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8 kinds of diet is not conducive to healthy

8 kinds of diet is not conducive to healthy(2008-04-13 08:11:03)
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Eat breakfast
Hinder nutrient absorption, affect the mental state, reduction of energy absorption and lower body metabolic rate, but fail to lose weight purpose.
By vacuum suction, the epidermis and dermis between the fat cells sucked rapid weight loss method. Sequelae of skin relaxation, skin displacement, leaving scars and so on, not suitable for poor health of the obese.
Slimming wear tights
Plastic made to "slim down dress," to lose weight. Will increase the body parts were wrapped in the degree of sweat, but sweat is mostly water discharge, not fat.
Buckle throat
Refers to eat the food and then spit it out. Long-buckle throat can cause diarrhea, habitual vomiting, malnutrition, and even suffer from anorexia.
A large quantity of perspiration, so that the decline in body weight appears illusory. Less fat instead of just water, once the water to add moisture, it will revert to the original pounds.
Make only local motion
A lot of people who, though only a partial obesity, such as the waist, arms, thighs and so on, but the concentration of firepower to do local motion effects are not very clear, this "stop-gap" approach is not fundamentally to achieve weight loss purpose.
Taking laxatives, diuretics
The body of water will drain away needed, once the moisture loss of balance, salinity and nutrients will be natural wastage, affecting the normal operation of the body, may even lead to cramps.
Dependent on electrotherapy massage
Some beauty salons used electrotherapy massage, the principle is through strong currents to stimulate the muscles elastic, rather than direct consumption of fat. For some people lose weight, the effect is not significant.
Weight loss biggest enemy is the lack of persistence and perseverance, persist in the end is the victory. A reasonable diet, develop good eating habits, coupled with appropriate exercise is the most healthy and effective weight loss methods

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