Saturday, December 26, 2009

Four kinds of behavior of a woman most men dreamed

Men love to be a pain men, men whole-heartedly for their loyalty to the woman, has been a lot of women are still Qingdouchukai when he secretly made at the bottom of my heart many times his dream. Today, it is still under siege for those who do not know how to discuss her husband in favor, while some women do not know specifically what to quietly support a few tricks of our compatriots.

(A) the steel used in the knife's edge, in due course to the men know how to express your love for

Gender world, both men and women are all the time do not want them to love themselves, to focus themselves, love themselves. This point, there are a lot of men usually seem sloppy actually are inwardly very keen sense of the people of this Smart. As the saying goes there are people saying to use the blade on the steel, so intelligent woman must be timely in their lives to the men know how to express your share of deep love in his heart, at the right time for it on the performance of passion and released. For example, a more carefully, the wife of her husband in a restaurant meal, of which a simple but elegant dishes is a soft spot, a special favorite. So, she quietly went to Houchu carefully sought the advice of some, the home on their own way forward to learn to do together. So, although she did dishes that Tao may be cottage, and restaurant chefs to do than taste may be worlds apart. However, her husband has been or will be deeply moved, deeply warmth. Because he moves from his wife in the simple earnest his wife for their thick felt tremendous love.
(B) remember the woman Roumei features, with your gentle so that men Futie

The eyes of others, there was a very happy woman mail to me talk to her distress. She had a very successful career of her boyfriend, and that cultivation of excellent quality is particularly high. Also, I do not visit a prostitute is not gambling, not to mention the bad habit of generally wealthy man whoring. However, the life of this woman has felt particularly unhappy. Because the work of her boyfriend usually very busy, very few with her shopping. Among the limited number of companionship, but also to the bookstore to buy back a lot of books in the library reading late into the night. The woman felt a special hidden bitterness and grievances are very do not understand her boyfriend. She is a woman! Need his love and compassion! To be honest, I have received this message in a time when, I felt some of this woman is simply asking for trouble. A woman is born with soft feminine nature, then why not demonstrate in front of his beloved woman in this unique style it? He worked very busy, the phone gently comfort him what he likes reading when shopping in their own time for his selection of several books of interest to him. At night, in his ecstasy in the study to one o'clock, when reading for his inverted cup hot water, or warm glass of milk gently on his desk. Then, in the back grabbed a man's waist and whispered in his ear Whisper that you would like him very much want him. At this point, the man on earth is so incomprehensible style fool it?

(C) a change in a man's not nagging and complaining, but a woman's wisdom and intelligence

Men in general in life, there is still so elegantly called, is the smell of men. Although, in reality the actual number of women are very much in love are so anti-said, the so-called stinky men in their lives, or popular female compatriots welcome. However, this title is more or less reflect the men in their daily life one's appearance, little attention meter appearance features. Men's Taidalielie, slovenly living habits of this, light can also be said to be harmless, because the tobacco is not a man if he does not call a man, and who occasionally some tobacco and alcohol flavor that is normal. But if to the alcohol, such as life, Yishanbuzheng, Lalilata a day, washing feet do not directly go to bed, when not a single woman is not gratification, the. This time, no matter how great minds have grievances, but also avoid all day long complained with a Ku Gualian with the buttocks of men behind the nagging complaints, we must stop and think a good approach and ideas. Because men sometimes like a naughty child in particular is very prone to rebellious mentality. When you are generous with their German and to return his "complaints", he contrary, it will feel that they are deeply ashamed of.

(Iv) sexual life is not entirely dominated by men and women can also be a romantic Eve advocate

Life in the sexes, generally a lot of women are very passive, waiting for her husband's request. Even if his heart is clearly with the needs, but also do not take the initiative to the expression of restraint. Moreover, some of the details of married life, also have been completely determined by men, many women do not know how to how to take the initiative to do. Reality, and now city life, there are many families of gender between husband and wife in the routine life is like there is no overwhelming passion, there is no cardiac feeling, there is no romantic ambience. There are only self-deprecating touch the right hand left numb and monotonous. Smart woman must be to mobilize the idea of her husband's passion, surprise give him some fresh heartbeat, as long as you like, you can always add some romantic lives of two men and "sex" in seasoning. To make their gender life colorful and relaxed and happy, truly happy their marriage strong adhesives

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