit, the wise woman should have choices were all ignored. You will soon find on these little things open eyes one eye closed one eye on your relationship is absolutely a positive thing. Now that you have formed the habit of many years, then absolutely no need to waste time on this kind of thing from big turn on, do not lose the greater.

For example: Zhang Dandan's boyfriend used along with the radio while driving the steering wheel on the music beat time, at the beginning of this habit has not been brought to her attention, but a long time she felt excruciating and dispiriting with the first run into the window. "But I have gotten accustomed to open up some eyes looking at this question, he has so many advantages I like, how could be this little bit funny quirks cover up to live in? Get entangled in this matter is not worth the candle."

Intimacy should not be a mere formality

In love, expressing love to each other the first kiss is the beginning, it should be noted that not because of contact with a long time, put the kiss as aLoveBefore the routine, should pay attention to your every kiss, every timeKissingWhen should a sincere and gentle, always like your first kiss like the harbor when the feelings of excitement and joy. Kiss is a very strange behavior, you can well express an "I told you not put it down," the feelings, the other side will feel you are deeply drawn to him, while his love is what you desire.

In addition, the method of enhancing feelings is not limited to kiss, when two people together should be multi-purposeStrokeOr other physical contact to express their feelings. Some couples used hand in hand at all times, even when two people are not asleep after the separation, it is worth learning a habit, you can make a tacit agreement between you and the warmth maintained at a steady and stable level.

Contact at least once a day

If you will receive every afternoonPartnerOf a message, you will not feel happy? Perhaps you'll meet at night, but in any case he would maintain this habit, even if only a handful of words. This message became the emotional bond between you so that you know he busy heart still misses you, what is there than this been brought touched it? Strong in the relationship between lovers, this is very common, they will not let lost contact with each other, even if it is not a day trip. The pace of life in modern society tension and heavy work pressure is likely that two successive days can not be met, regardless of telephone text messages, e-mail or even a small pillow note, simply wish to convey: While we can not meet, but the our hearts forever.

Happy can create their own

Regular shuttle all kinds of gatherings or parties, couples tend not to be optimistic that people really have the potential permanence are those couples who used two of the world. They do not need to look at the human security network of relationships in two human world, they like their own entertainment. Really happy companion treasure every two relatively ordinary moment with them is very good, no need to disturb other people, do not rely on any of the activities and games will be able to meet.

Can really do that? Perhaps you do not believe, a pair of couples can be a tacit agreement of a couple of hours sitting on the sofa to see all the books, or talk to their pipe dreams, it's even sit in silence thinking, does not need to create topics, nor What background music, because for them, can be accompanied in each other's side had enough.

Bold pursuit of passion

The days of boring people rigid, especially sex, active partner not ignore this problem. Happy sex particularly useful in promoting feelings of two people have the obligation to develop a new taste, so that two people's passion never subsided.

Constantly changing patterns allow for greater happiness in each other, while allowing each to better understand each other's needs, so that two people really achieve physical and mental unity. In this respect, the exchange of two people is more important, it should be put down shy of the psychological, frank and constructive pursuit of wonderful fresh feeling, so as to help love with Time, a firm and lasting.

Love also need toCheckProgress

Does not require two people to open a regular session every week to discuss the recent investment in expenditure, and so love is not completed on time and according to quantity, nor is it that when the sense of insecurity or friction generated when the criticism and self-criticism is necessary to start two people can openly discuss feelings and grasp the progress is very necessary. Often summed up your performance and inner thoughts can help you find love along the way, and readily resolve the small grievances out, this is a lot of intimate partner frequently used approach, worth learning.

For example: Jasmine used to relax in the two circumstances are a little conversation, she and her husband, this is called "Democracy Alliance", they have recently been able to accumulate the feelings and thoughts, especially unpleasant thoughts were all speak out, all the that may affect the feelings of two people are able to give vent to unpleasant and elimination, which is a positive approach, can prevent two people close their minds due to the crisis.

Will always respect each other

If you want to know a couple yes or feelings have deep feelings for the red light as long as the time to look at their expressions and tone of conversation can be discerned. If any one of them eyed each other at every turn Jiu Ji, sneer, or a word irony, you can declare a long time between them is unlikely to go on. If a person against another person is always looking down from above, shows that they lack the most basic respect, it is right for each partner should try to overcome bad habits.

Although many great source of strength when you need to restrain myself not to express their views, but a good lover should not be a partner expressed contempt or ridicule. Sometimes your partner really behave stupid, then it may be a change in the position to consider, if you dress down or ridiculed by the other side, you must feel hurt, the role of this force to the other side he was against him are the same. Should learn to exercise restraint, keep each other's self-esteem of your relationship is very important.

Not necessary to fully transparent

Honesty is the two people get along with most of the character should be observed, but this does not mean that all the things you have to show too true, because very often the truth is not so beautiful, it might cause harm to your partner. For example, the towering her boyfriend to their body scoring, according to the standard of 1 to 10 minutes, towering bluntly said that I can play seven minutes, even though she was not intentional, but her boyfriend is very sense of failure, This is difficult to accept the truth, the greatest harm.

How can we grasp the truth and good will between the true measure of it? When to tell the truth, and when should be lightly? The most effective way is to speak before you come to imagine, if changed to a question, you'll want him to say what kind of answer, if you intend to speak with the same answer, you will feel happy or to suffer? If the latter, then obviously you have absolutely no answer in this manner.

Another point to note is not to say things that couples do not want to detailed exploration, may not be so unwilling to do what you feel, but do not forget, they do not want to say because they also know that truth is not necessarily all good

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