Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Practical Method for male Qiangshen

Yang Shen correcting many ways virtual. Such as multi-sun, eat high-calorie foods and prescription for warming kidney-yang, select clothes kidney drugs, and so on. However, "Life is movement" that the basic theory of health, through the campaign Yang Shen virtual correction is worthwhile to promote positive measures. Here, to introduce readers to help Yang Shen correction of several virtual and simple way to learn the movement.

Waist massage exercises

One or two hands to rub the palm of the heat, were put to the waist, palm to the skin, massage the waist down, to hot flu. May be sooner or later, all again, each about 200 times. This exercise can kidney qi.

Second, two-handed fist, arm backward with two protruding parts of the thumb metacarpal joints, natural massage Yao Yan, inward rotation ring to do massage, and gradually push as hard, as well as Suanzhang feeling is better, continuous massage for 10 minutes or so, early, middle and late each一次. Lumbar kidney of the House, often do Yao Yan massage, can prevent the elderly due to kidney deficiency caused by the slow muscle strain, back pain or embolism.

Soles of the feet massage

Chinese medicine believes that through kidney Yongquan, soles of the feet in the foot drop spring hole method is Zhuoqi place. Yongquan regular massage can benefit kidney essence, physical health, to prevent premature aging, and can Shugan eyesight, promoting sleep, right kidney deficiency caused by dizziness, insomnia, tinnitus, hemoptysis, stuffy nose, headache and so on have a certain effect. Soles of the feet massage is: Every day before going to their feet with warm water, then rub their hands with each other the heat with a left heart cardiac massage his right foot, left foot right heart cardiac massage, each time under the 100 or more in order to rub your feet is appropriate . This method has Qiangshen Ziyin Reduce Pathogenic Fire of the efficacy of the disease in the elderly often Xure very good results.

Qiangshen Aerobics

1. Sitting, legs naturally separate, with the shoulder width, hands, elbow lateral move, stretch the fingers, and ears flat. Then, both hands on the move, to feel some affects Liang Lei Department of degrees, followed by recovery. Can continuously do 3 to 5 times for it again, daily, as appropriate, to do 3 to 5 times. To do the movements before the whole body should relax. Inhale when you move your hands on, recovery when the breath, and force should not be too big, too fast. Such actions can be the activities of muscles, fluent in turn, while gas attributable to pubic region, for the elderly, infirm, shortness of breath who can alleviate the effect.

2. Sitting, put the legs on the left arm elbow, right arm, elbow, palm upward, making parabolic moves 3 to 5 times. Parabolic moves to do when the hand to throw over, action may be slightly faster, inhale when throwing hand, when the breath to recover. The role of this action the same as the first action.

Three. Sat, legs naturally droop, first slowly turning left and the body 3 to 5 times. Then, the legs swing forward more than 10 times, can be based on individual strength, as appropriate, increase or decrease. When do the movements to relax the body, movement should be natural, relaxed, turn the body, the trunk to maintain the integrity, not pitch. This action could be the activities of waist and knee, kidney strong waist, often practicing this action, waist, knees to exercise, beneficial to the kidney.

4. Sitting, release the belt, undress, put his hands rub placed his waist, rubbing up and down grinding, until the waist until the feeling of heat. This method can be Wenshen Kin waist, waist Du channel of Mingmen points, as well as full sun, Bladder Meridian Shenshu, qi hai Yu, Yu and other colon hole, rubbing it feel like the body heat, has Wenshen strong waist, Shujinhuoxue and so on.

5. Feet together, hands move too far on the cross, and then bent over, his hands hit the ground, then squat, hands tuck, meditation, "blowing" but not their voices heard. So, can be done continuously for more than 10 times.

Regular practice these exercises, there is kidney, solid essence, Zhuang waist and knee, the role of the flow of qi.

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