Monday, January 11, 2010

Which 5 confidante of the most to a man obsessed with?

Some things are not, so even want to. As confidante. Because it is not, the most mysterious, the most delicate and most wanted.

Of course, in the eyes of men, not every woman has to do with the nature of confidante. Some may indeed allow a man obsessed with a lifetime confidante.

In fact, not necessarily how beautiful a woman. After all, vary. People's aesthetic standards vary, no way to define who is beautiful. Charm can be used as long as the conquest of men, that is a success. Here, want to share a lifetime of five to a man obsessed confidante.

  1. To understand a man waiting for the confidant.

There is only one wife, a woman, there are many. Among women, the confidante of men will never inner feelings will allow. They will not when they are sick of men sitting on his bed, holding his hand to fulfill the obligations of stubbornly persists. They are far from the only station, with an eye to the positive vision of men and told them refueling.

  2. Know how concerned about man's confidant.

If the outside travel, Shoujimodian. Wife can not find you, come back when they were scolded a discredited by a few, which makes you feel depressed, experienced confidante but make you happy. They will ask you to play a good laugh bad, but will not tell you that they have made a phone call to you, you off the computer. It is a kind of worried about, but also an understanding.

 3. Able to listen to a man's confidant.

Men work outside pressure, come back to listen to talk my wife there are some emotions. Even though he is not good at expressing how much, or how much you love your wife. Men also need a friend, calm down and listen to their thoughts. After all, to a certain extent, they release the pressure through this way.

 4. Know how to shape the man's confidant.

Wife usually bury a man's talent, because in love with each other to form a family would pay each other requests. Men, some of the potential will therefore not be developed. Confidante is different. At least not with each other that they are most required. The so-called natural materials, I must have used. Man's potential can often encouraged in such a confidant on its head.

  5. To understand alienated men confidant.

His wife and his men are always sticking together. Over time, there will be no novelty. However, it will not be out of date confidante. We did not get. Although men Fan Jian, not the more you want. But this end is not wishful thinking. Such women do not want to become a stumbling block to the marriage of men, but also allows a man extremely reluctant to part with.

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