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Doctors would not say that the secret of the seven contraception

Turning to contraceptive measures, the doctor may not reveal everything to you, some of the key facts are not understood by the majority of women failed to attract much attention. Do you think there are any new breakthroughs in contraception the first time the doctor will tell you that right? Unfortunately, the doctor is likely to cover many of the details for you, why not? Perhaps because you do not have any doubt, she thought that you have mastered all need to know the information; maybe jam-packed schedule of her day, anxious to receive countless people like you, how can there be time to conduct in-depth conversation with your half-hearted half-heartedly.
COSMO web site has been on the number of females in 2000 conducted a public opinion survey, 33% of women answered an annual gynecological examination the doctor only superficial and just deal with what. You do not know precisely what information may be buried in those hidden dangers, injury to you. Of women taking contraceptive measures, there are 2 / 3 of women find themselves "accidentally" pregnant, because the approach is not correct, or mis-match with their lifestyle. In actual operation, the contraceptive methods can not be 100% secure, it is impossible to prevent sexually transmitted diseases, but the following seven incomplete knowledge of the fact that your life is very likely to have a serious impact.
  Secret 1: body weight at work
Ranged from 18-39 age group of women, if the weight is equal to or greater than 58 kg, oral contraceptives, 60% likely to fail, especially the female hormones were low. Faster metabolism of female body weight is too high, the need for more hormones to prevent pregnancy. Moreover, the role of birth control pills are fat soluble, it may "stay" in the body where stored fat, can not reach the blood should go to a real play. If you weight more than 58 kilograms, it is best please the doctor recommend other more reliable methods, such as intrauterine devices, or birth control pills and condoms two-pronged approach to ensure foolproof.
  Secret 2: enduring that the most effective
In fact, there are many very effective methods of contraception is not for you to know, never imagined before, and no one to recommend to you too. Curious? Intrauterine contraceptive device (IUD) that is one of them. This is the womb into a small T-shaped IUD, from soft and flexible plastic, to be embedded in the body by a doctor to help you. Later, even if the egg has been fertilized, it will not implantation in the womb to grow, as long as no exception, regardless of one or two years can, and do not give trouble, very convenient.
Generally speaking, today's IUD is safe, and only one called "Dalkson Shield" brand once the deviation of the last century had been 70 years from the market to "disappear", but is still more or less affected the reputation of the IUD. While other countries have been fairly common, but less than 1% of women choose to use it. This situation is not optimistic, because monogamous families, IUD Although we can not guarantee that you are not infected with sexually transmitted diseases, but it is indeed one of the most effective contraceptive measures. Once inserted, you can forget about its existence, not only there are no other hormonal contraceptives, the potential side effects, but also with excellent results - only 1% of annual failure rate.
  IUD is divided into two types, the latest is the Mirena.As we know, ejaculate has more than 100 million sperm, this mighty army in the female reproductive tract are vying to swim forward, able to swim 2-3 mm per minute, been through the vagina, cervix, uterus After the four Guan cavity and fallopian tubes, and egg dating. The principle is to Mirena intrauterine pregnancy hormone release, so that thickens cervical mucus so that sperm difficult to penetrate mucus and can not continue to advance up into the uterine cavity with the egg meet. It can be placed in the human body for at least 5 years. The other type is Paracard, copper made. Sperm army at the distance involved, persistent drug after a week of contraception began to bear fruit to swing its tail forward, oncoming force can be described as agitated. Many sperm surrounded by an egg, the zona pellucida digestion of its periphery, broke away from the cells around the egg and dissolved acid cell quality, open for the next one sperm, sperm and egg that is fertilized with the whole process.
Paracard tactic is to try to weaken the vitality of the sperm and protect the egg is not fertilized. It can be placed in the body for at least 10 years, taken out, then return to normal fertility. If there is any flaw, then that is not produced the female uterus is not soft, placement is more difficult, with occasional pain, but only a few months at first. There is a menstrual period, the lower abdomen and lumbar pain may be a bit severe than in the past. If you have a fixed sexual partners, the other side no sexual history, IUD is undoubtedly the ideal choice. However, the best IUD, because of incorrect placement, or gynecological problems, would fail. There is a history of female pelvis does not advocate the use of IUD, it is likely to worsen bacterial infection.
Others should not crowd: There are extreme retroversion, endometritis, salpingitis, vaginitis, uterine fibroids and other gynecological disorder; with excessive menstrual flow, and secretions.
Proper operation: from the doctor checkup to determine whether the application of → → → select the shape to choose the time (a few days after menstruation, no later than one week) → Please doctor operation → annual inspections.
  Secret 3: The hidden dangers of condoms
Most condoms are used to kill sperm nonnoxynol-9 made it to prevent sexually transmitted diseases is not only ineffective, they may increase the infection of AIDS and other sexually transmitted infections. It works by destroying the sperm cell membrane to achieve the purpose of contraception, in this process, the vaginal edge of the protective film may also be destroyed together. The United States Drug Authority considered that, due to cell damage, using condoms, sexually transmitted diseases increase the risk of being considered components of the finished product containing the spermicide posted a warning label.
  Used properly to avoid future trouble:Fingertip pinch at the top of a small pocket inside the exclusion of air, if the air remains, the top drums, half-way may be off. Set in the erection of the genitals, will open the curled part of a circle, not involved in the pubic hair, do not have folds. From the outset, sex wear better. Note that after use of the approach, taking hold when the roots slowly pulled out, or may fall off inside the vagina. Temporarily leave the body after ejaculation if the male genitalia will be reduced, there is the risk of outflow of semen. [img = 387,442]
   Secret 4: Strict medication time
Principles of oral contraceptives by taking hormones, a similar artificial state of pregnancy and suppress ovulation. If the usage is correct, is an excellent contraceptive effectiveness of access to contraceptives. Its characteristics are effective, reliable, easy to use. But contain estrogen should first accept the doctor detect and judge before using. Start taking time, not have to wait a whole month will be effective, not necessarily from a Sunday start. Maybe a lot of people have heard the most amazing figure is 7, which is purely imaginary! Medication after a week, need to take some complementary measures (such as condoms).
Hormones to prevent ovulation is very effective, you can busy pleasure, not worry about the "slip through the net" and, of course, do not forget the condition that you and he has no sexual history. No matter what drug packaging marked attention, you can start from any day of the week taking the number of days the key is to correct, missed service. Be sure to start from the Sunday school on the untenable argument, if there is this description, it is just do not come over the weekend in order to prevent menstruation. If you have medication, but want to adjust the starting date, how to make the most reliable? "Mental medicine" will result in menopause, do not have to count with a certain Sunday to start a new one can be taken early on any given day, as long as you want. Reasons for its failure were due more to forget to take.
Remember: the effect of a drug can only be sustained for 24 hours over 48 hours after the effectiveness of 0. If you forget, 36 hours, pretty safe, serving one to catch the future based upon the requirement to take. Forget those who served more than two days can be suspended, and so after the next menstrual start again. Possible side effects: nausea taking a view, because the body will react with pregnant 10-15 disappeared; the early stage of weight gain, abnormal bleeding. Long-term use, one should be to avoid an immediate pregnancy interval of at least 4 months or so better.
  Secret 5: Common contraceptive products can be equated with the brand do?
General contraceptive products cheaper than the brand names of at least 60%, and therefore more attractive to some. However, experts believe that there is no evidence to explain the effect of both as safe. Say, is not taking the normal product lead to "unintended pregnancy" is much bigger chance to do? Sure no one would dare. Contraception such a solemn thing, no speculation is not allowed to exist. Experts certainly do not object to your use of ordinary products, but it should remember that different from headaches disease, wear a kind of medicine is not effective, and can also be changed to another drug. Validation of contraceptives too risky, and only one such body more troublesome "things" you know when the tube does not work.
The above information you may have already heard about before they do not rash! Menstrual period may still be pregnant. Have sexual intercourse, the sperm in the female body still capable of surviving five days, if immediately after menopause, ovulation, it is still possible to have sexual intercourse during menstruation pregnancy.
  Withdrawal is dangerous outside the vagina lot
In the coming out of the genitals when ejaculation is very risky approach, which requires considerable technical, one will be out to go out slower, and secondly, during sexual intercourse, the male testis at any time in the upper vagina and cervix sperm injection, it is inevitable not enter the cervical tube. The lack of sex life experience or have a good control of premature ejaculation tend to those who can not be especially dangerous. Moreover, sexual climax coitus interruptus will affect the sexual pleasure of both sides, repeatedly may have to "sexual deficiency." Rely on this method of contraception sexual partners, 19% within one year may be pregnant. Therefore, there is no contraceptives, only in the circumstances, or the very moment before a use. Condoms will fail quite a few people to use condoms, we often forget that view is valid, once expired on particularly vulnerable to sexually transmitted diseases, pregnancy or infection. Rubber material 1 over a natural weakening of the effective time will be.
There is no doubt that the cost of unwanted pregnancies, more on point than the original capital to buy brand-name products is much greater, if financial resources are limited can choose to use generic product, then we do not forget to insist on time and according to the amount taken and the proper operation, remember!
  Secret 6: More hormonal options
Right now, the market, the popular two kinds of new products: Contraceptive Plaster and IUDs, and oral medication as effective as, or even more secure without having to bother to remember every day life. Plaster is a long one inch wide-contraceptive cede any of the sticky plaster, monthly in the buttocks, abdomen, torso or upper arm, posted 3 weeks at which the body through the skin surface to the release of hormones to prevent ovulation. IUD is a very flexible ring children, containing hormones, embedded in the vagina, the placement of three weeks, take off a week, will schedule the arrival of menstruation. Possible discomfort reactions: increase in vaginal excretion, there is inflammation or pain. But as long as used appropriately, these two products can guarantee 99% success rate.
  Secret 7: contraception, pregnancy rates than expected during the big
When the doctor tells you how contraceptives how effective was based on "proper use" premise, such as persist in long-term use, to ensure that each step correctly each time. From a scientific perspective, effective contraceptives is 99%, which means that in a year's time, for every 100 drug users may have only one Chupi Lou, condoms are efficiency is 97%. However, in practice, both the real effective rate was 94% and 86%. In order to ensure the effective contraceptives every day should be taken at the same time. Combined with the everyday life can help you better remember the time, such as brushing their teeth every morning after the taking. If forgot to take a careful reading of notes, to see how to do before they can be compensated for so as not to come to naught. Select the female condom less if the secretion of fluid can be coated with a number of lubricating ointment to use, firmly fixed, to prevent the fall, a better effect

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