Sunday, October 24, 2010

What is true love?

Nature can not be divorced from feelings, or should be unrestrained enjoyment of sex - we have forgotten what the true meaning of love ......

So, "What is really love?" This issue has just slipped into the folds of the sheets and the most intense physical exchanges. It is enough to stump us the most "hardened" person.

Problem of over-exposure

Awash in information about sex, and conflicting. Those dazzling skills of talking about sex manual, may seem overwhelming, could not even hear what their true desires. They directly discuss some more subtle question: "whether to accept the semen shot in the face?", "Is to do cosmetic vagina?" - Which claims to give the reader the satisfaction of "should" and "must" , draw out some of the new standards are often disrupted our original concept of sex.

To "Lady Chatterley's Lover," the movie shot for the prototype and some of contemporary fiction and narrative, the process is a detailed description of sex. In the field of industry, all the details are also described, exposure, and direct the light to show the next to close-ups. People whispered: "You can see everything, all about sexual techniques."

In fact, the "how to really love" the most "real" problem, but it is the first to be "true." As some people told us, you can make the age of 50, experienced "all", but will suddenly feel a strange, never received or paid off - the kiss.

Real sexual spark is mysterious, and skill nothing.

Body and mind

And skill oriented contrary to the views of those who, in a long time, people have always thought that "real sex" is sex and love in unity. Love of mankind has never - to produce offspring for the purpose - the transition to asexual love - when contraception has not yet invented.

After 1968, the era of Western access to comprehensive sexual and began encouraging people to "free to enjoy sexual happiness", even without feelings. Although the impact of the sexual revolution has been at low tide, can not be denied, and now the Chinese have is catching up. "New Yorker" on a cartoon for us to accurately reveal the differences between men and women the most traditional -

A couple dressed in pajamas sitting on the bed. She looks very angry, his hand holding a sign that read a great slogan: "No love = asexual." His hands are holding their own slogan: "Asexual = no love."

However, we almost can not believe the message of these books are: recognition can separate sex and love many women, and many men said that they need to have feelings after sex.

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