Sunday, November 7, 2010

Women must understand the cycle of men lust 4

Web MD Web site, according to U.S. reports, a new study found that men's lust has four cycles: life, the annual, monthly and daily.

Life: the male androgen levels were life-like hills, the inexorable rise after puberty to reach its peak two to three years old. Sexual desire, sexual arousal and erectile capacity of the occurrence along the summit. After 40 years of age, the male hormone formation began to decrease after a 50-year-old, the male hormone secretion will be reduced by about 1 / 3.

Year: changes in male hormones will rise and fall with the seasons. The lowest androgen levels in spring, autumn maximum. Kinsey Institute survey of the United States show that Americans are the most frequent sexual season in October. Autumn "seeded" There are a benefit, that is, a time when a child is born in summer, food rich, sunny.

Monthly: couples married a long time, the husband by the wife will cycle to adjust their response to the rhythm of love. Two or three days before ovulation, eight or ten days after the end of the period, are women's sexuality peaks. At this point, women may have initiative, strong requirements. If her husband found carefully and actively cooperate, you can keep up with the rhythm of his wife's sexual cycle.

Day: morning, male body high androgen levels, which is why many of her husband woke up this morning, and want some of the reasons for tenderness and love. In the day in 15-20 minute intervals, the male hormone levels can occur a small fluctuation. In this connection, British scientists found that men's sexual imagination is usually 15-20 minutes once.

Kinsey Institute for proposals of the United States, sex discordant couples can use the chart to record consecutive months, the two sides of the sexual state. In this way one can calculate the time that the other side of the "peak period" in order to seize the opportunity to enjoy a better sex.

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