Saturday, January 23, 2010

Eat supper easy to induce a variety of serious illness!

Eat supper is not only easy to induce gastric cancer, but also easily lead to fat, diabetes and other diseases and many other arsenic.

Eat supper easy to get stones

Human calcium excretion often peaks 4 ~ 5 hours after eating, if too late supper, when the calcium excretion peak comes, people have to go to bed asleep, urine will be retention in the ureter, bladder, urethra such as urinary tract and can not be timely eliminated from the body, resulting in increased urinary calcium, easily deposited to form small crystals, over time, gradually expanded to form stones.

Eat supper-induced cancer

Su Professor Tian Yingnan study found that after many years of observation, often midnight snack products could lead to stomach cancer. They had 30-40 year age group of people's diet to investigate the situation and found that in patients with gastric cancer, the dinner charge accounted for 38.4% of the law; while the same age group of healthy people, dinner time is not the law of the proportion smaller. Why do they always midnight snack and it is apt to cause gastric cancer?

First, the gastric epithelial cells in a very short life span, about 2-3 days is necessary to update the regeneration time. And this regeneration process, usually at night when rest of the gastrointestinal tract. If you dine frequently at night, gastrointestinal appropriate without the necessary rest, the mucosa will be impossible to repair be carried out smoothly.

Secondly, the night-time sleep, eat supper long stagnation in the stomach, can promote a large number of secretion of gastric juice on the gastric mucosa caused by stimulation, over time, easily lead to gastric mucosal erosion, ulcers, weakened immunity, if the co-carcinogenic substances in food , for example, eat some fried, barbecue, Jian Zhi; wax system for food, a long stay in the stomach, more adverse effects on the gastric mucosa, thus leading to gastric cancer.

Eat supper affect sexual function

Often like to eat supper, if eating high-fat, high-protein food, it is easy to make people suddenly elevated blood lipids in vivo. The body's blood at night to maintain a high fat content, eating too much at night, or frequently, repeatedly eating will lead to the liver synthesis of cholesterol markedly increased and stimulate the liver to make more low-density lipoprotein. Carrying too much piling up of cholesterol into the artery wall has also become atherosclerosis and coronary heart disease, impotence is one of the incentives. At the same time, as long-term satiety supper will repeatedly stimulate the islet, so that insulin secretion increased over time will create a β-cell insulin secretion dysfunction, or even ahead of recession, diabetes. These diseases can affect sexual function, leading to recession.

Eat supper-induced insomnia

Supper can stomach fullness, bulging, caused by pressure on the surrounding organs, stomach, intestine, liver, gallbladder, pancreas and other organs of intense work in the meal will send information to brain, caused by the brain activity and spread to other parts of the cerebral cortex, evoked insomnia.

Therefore, would like to have a healthy best way is to eat supper or eat supper. If you do need nutritional supplements at night, the best option is to carbohydrates, namely, starch and sugar. Because such foods would indirectly improve the brain's chemical reactions, so that the body secrete insulin, which play a sedative effect on the insomnia particularly useful.

Healthy eating three meals a day basic principles: eat breakfast, eat lunch and dinner to eat less.

(1) breakfast eat low fat, low salt, high dietary fiber grain foods (such as wheat, corn, oats), plus fruits and vegetables (such as tomatoes, apples oranges), milk and a small amount of meat and eggs kinds of food.

(2) The lunch is a very important day, a meal, which allow you to six kinds of food more nutritious lunch ... ... - broccoli, fish, onions, tofu, cabbage, fresh fruit and vegetable.

(3) Dinner should choose carbohydrate-containing fibers and more food. Dinner should have two or more vegetables, such as spinach salad, both increase the vitamin can also provide fiber. Pasta may be appropriate to reduce, appropriate eating whole grains. A small amount of fish you can eat. But if there is work to be done at night, then dinner is the need to eat a little more appropriate to supplement the energy

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