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Men aged more prone to depression

Men aged more prone to depression(2008-04-07 13:50:12)
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People tend to ignore the male menopause, male menopause, when in fact psychologically fragile, and the special needs of family care.

  ■ male climacteric age from 55

Male menopause is the transition from middle to old age a necessary physiological stage, it is not clearly marked, but reactions are light to heavy. From the 55-year-old male climacteric usually begin after the age of 60 more apparent, with the reduction in sex hormone secretion, which leads to the pituitary, adrenal and other changes, resulting in the entire endocrine disorders, signs of emotional, psychological changes.

■ syndrome is common

Male climacteric easily apt to temper all day, irritability, do not keep anything, a little trivial things on the Dadongganhuo make sure our family baffled.

Expert analysis: This is the most common menopausal syndrome performance. From the physical point of view, this is because the autonomic nerve disorder caused by frequently dizziness, a sweating, insomnia, do not want to eat and so on.

The psychological changes in a larger, performance is somehow out of irritability, Aichi undetermined origin, in particular the special good temper, usually men, will appear at this time of unprecedented temper. Sometimes thought-over work, often feel upset, felt inexplicable fear, too nervous, also give rise to palpitations, ringing in the ears, eyes black, etc., are very tired every day, coming home and did not feel whole body strength; If you have a retirement home, there will be a little lost, I thought I retired and needed something to do, with a total forgetful, physical decline, strong frustration.

■ risk of depression than

If the climacteric syndrome demonstrated poor control of emotional disorders, coupled with some outside pressure, it is easy to make this obstacle to the further deterioration, up to menopause depression. Because of social status, responsibility, different from the social, work, family pressures to men's emotional overload. Some external influences, such as illness, layoffs and other unexpected events, if they control the poor, can lead to menopausal depression.

While the climacteric syndrome evolving into a general risk of depression, only 20%, but patients with depression had the highest risk of suicide. Because usually they have no interest in what is always expression of frustration, and constantly blame themselves for their own doing a good job here, where went wrong. Physical performance easy to extremes, or eat a meal, or eat Trinidad and Tobago, in particular, sleep well at night I can not sleep, easy early awakening.

In addition to feelings of depression, they also often suspicious of illness, with a total whole body felt awkward, where all pain, although the hospital are all right, but a little uncomfortable, we suspect that he is not got any incurable disease. If you find a husband or father, there is such a relatively depressed state of mind, it is best psychologists and timely advice. If, however, where he felt uncomfortable, in the absence of determining whether it is an illusion caused by psychological reasons before, we must first go to the hospital to confirm the diagnosis.

  ■ control of emotion self-regulation

After a 50-year-old male, should realize that they may have to enter menopause, and conscious control of what their emotions. Is best able to inaction, to maintain mental stability, and eliminate unnecessary tensions. Xu doctor recommended, fast access to the male menopause, menopause is best able to learn a little common sense, understanding of their physiological and psychological changes, and then stride.

Pairs of men who had entered menopause to control angry emotions begin to learn the system. As the role of male hormones, men have been easier to anger, coupled with menopause, endocrine disorders, more easily flare up. Realize that they enter the menopause, it is necessary to do anything deliberately to take things easier, do not do anything preoccupied with efforts to optimistic, cheerful aspects of adjustment, life skills when dealing with others open-minded point, to bring it affordable, Fang Dexia.

Do not own 10 million stuffy in the house to your heart, to force their way to find resolve, when the sadness, anxiety, anger, the best to divert attention, try to do more outdoor activities, preferably based on their previous interest in must be mobilized. Because not only breathe the fresh outdoor air, but also through the autonomic nervous activity to regulate, to feel pleasure purposes.

In addition to regulating moods and hyperactivity to play more outside, and my heart Do not hold back things, put all the blame out. On the one hand, something happens like if they can change point of the question, that is a good way of self-liberation; the other hand, either family, intimate friends to talk with a pass, or cry, this approach to the menopause, men's mental health to said that a lot of good

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