Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Dreams pass health warning alert

In people's daily life, the "nightmare reported disease," saying that many people think it is nothing but a superstition, in fact, it is erroneous understanding. Modern medicine confirms that nightmares are often

Precursor of the body signals of certain diseases, it can remind people early awareness of the disease.
Modern medical studies have shown that the body produces to stimulate the pathological changes, often reflected in my dream. When people in the awake state, the disease is mostly a weak external stimulus to stimulate the

Cover. To sleep at night, the outside large amount of information passed to the human body is reduced, while the stimulation of internal organs from the brain took advantage, which led to the vigilance and the unconscious

Reaction. Therefore, the dream can be said to look into a window to human health or not. Recently, the U.S. medical experts in the long-term research based on a special list of disease-related nightmares

10 Typical example:

1. Often dream was distributed to them to their senses something within the irrigation, beating the head with a hard object, or the head by a bullet, hard device breakdown, usually prompted the head there are some diseases, such as people with brain

Tumors or neurological diseases;

2. In his sleep by the throat often feel stuck fish bones and other things, causing shortness of breath and woke up, indicates the throat, pharynx disease exists;

3. Often been chasing a dream, does not want to run, want to yell, you are prompted to coronary artery insufficiency;

4. Often dreams twisted his body and accompanied by choking sensations, resulting in a sudden wake up, this is likely a sign of angina;

5. Dreamed fall from a height, landing and other people will not wake up, and often indicates that people with hidden heart disease;

6. Always dreamed to deal with the fire, suggesting that high blood pressure;

7. Always dreamed of dealing with water, which they have been flooded, the tips of Hepatobiliary system has gone wrong;

8. Dreamed about clouds or the grim face of the wicked, the digestive cycle prompted a problem;

9 often dream of being kicked or waist stabbed, wake up and feel lower back pain remains, suggesting that the kidney disease lurking;

10 often dreamed of hunger uncomfortable bloating after eating, or eating rotten food, wake up after there is a bitter sense of his mouth, you are prompted with gastrointestinal disease.

This shows that the "nightmare reported disease," said not a superstition, it has some scientific basis and positive, to alert people to awareness of certain diseases, to take early preventive measures, or

Check in time to the hospital for treatment.

But need to point out that, due to many factors causing changes in dreams, human interests, needs and other contents of the dream has a great influence, does not necessarily mean that all dreams are harbingers

Disease, therefore, stimulate the human disease mechanisms and laws of dreams needs further exploration. Dream content can not be simply mechanical and disease mapping between the up and cause unnecessary


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