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What used to easily lead to vitamin loss?

Everyday life, many people tend to think that laments: Although exercise has increased the number of its own to supplement the sleep time, with a rich diet, but the body is still threatened by disease, what causes a problem with our health it? To know the daily life, we have a very bad habit can lead to the loss of vitamins!

Computer "steal" away Vitamin A

Continuous front of the computer work 3 hours or more, the optic nerve cells would be deficient in vitamin A, because it is directly related to retinal.
Therefore, computer owners should eat foods rich in vitamin A such as carrots, pumpkin and a variety of dairy products.

Alcohol "take" vitamin B

The normal metabolism of alcohol in the body, there must be sufficient quantities of vitamin B to participate, so the long-term heavy drinking can cause vitamin B supply.
Cocktail drink for more than a day to enjoy the price carried away is to accelerate the body of vitamin B consumption. Daily entertainment too much, drinking too much people should pay attention to add B vitamins.

Cigarette "smoke" walking Vitamin C

Smoke in the tar and other harmful ingredients will be a substantial depletion of vitamin C. If it is passive smoking, a greater amount of vitamin C loss. So there are passive inhalation of second-hand smoke smoking habits, or those who normally should eat plenty of tomatoes and other vitamin C-rich foods.

Large amount of exercise, "flow" loss of multi-vitamin

In the process of high-intensity exercise, the body needs more energy, cellular metabolic rate, thus accelerating the body of vitamin consumption.
So often people high-intensity exercise, such as athletes, should be more consumption of foods rich in vitamins or an appropriate multi-vitamin nutritional supplement tablets.

High and low temperature environment, the "consumption" out multi-vitamin

Vitamin involved in body temperature regulation, and therefore consumption of hot or cold environments increased. Therefore, the temperature regulation mechanism of the weak people should pay more attention when the temperature variation in the appropriate multi-vitamin supplement.
In addition, the human body in high temperature environment, a large quantity of sweat, will accelerate a variety of vitamins with the sweat discharge.

 Eat not a waste of vitamin

The carrots were raw food, with small amount of cooking grease, cooking oils and fats used in sufficient quantity, the rate of digestion and absorption of carotenoids were 10%, 30%, 90%. Can be seen, carrots cooked with the cooking oil than after consumption of raw food of high nutritional value.
Vitamin c is a water-soluble, and vegetables is easy when you lose. In addition, the cooking or heating when the temperature is too high for too long, such as stew, casserole, etc., vegetables, vitamin c will be a substantial damage;
Vitamin c is also easily oxidized oxygen in the air, vegetables, fruits stored longer, vitamin c loss will be.
Water immersion or repeated scrub of rice, or rice boiled in water to steam will be lost to waterlogging of vitamin B; vegetables and chopped water after soaking or Chicai soup will not drain a lot of vitamin B.

Medication will interfere with the absorption of vitamin

● When taking birth control pills prevent the body of vitamin B6, B12, folic acid and vitamin C absorption
● Aspirin is excreted cause higher than normal amount of vitamin C increased 3 times.
● a lot a lot of vitamin C supplements will "expel" the body of folic acid.
● long-term use of antibiotics who will be the loss of vitamin B group and vitamin K, affecting gastrointestinal function.
● cold medicine and pain relievers may reduce the blood levels of vitamin A.
● sulfonamide, and cholesterol-lowering drugs will affect folic acid absorption.
● high blood pressure, nephritis patients taking diuretics, etc., will lead to the body's calcium, potassium, vitamin great loss.

Health Tip: When is a vitamin and mineral supplement the best time?

Human cell activity 24 hours a continuous basis, must always maintain the nutrients are not scarce, that is, the day must be a balanced intake of various nutrients; If you want to add nutrients in addition to three meals a day, in general, each meal After the intake of nutrient supplements is the best time. However, due to the habits of a variety of vitamins and minerals is different from its role must be to grasp the opportunity, can add to achieve the best effect.

 Fat-soluble vitamins:Vitamin A, vitamin D, vitamin E, vitamin K needs and with the absorption of fat in food, if does not come with any grease, while the individual consumption, then it can not be absorbed, so this type of supplement is best taken after a meal, the most appropriate.

Vitamin E supplements in the 6 hours after taking the drug to be effective, if people who lose weight through exercise 6 hours prior to exercise and intake of vitamin E, can be a large number of activities to help burn fat.

  Water-soluble vitamins:The body can not store water-soluble vitamins, oral administration of these supplements in about 4 hours after vitamin that is converted from the blood to the urine excreted, but if taken in the fasting will be through the digestion, absorption, two hours will be discharge, it is best added after meals, respectively, making the body ready access to the most appropriate supply of vitamins.

  Vitamin B1 to be effective from taking the two-hour, engaged in a large number of strenuous activities, or need to maintain the spirit of plenty should be projected forward two hours to take to be effective.

In general, vitamin B group in the morning, taking the best;As for vitamin C is the most suitable for taking in the morning.

Minerals:Calcium generally higher dose may be taken at night or between meals; iron fasting better take effect, but if the nausea symptoms can be changed to take with food; night, taking the magnesium will help to sleep; In addition, , zinc intake with food is suitable, but it should be noted that if the food we eat is not enough, may cause nausea

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