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Health science to health and longevity

Science and health, health is to use the most scientific theories and methods to achieve their health and longevity. Therefore, the theory of health science disciplines to find a scientific basis, from the very old group to find health experience, is a well-established health guidelines for science.
  First, the four major barriers to health science
(A) "annoyance" factor. The elderly retired from the post work to the family, and children were living, and to consider how to adapt to domestic work, such as shopping, cooking, send Sun to school, etc. Over time, the family, between the upper and lower generation was somewhat like "friction", produced a translation "posts" and "worry."
(B) "loss" factor. Especially when the leadership of residential units, the elderly, the past, "the right not to make" Today "expire", "laid off" after there is a sense of loss. Coupled with changes in their glorified: In the past chief was the subject of "respected", today, to meet to avoid, Renzouchaliang. Feel "inconstancy of human relationships."
(C) "hard" factors. And "Lost" On the contrary, these old people that the past, "powerless", now can "flourish" of. Small number of people said that he had only "contribution", not "obtain", taking advantage of retirement to do "free people" the opportunity to do everything possible to make up. Individuals, one abnormal Zhi, buy lottery tickets, stocks, often resulting in exhaustion, "down the drain."
(D) "world-weary" factor. Some old people do nothing, go day, God hit on the 1st bell. Feel sad day, eating three meals a day, not knowing where to spend their time. The individual elderly people, a forward 60-sixtieth year, calling themselves the "players to die," that while they, there is a live in dreams of thinking, then joy, anger, sadness and joy impermanence.
  Second, the three principles of science and health
The elderly are the final stage of the life course, for science and health have greater choice of ways to the complex nature of human beings located in a region, status, environment, and even age, gender, physical fitness, hobbies are very different, therefore, everyone in the health of the aisle should vary. But the life course of the three principles are unified.
  (A) the principle of the autonomy of health. As the saying goes: life is limited, health mysteries of infinity. Can good health and longevity of people is neither God's arrangement, nor fate, but by their own efforts to create conditions for subjective obtained. Guangxi has a Changshou Xian - Parma, 80 there are tens of thousands of people over the age of long life, they reflects environment Everyday, relying on water, drinking water, sunrise and sunset, active labor, focusing on physical and mental exercise, to form the less disease, longevity of the older age groups.
(B) the principle of the balance of health. As the saying goes: "Life is movement, Consol is the balance." Most of the elderly noted that physical exercise, and balanced regarding the relatively little attention. Some old people who exercise a positive, large amount of exercise, rest well, malnutrition, loss of dynamic and static balance, yin and yang-stricken result, they ruin the body. Some old people gaining the upper hand, aggressiveness, anger transverse pumping, leading to outbreak of diseases. Description of these phenomena: the pursuit of health and longevity of the elderly, if not in accordance with scientific health requirements, "physical and mental balance" destruction of a good thing becomes bad.
(C) the principle of specificity of health. Worldly things, there are gender, the universality of the special. Scientific health process, the emphasis on individual internal factors, all from a personal reality, and to develop and implement benefit their physical and mental health strategies and approaches. Can not be merely a redirection of photo sets of hard to move, otherwise, the opposite has occurred.

  Third, the basic experience of the four health science
(1) thought to be optimistic about the state of mind to balance.
As the saying goes: "In life there are 89 unhappy matter, the world is not perfect matter, contentment is not humiliation, illness from the worries of Health ... ..." more optimistic note when we come to require a balanced state of mind. Otherwise, disastrous effects. One of China's earliest medical text "Huang Di Nei Jing" points out: "Heart of the five organs of the Lord", anger liver damage, joy sad, thinking injured spleen, lung distress, fear of renal injury. "You Yue:" size-fits-all born in air. "Tells of the importance of balancing science and health psychology. Therefore, the elderly do not seek quick results, can not be preoccupied with, we should pay attention to maintaining a balanced state of mind, so that the" four point. "Good times to be more cautious; adversity to pull ourselves a little; proud of when a little humble; trouble must "confused" a little. do not lose heart because of the low status; not because of partial thin and depressed wages; do not lament the loss due to power. We must be good to control their emotions and not to fuss, cause trouble, to avoid excessive Hi too angry, resulting in over-excited, blood vessel contraction, heart rate, blood pressure soared, blood glucose altering, Nao Chongxue or heart attack. interaction with others, we should pay attention to courtesy and manners to treat people with sincerity in order to bow to people, approachable, friendly and appropriate force to help others.
(B) Ren Qi does not quarrel, approaches and for your:
A Chinese saying goes: "Little could not bear the chaos great plans." "Confucian Xunzi chapter": "the old bogey private, and then to the public, and Ren Xing, and then be able to repair." In other words, can be strong its private, heart and temperament, not to indulge, indulgence is do whatever they want. Otherwise, large Zeyi kill the body, the small gas Zeyi injury.
(C) diet plus abstinence, the law of life.
Ancient China Confucius said: "Sisexingye, people want to Yan large." JI Kang's "health" theory, said: "its own Shenzhe diet section for Health and sickness. Lecherous tireless, resulting in never lack. "This phrase means that diet, two things should be restrained lust. Make it appropriate with a view to longevity. "Supplementary Zunsheng 8笺" on which reads: "... ... on the 6th diet, on the 7th yellow room ... ... go calm the mind, natural, can be forever." Also shows that the abstinence, the importance of diet. The so-called diet, that is, meal Bacheng eat, overeating Shang Wei also injured intestine. Diet for the elderly, including food selection. To ensure that no partial eclipse, what to eat anything, three meals a day, even the best do not eat three square meals, but also refuse to live a debauched life.
Sex and topics necessary to solemnly described here. In China, under the guise of feudal ideology, people are naturally reticent about sexual matters, as a confidential matter. Ancient medical books, the text only as "abstinence" or "fill in intercourse," two words. Health article, "motto in conjunction wall," said: "We ask God to come to know very real fine." By definition, both the Ming Zhiwei fine, both for the essence of the essence. In the human body, the so-called treasure is unique. Can not be abused, the abuse affected the health and longevity. Why are some men and women who long life longevity villages more? Why nuns, monks live longer than most people? That is one of the treasure hidden in the body. According to Yu's view, to lead a seven-day, to a small line of intercourse is appropriate, or at least pay attention to moderate. "Alcohol is poison to wear intestine, color is the Crushing of bones blades, and Choi is a thing of the past, gas is the ROC court disaster." Tang Dynasty, famous doctor Sun Ssu-right when he said: "do as one pleases their flesh, then life is also with the morning dew." Life compared to dew, worthy of old thoughts.
(D) regular physical exercise, dynamic and static should be appropriate.
The ancients said: "The water does not rot, a door hinge is never worm-eaten, it is also its often dynamic." Foreigners, said: "Life is movement." Regular, moderate exercise, you can add the body of energy, favorable blood circulation can be improved fat excessive accumulation of memory in the body, preventing obesity, to ensure normal blood glucose, slow down osteoporosis, improve nervous system function, can improve the immunity.
The elderly should be based on their own circumstances and preferences, select some modest, gentle physical and mental training projects. In the morning, proper walking, boxing, sword dance. Slightly younger elderly people can jog. Can also insist on a day to do rhythmic gymnastics, static and dynamic binding, respiratory combination of calm. You can also actively participated in calligraphy, painting and poetry classes, cultivate physical, mental, brain strong heart, longevity. Proved: the elderly, immobile No, not static no good. Dynamic multi-static small, pay attention to rest, increased mental and physical fatigue, lower blood sugar supply, adverse health. Only the static immobile, often up late, easy to make the body rigid, joint failure, is not conducive to science and health, longevity. Correctly handle the relationship between static and dynamic, should move you move, should quiet the static, dynamic and static moderate, good for our body

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