Friday, February 5, 2010

Men love the details of wife 98 Classic

If you can do the following 98 to make good love to your wife, your marriage will be very happy, your wife must be the world's most happy people! The men must learn the bar!

1, to introduce her new friend, please arm around her waist, rather than standing by pointing fingers.

2, in the street who stare beautiful time of less than 5 seconds, to see the same girls in total no more than 5 times.

3, listen to his wife if the man would amount to anything, so you have to obediently listen to her words.

4, she can bully you, but you must not bully her, because she though bully you, but what good things each time, her first thought is you!

5, if she was towards you cry, you have to patiently coax her until she breaks through his tears!

6 posts her photos to the wallet, mobile phones ... ... all often see places.

7, left her in no more than 10 days or more

8, in front of her friends, I hope you can show that she was more than usually love her look and tension.

9, big men does not mean that high-handed.

10, gentle does not mean that no independent-minded.

11, chic does not mean no accountability.

12, never in public or Leave a whirr of her leaving her alone.

13 things wrong when she learned her most important thing is that after that she Yao Hong.

14, lost his temper Do not ignore her, do not give time to calm her, but she really does not require time to cool completely.

15, you can accompany their friends, but be sure to Chongseqingyou.

16, in her like you, racing against time to time with her out of dating

17, saw her eyes extremely focused.

18, for speaking Qingshen Yi Chang.

19, there are girls and talking to you, you held her hand, if she happens next is not, then please keep your distance with them.

20, when crossing the road, holding her hand.

21, we must know how to cherish every minute with her.

22, even if no matter how busy every day did not forget to play a greeting call.

23, we should always sing love songs to her.

24, two people have the right to get angry, but not on the same day, if she was angry that day, then you will not be angry.

25, her life is not liking, you have to patience, to help analyze and put forward a number of constructive programs

26, to love your wife - she was firm support for his wife's decision to obey his wife's leadership.

27, even if the whole world do not believe her, you have to trust her unconditionally. Because she will be the same for you.

28, does not smoke. 1 found summarily dismissed.

29, with her quarrel with each statement of not more than 3 minutes (inclusive), the volume should not exceed 20 dB (inclusive).

30, to strengthen the exercise, a strong body, breath hold her up to the fifth floor

31, in her mind were as bad, rude and angry when hug her instead of her theories.

32, his wife is like a baby is not unreasonable, not wildly.

33, to keep our rooms have fresh flowers, and is updated frequently.

34, on time and come home to his wife to do delicious meals.

35, pulled his wife's hand after dinner go for a walk.

36, wife like "Ya-tzu" cosmetic, I gave my wife a year to buy their wives well dressed for.

37, try not to let my wife touch the cold water, because of his wife's poor health.

38, let his wife because he has done anything wrong and be offended.

39, there is one of our big house, there is a special study, there is a spacious balcony with rocking chair and leisure chairs. Should be wrapped around the rocking chair on the growth of grapes. Leisure time, can sit on a rocking chair chat.

40, at home with a professional sound, because we all love songs.

41, wife sick time to remind his wife to take medicine on time.

42, the wife wearing a new dress to buy when the can not turn a blind eye and say that very beautiful, very suitable for her.

43, my wife boil eggs, brown sugar, water, treatment of pain in those days his wife every month.

44, holding his wife to sleep every night.

45, winter, using his own body to warm cold hands and feet of his wife.

46, an annual travel arrangements and his wife go out together.

47, should be good at discovering the beauty of his wife.

48, in good faith and his wife, said: "I love you!."

49, cell phones would always open, so my wife can always find their own.

50, with the good news or bad news for the first one to tell you.

51, each small to be the first meeting after another deep kiss his wife.

52, a lot with his wife took to the streets to buy a wife favorite skirt.

53, when it rains Accompanied by their wives on the shoulder, a total of stays one umbrella.

54, do not mind to help his wife shampoo.

55, along with brushing of the time for the wife squeezing toothpaste.

56, learning a variety of massage ways to massage my wife, in particular, often do foot massage.

57, remember what his wife uncomfortable few days, the wife bought for health supplies.

58, do not have close ties with other woman and let the wife suspected.

59, at any time allow your wife to know that there is a sense of responsibility.

60, respecting the privacy of his wife, does not limit the freedom of his wife, I believe his wife.

61, take the time to accompany his wife to see her favorite soap operas.

62, no cheating wife, said things we should do.

63, only the wife is the most beautiful.

64, at night, and his wife say sweet words.

65, and his wife agreed time can not be late.

66, little effort is often to surprise his wife.

67 and did not pique his wife and can not quarrel.

68, often hug my wife, even in the street also. And his wife go out to holding his wife's hand.

69, and his wife look at the scenery when holding his wife from behind.

70, after dinner I am washing dishes, mopping the floor, Zanghuoleihuo can not let their wives do.

71, wife disagree with people standing on the side of his wife, if my wife wrong, and his wife said to him privately.

72, the right decisions for the wife, the important thing, I am a wife to rely on.

73, setting off firecrackers to help his wife when Wushang ears.

74, attentively listened to his wife to speak. Each call is linked to his wife first, not let my wife have a sense of loss, and I can not bear to hang his wife calls.

75, in a bus escorted his wife and secretly pro-wife.

76, planning a good wife's diet, nursed back to good wife's body, leaving their wives more and more healthy.

77, so that his wife's friends envy you have a good side you, I care of you.

78, in a time of visiting friends and relatives packed the room clean and tidy.

79, well my wife is very nutritious soup pot, and let my wife drink a little.

80, pick a good food to eat his wife.

81, and his wife go out with him in time to pay attention to his image, to be worthy of a beautiful wife.

82, always remember that March 8 is the day my wife met.

83, occasional flowers sent to his wife work here.

84, often to photograph his wife, leaving behind pleasant memories of each.

85, to remember his wife's desire to speak casually and quietly make it happen.

86, the summer night my wife points mosquito coils, to prevent his wife from mosquito bites.

87, sent his wife a decent thing, others can be proud of when asked to say this is my gift to her.

88, with his wife to eat around a variety of dishes.

89, wife of a person outside the play several times over phone, advised the safety.

90, and his wife threw himself into when kissing.

91, multi-and wife to communicate so as not to allow your wife to misunderstanding.

92, giving his wife the future, this life, and his wife to live through.

93, wife for me to do things to be thankful for.

94, to maintain self-motivated, to learn more knowledge, for our work for the future.

95, tells his wife's family, I will take good care of her, so that they can be assured.

96, thunder, when holding his wife said: Do not be afraid, there I am.

97, fish, when my wife picked out the fish bone.

98, love my wife a long time, long time love my wife!

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