Friday, February 26, 2010

Run enough is enough beautiful women

Screen, the print media, so many beautiful women, we see that they are the most perfect and moving side. As a woman, even though she enough natural beauty, acquired for their own heaven-sent Huarong is still to be extra care. Just as a plant, depend on water and land nourished, moderately shining sun can grow.
Qingdao is filming a new version of "arbiter" actor Chang Pei-pei, said a woman was indeed a plant, in winter moisten her health, next year's blooming brilliant moments, so winter must be a woman beautiful enough to be able to Run.

  Moisture tension at any time alarm
Like the northern winter, indoor and outdoor drying, the most for Chang Pei-pei's distressed that she had dry skin. As the needs of their work, and she often take a long time makeup, already a relatively dry skin will start peeling, and sometimes appears allergic symptoms. Once her skin because of dry water, in the yellow sand filled the location to shoot a day, call it a day after the face full of wrinkles, completely from the 16-year-old into a 60-year-old. In the face of dry skin problems, the quickest and most direct solution is to constantly rub the oil on the makeup, and then continue to fill powder, continue to paint his face, like whitewashing the same! Start with the mask at attaining a make-up before, and so on. Of course, these are a temporary solution for the problem, the most important moment of tension or in the winter moisture alarm, time does not forget moisture replenishment. If it is in the north of indoor heating and vitality, coupled with stay up all night to shoot a film is simply for the already strong within the fire added a fire, this time would have fruit, herbal tea and then the various ways in supporting multi-pronged approach of the external .
  Runzao do not follow common sense out the card
Actor's life is not always as we imagined as glamorous, and Chang Pei-pei tells us that, in the studio, especially the costume studio, drink plenty of water is very inconvenient, especially after the last makeup, so she is always in the conditions allow pay close attention to the case of the water, completely erratic. From a taste point of view, Chang Pei-pei particularly like tea, tea detoxification effect of Dietary Fat Reduction in winter when the flowers to drink from a bustling, tea, always felt the flowers and drink, the body will emit the scent like a flower. When dinner is also a good time to recharge, Chang Pei-pei prefer to eat soup made of vegetables, such as asparagus soup and the like, but also beauty they pay, but also eat a number of relatively large water content of fruit.
In the Chang Pei-pei's life, Bath is one of the ways replenishment. A large part of the body of water are lost from the skin out, and if you can adhere to Bath to maintain skin moisture, but also in Bath, while still large numbers of water to promote the body's metabolism. Match at this time on the tea plants just mentioned, that is, the skin and internal organs of the double touch.
  Effective private-star recruit private soup recipe

Tomato Oxtail Soup
Material: Shelter a cut (about 500 grams), tomato 75 grams, potato 75 grams, 10 grams of ginger rice, chopped green onion 15 grams, 25 grams of tomato sauce, pepper the number of tablets, salt, cooking wine, soup, the amount of refined oil
System of law:
1. Oxtail washed Zhancheng section, placed in cold water pot Shaofei boil for a short a fish out of water, and then rinsing with clean water floating foam; tomatoes, potatoes to pitche into pieces.
2. Wok set the fire and put it into refined oil Heat, input ginger rice, pepper saute, the next into the tomato sauce, causal, and then into the oxtail the next section, cooked into the cooking wine, mixed with soup, stir-boiled turning stew low heat about 90 minutes, and then the next into the tomato pieces and potato chips, potato chips cooked continued Dunzhi when transferred to salt, clean wok into soup, sprinkle with chopped green onion Serve.

  Control of meal times

When we feel cold, always thought should eat some, tend to choose the hot pot, barbecue, etc. to heat and enjoy a big meal. 5 pm each day, after a fancy meal as little as possible, because after 5 o'clock the body does not need so much energy to bring the energy in the body of food hoarding, converted into fat and our metabolism can not afford to "anger."

  Supplement qi and blood Do not fill anger

Women in the winter easy to feel afraid of the cold, body cold, this is your body send signals 啦 need blood, but the blood in a manner that properly, do not nourishing too far and make up within the fire became strong.

 Wong Lo Kat Runzao recipe

Busy with work, "Anti-lit" from the beginning to drink herbal tea

The northern winter, cold and dry outdoor and indoor heating dry remains strong. Indoor work and live every day in more than 20 hours of you, how should do to prevent lit and a healthy way of life? The following methods are available for reference.

1. Eat less fast food. Ruoyin busy with work and had to eat fast food, we might come to a can of Wong Lo Kat Not only does it taste good quench their thirst, and has lit the effectiveness of prevention can be the solution to urban communities in the diet of fast food in the "get angry" worry.

2. Drink plenty of water. Water can not only dilute the concentration of toxins in the body, reducing harmful toxins, but also the promotion of kidney metabolism, will be more harmful substances excreted.

3. Regular exercise. Even the winter, at least a week or 2 times aerobic exercise sweating. Skin is the body's largest detoxification organ, sweating through exercise, excluding organs difficult to remove toxins.

4. Eat more fruits and vegetables. Duocheng alkaline vegetables and fruits may be in excess of the acidic substances and in vivo, but also will gather in the toxin dissolved in the cell. In addition, the cellulose-rich fruits and vegetables can also play a role in intestinal scavenger. Relieve internal heat of fresh banana fruit as the best Chinese medicine believe that their sexual sweet humble astringent, non-toxic, with heat and thirst quencher, Qingwei cooling blood, relax bowel, blood pressure urination.

5. Do not over-eating. Over-consumption of food will increase the burden on the digestive system, so that should not have too good digestive function "worse." The cold weather, diet, eat some of them should also be light refreshing food, no additional burden to the stomach

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