Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Do not let your sex premature aging

Into middle age, due to a variety of physiological functions of the body gradually weakened, sexual performance also will be a recession. Sex life with the person's age, growth will gradually decrease, which is the objective of the changes of organ function. But the subjective conscious effort to make appropriate, will delay the arrival of aging, and some married couples to "his sixtieth" of the year can still maintain good sexual function, it is to maintain family harmony, happiness, happiness is very important.
However, sexologists study indicated that, as long as people in their daily lives more maintenance, attention to issues would help to prevent the "aging" so that enduring sex life, sexual function in conjunction with the extension of the life of the body down.

Entering middle age, not simply the body, some small changes in other areas (such as the eyes began to fatigue, on the stairs run faster than in the past, etc.) and sexual function linked. To believe their sexual function is normal, strong and full of vitality. In spirit to succeed.

 Should pay attention to the strengthening of regular physical exercise and attention to nutrition.Jogging and walking are very suitable for the middle-aged activities. Should pay attention to focus on lower body exercise, sexual function of the rise and fall of the "points" in the waist and feet. Food should be more high-quality food rich in protein and rich in vitamins and trace elements zinc e food, conditions may persist in taking a daily vitamin e capsules. Has a healthy body and a good frame of mind is possible to maintain good sexual function.

  To maintain mood, cheerful, and not to worry about small things around District, an open mind is not the old heart of spring.Lot with colleagues and friends, family members to strengthen ideological and communication, good at using humor harmonic peace talks. Negative emotion can accelerate the "aging", such as depression can cause impotence.

  The pursuit of the mood of young people pay attention to the appearance of rejuvenation.Both husband and wife should be active in suggesting and auto-suggestion, maintaining regularity between husband and wife sex life, which helps the body stimulated the secretion of gonadal and maintain sexual function. Also can make the body more healthy, anti-aging. Experiments show that mental age will accelerate the aging of the body's decline.

  Abandon tobacco, alcohol and other bad habits or habits to maintain regularity of life, to ensure adequate sleep every day.And the waist and foot exercise can delay functional decline, so do enough to tighten the waist and lower body muscle groups such as exercise. Such campaigns are jogging, walking, walking, mountain climbing, stair climbing and so on.

  In addition, both men and women may be married for some time a number of years, relatively strong sexual desire, when particular attention to proper restraint, take care of each other.People holding up too severe bulimia is bound to damage the digestive function caused by chronic gastrointestinal diseases, the same will go to the extreme indulgence, just ask Jinxi do not ask Subsequently, the body will hurt gas loss. Focus on the number of people seeking sex life, sex life will not have high quality, for the delay of aging is even more unfavorable.

  Do not the sexual activity between husband and wife as the only sex life simply in this way.The way of non-sexual intercourse between husband and wife sexual activity (sexual entertainment, sexual games) will help enhance mutual feeling of intimacy and attachment. In middle age into old age, especially after the couple's sex life to reduce the number, but the emotional communication is equally important, it helps to active physical and mental health.

  Note that one more in the diet intake of foods to help, zinc is to promote a harmonious sexual life husband and wife is very important trace elements.Whether young or middle-aged couples couples should be in the diet to enhance zinc intake. The amount of zinc in the diet more foods are seafood categories of food, dairy products and so on zinc. Should avoid alcohol and tobacco are stimulating food intake, because they can accelerate the aging body.

  Measures in aging couples to postpone the general principle that both spouses want to remain living at times, eating with restraint, exercise immutability of the laws of life, so that the body has remained in the normal state departments, which is the prevention of human aging and sexual function decline basis.

But also to understand the nature of everyday life is one of the elements, rather than eating three meals a day necessary. If it is a narrow look at sexual way, especially on sexual life have placed too high expectations, easily lead to too much attention to the number of sex life, orgasm, and both sides feel the situation, resulting in unnecessary psychological pressure on man-made, and thus delay aging The same disadvantage. The attachment between husband and wife, tenderness, caress, is also the psychological, physiological, are required.

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