Friday, January 15, 2010

Science 10 strokes to win the men you admire

1, if you like him, told him, even if he refused, not losing face, because in his heart, because of your true feelings and the very, very grateful to you.

2, if he likes you, make it clear to tell him your feelings, love is like, do not like is not like it. Do not be afraid to hurt him and hesitantly. Do not let him vulnerable to wait to the last was dropped, because the boy's heart, once broken it is very difficult no matter how hard to play.

3, the boys have their own temper, but for love of you depressed. Do not always self-willed, and sometimes their decisions are well founded.

4, the boys inexplicably angry to you, it is because he loves you, as your dearest and most intimate, most people have a sense of security, do not angry with him.

Quietly waiting, waiting for him to cool down to Qubao you regret later.

5, he what you prepared, even then ugly, then low-cost, but also to go to treasure. Since that night inside the fusion of his thoughts.

6, I believe that he wish to give you how wonderful life, give him encouragement, because you make him the encouragement to create a miracle.

7, do not always contact him and asked him where to go and tell his attention to safety, you can be waiting for him.

8, do not always say, "I love you," he said with a smile half-true half-bother you, but do not say, because sometimes, they are more necessary than girls sentence.

9, he shed a tear for you, then he is really, really love you! Cherish every one of his tears, do not apologize, do not comfort, shook his hand, silently wipe his tear drop.

10, to trust him, and he loves you, on what will not lie to you! Even if there were cheating, but also for your love will always be seeing this!

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