Saturday, January 23, 2010

Sex for too long on the body damage

When husband and wife sex life, from both sides of sexual excitement beginning to the end of ejaculation, under normal circumstances, the duration of about 5-15 minutes, of course, each couple's physical condition, sex life and habits are not the same, that is, the same husband and wife, each times sex life circumstances and environmental conditions are not the same, therefore, the duration of each sex life long before the right in the end, it is difficult to set a standard.

Some people think that the longer the duration of each sex life, the more access to sexual gratification, this view is not scientific, physiological studies have shown that a one-time life lasted very long, on both sides of the body is negative.

First, the sex life, not only do both men and women in a high degree of congestive state of sex organs, but also from the period of sexual excitement to the climax period, the body's many tissues and organs are involved in this particular physiological processes, such as muscle tension significantly enhanced, heart rate, myocardial contraction enhanced high blood pressure, respiration deepened to speed up the whole body skin and blood vessel expansion, perspiration increases, etc., and thus a marked increase in the body's energy consumption, metabolism increased, if the sex life takes so long, it the body's energy consumption will cause excessive fatigue, or even both sides of mental fatigue, muscle aches, malaise and discomfort, this is bound to affect the second day of work and labor.

Second, the sex life, the sexual organs in both men and women in close contact with a high degree of congestive heart condition and activities, if time is too long, is apt to cause various diseases, clinical evidence, sex life duration is too long, females are more prone to urinary tract infections, menstrual disorders, men are apt to cause prostatitis, etc..

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